By: Bradley Loves


Time for a change of tactic.   My readers are most likely just “tired”.

Some of the comments are getting childish…, and are missing the larger points.

Here…, lets get blunt.

SATANISM…, is the biggest problem that the world faces at this point in time.  It is very real…, and the very REAL (they do exist) dark, demonic entities that are being called forth and are very literally (not figuaratively) being FED by those who are running the world and fomenting WARS…,  are “gaining” in power.

Ridiculous Channeled messages aside…, human beings are fighting the battle of their very lives as we speak…, in order to defend against a SATANIC takeover of this Earth.

Here is the problem in a nutshell.

NEW AGERS…, believe that the “SPIRITS” who are communicating with them always have their best interest at heart.  The comfy, lovey messages that they get daily are nothing more than “feel good” DRUGS!

Let me repeat that…, the New Agers are taking DRUGS when they get these channeled messages…, NONE OF WHICH WILL EVER COME TRUE.


Unlike what some of my readers may assume to be the truth…, I actually HAVE meditated.  I did that for YEARS.  I started when I was a young man…, and even spent time in an Ashram with an actual “living” GURU.

I spent years doing YOGA (not Tai Chi)…, but the principle is the same.

I learned all about Astral Travel…, and Lucid Dreaming.

Let’s cut to the chase.

It was during these times that I learned that the “other side”…, is literally filled with “Entities” who have NO USE for mankind.

Many of the worst ones have been “placed in charge” of certain things and actually have a significant amount of power.

They are Demi-gods (small g thank you)

As a result of my YEARS of meditation (and it really has been years)…, I have learned that it is VERY EASY for unseen beings from the other side to lie to and to con men and women here on Earth…, and they do it for kicks and for amusement!

They see us as a “lower” form of life…, in much the same way we would look at bugs.


Spiritual progress is NOT “frequency specific”!!

This means that some of the MOST spritual people can live on very “low” frequencies…, and still have meaningful lives.

This also means that very dark, dangerous, and agressive beings can live on “high” frequencies…, and can and do use that power that they gain there very unwisely.

The New Age Religion (and it has really become nothing more than a Religion) is filled with FALSE TEACHINGS.

Many of these false teachings have been handed out by unwitting channelers who get “messages” from the beyond.

These messages are treated as “gospel truth” only because they came from the beyond.

The ERROR here is in ASSUMING that anything that comes from the unseen…, MUST BE GOOD!

All of our problems on Earth today are based on this LIE!

There are beings (unseen beings) who can and do send countless messages to unwitting human beings filled with cons and untruths.

In order to get the “channeler” to tune into their broadcast…, they “send out” a “feel good” DRUG LIKE vibration…, to which the Channeler gets addicted, and wants MORE OF.

Once the channler is hooked…, he or she becomes an unwitting “servant” of the entity who wants to cause problems here in THIS REALM.

Not really being able to manifest a body here in our very solid frequency…, the entity uses “messages” given to the channeler as a way to have in hand in “playing around” in our realm.

This gives them a THRILL.

It’s like being able to watch a televsion show and have it be interactive as well.

Now…, if deep problems are caused as a result of “messing around” and spreading rumors, lies, and cons…


It does nothing to harm their existence or their worlds.

Only WE have to live with the fallout of what happens here on Earth…, when huge swaths of men and women listen to and act on Channeled Messages.


One of the biggest Channeled CONS that went on for years (and some are still tying to spread) is that Obama was here to “save mankind”.

This allowed the likes of John Podesta and Hillary Clinton (both of whom practice Satanism) to get a deep foothold into very high government positions in America.

The fallout of this foothold situation is STAGGERING in it’s size and scope.

Those men and women who are “intel agents” and actually CARE about America…, are both terrified and petrified to find out just how deeply the SATANIC foothold has rooted itself in America in such a short period of time.

The entire Congress, and most of Washington DC is compromised!

And all of this progressed very rapidly during Barack Obama’s Presidency.

Tell me this New Agers….

How can a Soul that is “so high”…, have allowed such deep EVIL to move through the halls of government so quickly…, like a veritable WILD FIRE??

Here is just part of the problem.

Too many New Agers have Never fought a WAR…, or even been in a Battle…

New Agers are ill prepared for what is happening around them on Earth…, because they have never been in a REAL battle with any dark forces.

The New Age Religious practioners…, mostly consisting of “Cosmic Tourists”…, is a group of beings who seem to float around the Universe looking for “interesting places” to visit and “to have a good time”.

They are like Cosmic Level Vacationers…, whose body Becomes their “camera”…, and they use it to come here to take lots of pictures so they can “remember” what they saw.


There is a very real BATTLE going on for the Earth at this time…, and those who have never fought in a SPIRITUAL WAR…, need to please go sit in the corner and let the rest of us do our JOB.

In a regular WAR…, there are many spies, con artists, tricksters, and men who pretend to be on one side while serving on another…

It is the very same in a SPIRITUAL WAR…, and even much worse!

There ARE in fact beings on the “Higher Levels” (where the New Ager’s hang out) that are acting in exactly this way!  There are spies, con artists, tricksters, and beings who pretend to be on one side while serving another….

There are names for these beings….

These are the FALLEN ANGELS…, and the demi-gods…, who have been here on Earth before…, and have caused countless problems while being here.

They are well known…, and know humans as well.  They know exactly what to say…, and how to say it in order to get people to follow or worship them.

IF you do happen to enter into the “meditation” realms…, and happen to meet a being that you see there…, the first thing you want to do is to make DAMN sure that you are certain you know just who it is that you are dealing with!!

Words of assurance by the being in question are NEVER taken at face value if you are wise…, but they are tested and re-tested by YOU…, until you are certain that the being is WHO they say they are.


That most of what is called the “NEW AGE”…, does not see this, and has not yet figured it out…, goes a long way into describing just who they are…, and what their “level” of awareness really is.

Let’s be honest.


As we speak…, those who are fighting the Battle for the Earth are under constant frequency targeting and every kind of attack!

These are the true spiritual warriors who worry the Dark Forces the most.

They are under financial attack, computer hack attack, their bodies are being targeted with dangerous frequency weapons, their families are being threatened, and their Minds are being targeted for control with advanced MIND CONTROL weaponry.

If this is NOT HAPPENING TO YOU…, then you are not considered to be any kind of threat to the dark forces…, and are considered to have already “surrendered” and “given in” to their rulership of the Earth.

If you have already “surrendered” to the dark forces…, they most likely will leave you alone, and bide their time…, and make use of you as they please once their takeover of Earth is complete.


I know that alot of people who are “not” under these types of constant attacks will consider themselves to be MORE SPIRITUAL…, MORE DESERVING…, and MORE LOVED BY GOD…, because they are not having these problems while others are…

But really…, ask yourself honestly…, do you believe that those under constant attack by Dark Forces are “less spiritual”, “less deserving”…, and “less loved by GOD” ??

It’s time to GET REAL about what is happening to many people here on Earth.

We are not on a play ground any longer…, but instead we are living on a battle ground.

This happened while the majority of spiritual men and women who SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER…, (including Christians) were sleeping, OR…, listening to lovey, dovey, channeled messages telling them Barack Obama was a saint when he was anything but….

What to do if you just can’t understand these things??

If you just really can’t comprehend or fathom that there really are DARK SPIRITS or DEMONIC FORCERS who are toturing and tormenting many very loving human beings…, then my advice is to seek out some of these loving human beings (Bryan Alexander was a good example until he died…) and talk to them about exactly how they are being horribly tormented and targeted by evil forces.

Ask what is going on in their lives and in their minds and why this is happening to them

Send an e-mail to men like Jay Parker…, and ask him about his parents Satanic Past…, and what kind of REAL WORLD entities they were dealing with and what their plans and goals were for the Earth.

Do this to really try to get a grasp on what we are ALL up against!

All my love…


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