Targeted Individuals Dr John Hall and Dr Terry Robertson – GREAT INTERVIEW

Fluoride in the water and genetically modified foods helps to bond the ionized aluminum nano-particles (scalar wave clouds) in the air we breath to the brain and nervous system turning us into walking transceivers for directed energy remote pyschotronic bio-telemetry/neural monitoring/mapping (human tracking/mind reading) via psychoactive E.L.F./Scatter Radar interferometry frequency bombardment of the entire chem-trailed sprayed population (transhumans) from over the horizon emitters such as H.A.A.R.P facilities, the Gwen Tower Network, power lines, transformers, and cell phone towers that is the infrastructure of the psychotronic grid.


Genetic diseases, cancer, organ failure, and mental disorders are all on the rise. Other devices that make up the psychotronic grid also includes personal items and home appliances such as tablets, cell phones, laptops, smart meters etc…


DHS Fusion Centers collect all electronic data (bio-electric included) and is monitored by the “National Security Agency” (NSA). Everyone is neuro-homodyne cloned into the “M.I.N.D. Network” and can be tapped into like a computer remotely anywhere and anytime.


The NSA, CIA, DIA watch dogs uses the “VOICE OF GOD” weapon which is an artificial intelligence (computers programmed with neural linguistic patterning or interactive speech via EEG/electromagnetic evoked potential clone heterodyning) synthetic telepathically harassing targeted (so called “undesirables”) individuals with nonstop offensive mental molestation made to mimic “schizophrenia” or “demon possession” till the person submits to the perpetrating federally sponsored terrorist/criminal organization’s program (mind control), self terminates (suicide), and/or becomes an “on shelf shooter” commits a mass killings or is at least blamed for the atrocities for politically driven false flag operations.


Usually coinciding with their elitist masters’ eugenic Agenda 21 for population control resulting in death, loss of freedoms, and more wealth and power for the psychopathic elite class.

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  1. Isaac Quarterman

    Hello, my name is Isaac Quarterman, I’ve been psychically bullied and tortured for the past four years, the main tormentor appears to be some kind of program (automated but not intelligent), also some thing that clamps out my own inner voice (broca), and not the other friendly voices I also started hearing.
    Many possible explanations are out there for the experiences of TI’s, myself included. First of all the form of interaction (EM, nonlocal, etc.) should be discovered. Until then, even if you just call me crazy, we can cancel out the sono-electric effects within our own brains, and the discredited have a brand new treatment for schizophrenia.
    The equivalence of a sonogram could now be used to “voice-print” entities (or “voice of god” weapons) within the EEG (through sound reconstruction techniques) so the collection of EVIDENCE is now possible!! (,d.amc)
    I’m looking for scientists to network with who will take on this challenge, there have no replies from the Phd’s who developed the audio reconstruction technique, as it relates to treating schizophrenia..

    • I will get back to you on this! I am currently planning a HUGE article written by a friend who is a TI…, “targeted individual”.

      It will be epic…., and will open peoples eyes once and for all!

      You can e-mail me @ [email protected]

  2. steve bouzan

    Dr Robertson.hi dr hall. Please reply to me at [email protected]. I can prove that the Boston Massachusetts fbi, medical technicians actually have the ability to for the past 8 years, and still today are watching me 24/7, talking to me 24/7 and have the rfid cochlears implants in my ears. Again, this isn’t past fbi employees, but literally current Boston ma fbi medical technicians who violated my civil rights, and marked Mr without me doing anything wrong, anything illegal at all, or saying anything incriminating at all but the fbi set me up, created lies over time and had hospital surgeons implant cochlear rfid microchips into my ears. I was never arrested for anything in my life time ever, and I don’t have a criminal record at all. I’m a 36 year old white man who is a Christian from Massachusetts. I worked at the united states postal service for the past 10 years. I dont have a mental health illness at all, I don’t use alcohol or drugs at all. The fbi has made me a “mark”, because they set me up. I am more then a target individual because the Boston MA fbi installed cameras, microphones, and speakers into my car, past two cars, my apartment, my past apartment and installed rfid microchips into my cochlear inner ears with implants. I have the proof 100% that you and Dr Robertson need to prove this to Congress.  Again, I am positive that the police, and the federal bureau of investigations know and did this to me. I gave 100% of the evidence to prove this. Please reply as soon as you can at [email protected]. My cell is (774)281-7032 but please email me so I can provide more detailed information. It’s been 8 years under complete harassment, torture and surveillance 24/7. I went 54 days last year on only water. I said 54 days on water because the fbi medical technicians talking to me, in my ears right now in the implants say that they went to Harvard medical. 54 days on just water Dr Hall. I lost 40 lbs.  The reason why it’s easy for them is because they figured out a way to seclude single victims, violate their civil rights and “mark them. “. I don’t have a criminal record at all, I have a couple speeding tickets from 10 years ago. They gained complete control somehow. They wired up my car like a Google car. They can control my car, they caused accidents, they broke my break lines twice, my rear axle, my battery etc. They gained the ability to do this “legally”. If you check my car out you will find it completely wired like a Google electric car. They can control my body in every way. Pain, put me to sleep, heart rate , torture. I will attack photos of my car and apartment and past apartment with my two high end RF meters showing the radio frequency off the charts. Please reply at fast as you can and I will give you my 8 year story, and my medical records. The Boston fbi, and obviously nationwide has figured out a way to “mark ” people, without arresting them ever, and implanting them with RFid microchips in cochlears inner ears, and gain complete control over the victims. I have the proof dr hall. The landlords, employers actually let them do it 24/7. All night at working at the post office as they watch me, talk to me, even through store speakers, etc. Every where I go. Please look at these photos, know that I was never arrested, I don’t have a criminal record at all, I don’t drink alcohol or use drugs at all, I don’t have a mental health illness at all. The fbi actually found a way to set up single, isolated victims and get them to do what they want, seek medical help and implant them with rfid cochlear implants inner ears. But they don’t do the typical”,mark on a person”. And then arrest them. They figured out how to Make them a “mark”, watch them 24/7, implant microchips, cameras, speakers, microphones in cars, apartments etc as the landlord says it’s ok. They call whoever I am about to contact, make up a story about me, lie, and get them to go along with it. They violated all 10 of my civil rights

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