I picked up this video from KP (Kauilapele’s) blog.  After hearing it, I think it is worth a listen if you’ve got extra time!

Subject matter is:

Underground bases – specifically the GETTY.

Who controls ALL (DUMBS) – apparently the NSA.

And the huge Child Trafficking – Sexual Raping of Children that the ELITE just cant seem to quit doing!




My ONLY reservations with Steven Kelley is that he spent his career WORKING for companies that were working for the CIA, NSA, and many of the Deep State goons!

Nice to know that he “changed” sides…, but WHY did he ever work for them in the first place????

Also…, I’m not necessarily “on board” with his total forgiveness package, just becuase even though you may think he knows quite a bit of what is really going on…, some of us have info that goes WAY BEYOND his!




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