By: Bradley Loves



The now “very” awakened public is finally starting to look deeply at all of the “symbology” that really is EVERYWHERE on the world stage – and they are not liking what they are seeing!

These “so-called” world leaders just can NOT get out of their own way as they trip and fawn over themselves in a “virtual orgy” of self congratulations

The latest example of – IN YOUR FACE – (dumb human cattle) is this image which was taken at the United Nations Security Council Chamber.


Who ever it is that is appearing on the temporary viewing screen has conveniently placed his head in exactly the right position in front of the UN Logo, so that he appears as both:

Jesus Christ and Julius Ceasar!

  •  Who do these people think they are kidding??

If you look very closely at the image above, his head is surrounded by both a “halo”…, and a “wreath” of Olive Branches!

The outside tract of olive branches are exactly what Julius Ceasar wore as the Emperor of all of Rome!

The inside tract of the “halo” is how Jesus Christ is depicted in almost every single work of art!

So for this guy to have his head placed exactly where it is, we are supposed to “symbolically” see that he represents the POWER and the PRESTIEGE of both Christ and Ceaser 

It stuns me that these “so called” world leaders just can’t help themselves when they make an appearance to their peers – and have to pompously “self congratulate” on their achievement at a postion of power and authority in the world.

This guy was obviously in front of a backdrop of the UN logo…, but the camera angle and how his head is positioned is far from accidental!

It is just too perfectly placed!    He wanted to appear like this!!

I just wonder how many other “world leaders” have done this when appearing in front of others they seek to impress!

I’m wondering if this is what the UN logo is actually for??

If you are a world leader, and are in support of the NEW WORLD ORDER, simply stick your head into middle of the Halo and the Wreath…, and wham…, you now weild the power of both Christ and Caesar.

Furthermore, if you look at the desk on the floor, it is a horizontal reflection of the “Wreath” on the screen above them.  The desk represents the wreath, and the people around it make up the branches!

It’s all about the POWER OF CAESAR, which is all about the POWER OF ROME!




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