By: Bradley Loves


Who in their right mind wants to go to “SWEDEN” ??

This country is quickly turning into the demonic “love child” of the GLOBALIST NWO, and very soon, there will be no turning back!

Besides being the most “Immigrant Friendly” country in Europe, a dubious distinction at best, because Swedes’ are getting tired of the NO GO ZONES where even police refuse to go, and also of the endless raping of women and children by Muslims who see women as less important than camels…, it is Sweden’s “newest” debacle to  be leading the way in going “cashless”, which means that if you do not have a “bank” account there, you will not be able to BUY ANYTHING!

Naturally, this is exactly what the ILLUMINATI want, and for this reason:

Without “CASH” men and women living in Sweden are at the complete and total mercy of the BANKS!

This means that if you decide that you don’t “like” what the GOVERNMENT IS DOING…, and decide to “protest”…, your bank card can be “turned off”.

This means no food, no rent, no home, no clothes, and nothing to buy anything with!


This comes directly out of the mouth of the Rockerfellers!


Talk about “sheep” being led to slaughter!!  The Swede’s are rushing to be “in line” to be the very first society to turn into the New World Order Police State!

Wow!  Scratch that place off my list of destinations FOREVER!



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