In this regard, in the grand fashion of Q – Bradley has some things to say:


What is a witness?

What does a witness do?

Who can be a witness?

What is testimony?

What is the purpose of testimony?

Who collects testimony?

Expand your thinking!

Who else collects testimony?

What is Judgement?

At this point in History, could Earth be considered a “crime scene”?

Who owns the Earth?

Who REALLY owns the Earth?

Who is considered to be the “best” witness to a crime?

Define Expert Witness.

What does an Expert Witness have to have?

What does an Expert Witness need to know?

Who can testify in the “court realm” of PRIME CREATOR?

Does Prime Creator require Expert Witnesses?


Think Logically!

If Prime Creator put operatives in place so they could be witnesses – would HE protecct them?

If there is a Lucifer, isn’t there also a Prime Creator?

Where would the testimony of Prime Creator’s witnesses take place?

Could this testimony be stopped?

How would Prime Creator make certain that his witnesses were safe and would indeed testify no matter WHAT happened to them?

When is testimony taken?

Define TIME.

Define Time Limit.

Define the phrase – “When the clock runs out”

What happens to TIME “when the clock runs out”?

What happens to game play “when the clock runs out”?

When is testimony taken in a court proceeding?

Who is called in to refute the testimony of certain witnesses?

What is an Expert Witness?

What are the qualifications of an Expert Witness in Prime Creator’s Court?

Can Expert Witnesses in Prime Creator’s Court be bought, bribed, or corrupted?

Can Expert Witnesses in Prime Creator’s Court be tortured, tormented, or abused into changing their testimony?

Why does Prime Creator want testimony from Expert Witnesses?

What are “records”?

Can records be faked or falsified?

Can people in charge of certain records change them if they felt it would be to their benefit?

Are records always trustworthy?

Are the people who keep records always trustworthy?

Why are witnessess necessary?

What carries more weight in Court, a “record” or a “witness”?

What about an Expert Witness?

Who keeps records for the Earth?

Who REALLY keeps records for the Earth?

“WE” see it all!

The clock is still ticking – but NOT for much longer!

Choose Wisely!





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