Storm Update – Jordan Sather


This is the very first video I’ve seen from this guy.  He seems to be exceedingly intelligent, and is either someone who has tremendous analyitcal skills (almost rivaling my own)…, or is a classicaly trained under cover agent of some agency.

This video is worth a listen.

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  1. herb4brad

    I have been following Jordan Sather for a long time now. He never went to university to study in the conventional way that people study these days. He instead for some years worked in a health remedies store. Holistic treatments and the like. He always gives an update on the mysterious deaths of doctors who dispense alternative medicine. (High body count there). A particular interest of his is the Secret Space Program and all things relating to extraterrestrial matters. Yes he is very intelligent and does not have a background in the intelligence community. Robert David Steele and others regularly watch his Youtube videos and he certainly does have a refreshing and mature take on current events. Certainly someone to watch. I like his objectivity and positive outlook.

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