It has become absolutely clear – CRYSTAL CLEAR – that the United States of America has been operating as a Corporation!  It is also clear that while operating as a corporation, millions of “Statutes” and “Codes” were put into place which can NEVER be called laws, because they were put into place BY a corporation merely pretending to be a legitimate Government.

We already KNOW this!  It is old hat!  It’s been argued and proven!

So what then am I bringing it up again for?  Because apparently, the people living here in America don’t know how to connect the dots!  Maybe their mother never bought them a dot to dot book.  Maybe they never learned how to connect dots!   Maybe they never liked dot to dot puzzles – and so they never completed even just a single one! 

Who knows?  But the truth here in America is that almost NO ONE knows how to connect dots.  So this being said – let me help you connect a few, so that you can maybe finish one by yourself.


DOT ONE – Every single choice you/we as a group make has a consequence!     (Consequences actually “change” things)

DOT TWO – In 1871, the true and real American Government was declared Bankrupt and a HIDDEN (read done in FRAUD) Corporation was put into it’s place, which then pretended to be the same Government as was there before, and none of the people were told about it.

DOT THREE – FRAUD is a crime – and there is no “statute” of limitations on FRAUD.

DOT FOUR – Because a Corporation is merely a company (read FICTION) – it can not legally make any laws for living people – only other “fictions”.

DOT FIVE – Therefore, EVERYTHING done since 1871 in the Corporate Congress, has no legal bearing or binding on Americans, born on the land of America who are living and breathing men and women.

Here are the first five dots.  Simple enough, straight forward enough.  Anyone who can connect dots – should have no trouble with this.  Now, lets throw in a curve ball!  Hang on – it’s about to get bumpy.

Here is the big curve.  Mathematically speaking – very large choices/agendas/con games/scams – can CHANGE REALITY! 

Let’s take a quick look into the Kaleidoscope shall we. 

What we see below is a metaphor for the VERSION OF REALITY – or the TIME-LINE that existed in America before 1871 – which was before the Corporate Government was installed which is called United States of America – INC.

It’s actually a fairly nice “picture” or “pattern” of reality and is something that actually existed.

I can use this image as a metaphor because absolutely EVERYTHING that exists in reality creates a FREQUENCY and thus creates a PATTERN. So this beautiful pattern is as good as any.

If you look below – you can see the beautiful shapes and patterns that have been created by frequency in molecules of water.  I’ve taught this long enough so that anyone who has read here on LOVE TRUTH SITE for a period of time should already know this.

Sound/Harmonics create frequency, which activate molecules into creating Patterns!

Now, here is a BIG LEAP – Put your thinking caps on for this! 

When you change the FREQUENCY – you change the Pattern.  It is the same as looking through a Kaleidoscope.  When you turn the drum (or tune the drum rather) by turning it a quarter turn – all of the colored rocks (read matter in the drum) falls into a different configuration and a new shape and pattern appears which gives the viewer a whole NEW VERSION OR IMAGE to look at.

This new image could be called a different VERSION OF REALITY.

So now lets connect some more dots shall we?

DOT SIX –By changing America’s Government from a legitimate Government over to a Corporation – it “shifted” reality in America into something different.  IT SHIFTED THE TIME-LINE.

DOT SEVEN – By shifting the Time Line off of what it originally was – a whole NEW FREQUENCY was created for America – and thus an entirely NEW PATTERN emerged.

DOT EIGHT –America was turned into a Corporation by men who considered themselves to be LUCIFERIANS – or men who are part of a Death Cult.  They are Satan Worshipers.

DOT NINE –  Matsuro Emoto showed us that GOOD FREQUENCIES create beauty and good health, while sick, twisted, and hateful frequencies create distortion, destruction, sickness, and death!

DOT TEN– By becoming a Corporation – and having a Government that is nothing more than a Fiction, and operating in the fictional realm – America shifted from a pattern or a frequency of GOOD– to one of PURE EVIL.

Okay so let’s look at what Matsuro Emoto documented in his experiments with water, shall we…

You can see the ugly, twisted, sick, and deformed water molecules which have become CORRUPTED by strange thinking, deviant behavior, and ungodly ways.

You see, the Earth is 70 percent water on the surface – AND – our own bodies are made up of 70 percent water as well.  So every single deviant frequency is creating a Pattern not only in our bodies – but also here on the Earth and is very literally HOLDING US HOSTAGE in this new and BASTARDIZED REALITY!

You see, we can’t shift over or back onto the GOOD TIME-LINE until we get rid of the patterns and the frequencies which are holding us on the BAD TIME-LINE.

We have to heal the evil patterns and heal the evil frequencies!

Okay – so most of the people who read here on my blog – LOVE TRUTH SITE – are probably way ahead of me!  This just makes too much sense.  So of course – anyone with half a brain is going to say – sure it’s a no brainier.


Here we are in 2022!  And guess what?  The Corporate Government – you know the one that is totally illegitimate and illegal and a FRAUD and is being run by BIDEN?  (And no one seems to care?)

That Government is still in operation!  It is still being run by Satanists!  So therefore – America (and the world) is not yet HEALING!

The frequency and the pattern of America still looks very sick, very twisted, and very ugly!

What is even worse than that – is that ALL (yes all) of the Corporate Courts here in America – which enforce codes and statutes that were written by the FRAUDSTERS are still in operation here in America as we speak. 

Yes they are!  And guess who still supports all of that?   


These corporate agents and agencies really are still operating today – and they are holding living and breathing men and women accountable to codes and statues which were written and developed in FRAUD – and thus by the very act of operating as we speak, they are holding the frequency and the PATTERN OF THE SATANIC solidly in place, and are keeping America’s pattern from changing or shifting back into a GODLY PATTERN!

Therefore we are still not quite yet on the GODLY TIME-LINE and are not healing properly.


Because Joe Biden, and because Corporate American Government, and because Corporate Courts, and because Corporate Laws, and because Lawyers, and because Bar Attorneys who are practicing Admiralty Law, and because LUCIFER.

They are all – holding the frequency and the pattern of America BOUND in a very shameful, deceitful, and distorted pattern which is twisted and ugly and can only bring us all death and destruction.


Have you even noticed anything going on out there that seems out of place? 

Maybe (just maybe) you should have done a few more dot to dot books when you were a kid – so that what is happening right now – would make more sense to you.



So, just for fun, let’s go back to the top of the article and ask the same question a second time.


You can’t get out of making a choice here.  Not choosing, is basically choosing what is already there.  It is “consenting” to what is there by default.


What do you choose?

Do you choose to STAY in the corrupt and bastardized reality that the Luciferians created for you? 


Or, do you choose to heal the frequencies here in America and on Earth, and shift the patterns of our reality BACK to godly patterns of health and beauty?

Because its the FINAL TEST – what ever you do choose will have EXTREME and LONG LASTING CONSEQUENCES!

So choose wisely!

All my love,

Stay “tuned” for Part Three


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