For those who want to give this a listen…, HERE is the radio interview that I attempted to do with Captain Max Steel!  Filled with interference and technical problems…, it does contain at least “some” good information.

It is almost 3 hours long…, and I was cut off for about 10 minutes when my internet connection was severed!

I am posting it as a public service…, and you are at liberty to listen or not!

All my love!

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How could the TRUTH be so simple?


  1. DET

    Hi Bradley,
    please, would it be possible to underlay subtitle,
    also automatically generated, in this video?
    For a foreigner only infrequently using your language
    is it a help to understand the content of your

    • DET,

      I am not certain how to do subtitles. It would most likely require some type of editing equipment on my personal computer…, (which I don’t have)…, and also a copy of the actual video on my personal computer (which I don’t have).

      This video was posted by Jaypee of: Wolf Spirit Radio…, so he has the copy of it. And most likely the editing equipment.

      I apologize that the words of the video are difficult to understand.

      If there was any type of real interest in seeing the words written down, (more than just a small handful of people) I would make a transcript of the video. This would probably take 5 to 6 hours to do.

      So, I will not spend that much time on the transcript unless I knew for sure that MANY people were interested.

  2. Lavender

    i think one thing is overlooked and that is the fact that we were purposely blindend, krippeled, and through DNA selection breeded out of our best assets.[ by the draco’s for the last 13.000 year]

    Courage, insight etc.[ recently think of the inquisition , millions of women with healing abilities were burned at the stake etc it reminds me of practices in India were poor “parents”blind their childeren on purpose so they can go out begging!

  3. Lavender

    it’s nice to see u smile!

  4. Lavender

    ps loved the part of “reading the ashes’

  5. Lavender

    very enlightening again about AI things happening in your life!
    lately i started to even questioning my dreams as they seem to be used as tools to influence descision making proces !
    but a lot to take in also so i listen in parts. Thank you for posting the interview despite of all the difficulties. we tried to listen in live but coudn’t find the right time [ we are in the Netherlands so on amsterdam summer time]

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