Learning how to navigate the Universe is not as hard as you think, but simply different from HOW you’ve been trained to think!  Read carefully the quote above and think about it deeply. It is partly correct, and partly incorrect.

Can you see what it is missing?

God our loving Father gives every single soul the “right” to choose through the use of Freewill.  This is his LAW!  However, HE also gives those who would choose against what you want, the right to choose as well.  Even if they would choose darkness and evil.

He therefore created a way (a hidden way) for everyone to get what they want – and to also face the full consequences of what they choose – by creating a way for all possibilities to exist.

Now remember, once you do choose, then you will get the consequence of each choice (sooner or later).  It is a mathematical certainty! And, for those who are new to this, the “consequences” of your choice may not be what you expected.

Whether now, or in the future, or even after you die, you will face the FULL CONSEQUENCES of each choice that you made, and if you made truly evil choices – these consequences will be dire!

But there is a secret to all of this, a secret that you may not realize as of yet.  It is something you are not aware of, and something you’ve never been taught to think of.  That secret is this:

Don’t try to CHANGE the world you are in, but instead try to change the world YOU ARE IN.

Think deeply, think deeply, think deeply on this my friends…, WHAT DOES THIS MEAN…

Every possibility already exists!  And for every possibility, there is a “world” (or version of reality) that already exists where that possibility is a fact!  So instead of trying to change the WORLD you are in right now, it is far easier to SHIFT yourself over to the Time-Line where what you want, already exists.

You do this by making “choices” that are totally in line with what you say you want!  You must take sacred actions which are in line with Universal Law (GODS LAW) which will then “move you” over and into the TIME-LINE where what you want is already a fact. 

The best known catalyst for shifting you into a better Time-line is PRAYER followed by actions.

There in no greater power in the Universe than Prayer, because Prayer is the use of creative SOUND! 

And, as I’ve been trying to teach everyone who comes to this “teaching blog” for seven years now – SOUND CREATES GEOMETRY – and GEOMETRY is the building blocks of reality.

I’ve also tried to show everyone (through many written hints) that those of us on the good side of the coin and who want to create good things into reality are not that different than the dark and evil magicians in the way we create! 

You see, the Satanists also use the very same methodology that I just described to you.


Both spells and prayers utilize the enormous power of SOUND!   Both spells and prayers utilize the fundamental principals of GEOMETRY!

Thus, when I wrote point blank on this blog that the very first thing that every single child on Earth should learn in school is “harmonics” and “magnetics” – I was not only telling you the absolute truth, but I was also revealing the greatest potential power that this Universe holds within it to make changes and create shifts within reality!

Harmonics create SOUND – while Magnetics create GEOMETRY

Did you think I was lying to you just because you’ve never heard this before?  And if I told you the truth about this – how much MORE of what I have written here is ALSO TRUE?

When I began writing about magnetics and harmonics – I TOLD EVERYONE reading the blog that I was handing over to them the greatest power that the Illuminati Magicians had been using against the entire world – and was effectively leveling the playing field. 

(You’re welcome by the way).

The only man I’ve ever met or come into contact with (so far) who knows this stuff better than I do – is Gene Decode!

It takes a brilliant mind to be able to grasp the idea that there is more than one single Time-Line.  We all have it within ourselves to “move” or to “shift” from one time-line to the next in a steady progression until we are completely in line with God’s Plan.

I have “hinted” at this many times.  I’ve written about it specifically!  Now, it is time to speak CLEARLY and OPENLY in such a way that those who are ready to do so can use what is available to them to shift time-lines.

The very first hint I gave was in THE TRIUMPHANT


Let’s put it in a small child’s terms:

Think of a Kaleidoscope!

Remember all of the beautiful designs that you would see when you looked into one as a child? And remember how the entire design could be “changed instantly” with just a simple turn of the drum?

The entire image “shifted” and all of the tiny pieces fell into new positions and created an entire different “scene” for you to view!

In larger terms…, you could say that you were now viewing a “different version” of reality from the one you had been viewing only moments earlier.

REALITY HAD NOW SHIFTED…, and what you were now “seeing” inside of the blank screen of a child’s toy – was suddenly a completely different VERSION…, but the new version was still made up of the same basic blocks or pieces that had already been there in the earlier version!

In the above example that I just gave you…, it was your “own hand” that changed the reality that you were viewing on the blank screen. It was your own physical effort that had a real time effect on what you were seeing, and once your effort was applied – everything inside the drum suddenly became new and different.

Our “world”…., our “planet”…, our “place” of supposed reality…, is NO DIFFERENT than a Kaleidoscope!


Scientists have already figured out that human beings are constantly having an effect on what happens in reality!

They have also documented again and again that the OBSERVER of an event, (any event) actually changes the event! But…, they are not really sure why!
Well…, here is the why…..

Anything that is created within a magnetic field HAS TO BE AFFECTED by anything else that is magnetic!

You see, not only is the “place” that we all live in highly magnetic (the Earth has a magnetic field around it) but every living thing upon the Earth that exists – human beings in particular – ALSO have magnetic fields around them as well – as do plants – animals and all other living things.



Every single “choice” that you make daily is moving out into the ethers around you and causing the entire Universe to shift, rearrange, and to re-order itself to bring you what it is that you say you want.

But, there is a huge catch here:

Are you making the “choices” each and every day that “you” want to make – OR (now pay attention here) are you making the “choices” that you have been told to make BY OTHERS!

You see, here is the TRUTH coming to slap you in the face.  If in fact every single choice that you make – was a choice that you were told to make – then the reality that you are creating is a reality that someone ELSE wanted – and NOT the one you wanted!

Do you see how it works? 

Do you see why the MSM – the MAIN STREAM MEDIA lies to you constantly every single hour of every single day? 

They NEED YOU to make choices that THEY want you to make – so that the reality getting created here on Earth is the one THEY want to see!

However – be very careful to consider well what you are “choosing” – because so many times people do NOT see many of the “hidden consequences” of choosing certain paths and outcomes.

If what you honestly want is in fact harmful and dangerous to all of the other people around you – and causes much pain and suffering – then you will face the EXTREME CONSEQUENCES of making that choice – just so that you can individually learn the DANGER of bringing that kind of choice into reality.


It is easier than you think, and happens in the blink of an eye.  One day, you will wake up and instead of an empty lot down the street – you will notice a house sitting on that lot that has been there for years.  Or, a good friend of yours will simply vanish, along with his house and his entire family and you’ll wonder where they went.

This is confirmation that you indeed SHIFTED TIME-LINES.

This is also how GOD intends to literally MOVE all of those who are still loyal to HIM onto the New Earth.

One day – those of us who were moved will simply wake up on the New Earth and notice that a lot of people will be missing.  Those people will still be on the OLD EARTH – (meaning the OLD TIME-LINE) – and in the case of the Cabal – that Time-Line (which used to exist far into the future) will be destroyed because so many other races who were being negatively affected by it asked GOD to intervene.

Every single “choice” that you make is part of what determines where you end up.  Be very certain that you are not making “choices” you were told to make by others – just to keep your job or to get a paycheck.


All my love,


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