By: Bradley Loves


As we speak…, “YOU” are under “attack”.

A battlefield that you can not seen, taste, or touch…, but most certainly “affects” you has been created all around you…, and YOU are a target.

But you are not “aware” of it YET!

If you think or believe that all you are…, is your physical body…, then I would agree that it does not appear that you are under attack.

But what if…, just what if I were to say that your physical body was ONLY a solidified (hardened) hologram and was only a visual “representation” of what and who you really are.

What if I went on to say that what you REALLY were (IN TRUTH) was a “frequency”.  Or…, what if I continued down this path and said that you were a “wave pattern” of CONSCIOUSNESS?

Okay…, let’s just stop for a moment…, let that digest a little…, let it sink in.

What if “you” as a TRUE and REAL BEING in the Universe, were nothing but, and always were a unique FREQUENCY PATTERN being “broadcast” or “emitted” from what we call THE SOURCE?

Sort of like a “radio wave”…, or a television wave…. (are you following this?)

You see…, in order for something that is no more than a “wave pattern”, or a frequency, to manifest as SOLID…, it would have to have a magnetic field around it!

This magnetic field “contains” your frequency, or your own unique wave pattern within a limited portion of space time. And it is the containment field that feels solid when you touch it…, NOT your body.

Is everyone with me so far?

I’m trying to go slow here…,

So lets just say that what you…, what I…, and what everyone living on the Earth really is…, is a unique FREQUENCY PATTERN being emitted directly from the MIND OF THE CREATOR.

Can you grasp this?

Stop thinking physical or “solid” for a moment…, and go beyond that.

Could we then say…, just as many beings in the great past have told us that instead of being solid flesh and bone…, what we really are is akin to “spirit”!

What if back in the days when the Bible and other such things were written…, they did not have the words:


What if all they had was the word SPIRIT…, and by using this word spirit…, they meant UNIQUE FREQUENCY!

Instead of saying that you are a “spirit”…, maybe what they really meant is that you are a unique frequency!

Everyone with me so far?   Are you keeping up?

So “if” you can see that this was the TRUTH…, and that “you” as a being were not really the flesh and blood (solidified frequency) but instead you were the “wave pattern” that caused the body to manifest and occur!

Therefore…, you are the spirit/frequency, which comes before, and exists beyond what can be seen!

Is this making sense?



Now…, if you are, (IN FACT) a frequency…, or a frequency being made solid…, then what KIND OF WEAPON would be most lethal to you?

Would it be a bullet or a bomb?

OR…, would the most “lethal” weapon to completely “destroy you” be a FREQUENCY WEAPON?


I’m stopping here for a moment…, read this over and over again…,

I am writing the rest of the article, and will post it after you’ve read this!











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