By: Bradley Loves


Up until now…, I have normally considered my site a “teaching” site.  I have simply posted on my blog…, what I thought were necessary things for my readers to learn.

Interestingly…, I have noticed that other blogs and sites…, SEEMINGLY watching very carefully what I am posting…, have come out with “COUNTER” posts and articles usually within only a day or two.

This is what I meant when I wrote that it seems as if “other bloggers” are trying to “shout me down”.

They read what I write…, and then immediately formulate a counter article or post (based on either NEW AGE or Channeled teachings) in order to once again “sway” the belief of innocent readers and TRUTH SEEKERS back toward the SATANIC.

So, this is something that I have noticed VERY CLEARLY!

What I have not really done (as of yet) is to POINT OUT all of the lies and inconsistencies of these many bloggers and website owners.  Naturally doing this is an almost impossible job since there are so many of them.

Even though it is very clear to ME…, that they are LYING…, because they contradict themselves so blatantly…, it is not always clear to normal people who do not think as logically as I do, or as quickly that they have lied.

So from now on…, I am going to start posting things (occasionally) that certain bloggers will say…, no matter how long ago it was said, and then post information that directly REFUTES what they have posted or written proving them to be LIARS.

So NOTICE to all of you SATANISTS who are running blogs out there…, what you print as a LIE one day…, can be used against YOU the very next!  BE WARNED.

And to all of you who are simply “dupes” who are posting channeled information that is clearly coming from Lower Astral Level Demons…, and not the Masters you think they are…, YOU are still responsible for what you are writing!

You are all on NOTICE AS WELL.    I will be going backward through all of your previous channeled material…., and ALL of what you’ve printed is fair game to EXPOSE YOU (And your ENTITY) as a liar.


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