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Remember a post that I put up last year.  It was about the “weaponry” of the Secret Government!

See this link…, which is still valid at Jean Haines old website:


Here’s a quote from that article, written January of 2015


Frequency – is the “buzz word” that everyone should be most concerned with as they step up their game, and try to sort out the truth from fiction — and ultimately what is important from what is not!

All of the “shadow militaries” most “secret” weapons are in matter of fact – FREQUENCY BASED WEAPONS. Their most sensitive military creations these days are dealing with “waves”, “plasmas”, “vortexes” “infra-sounds”, and other frequencies too numerous to mention – which also include pills, medicines and vaccines!

When in the form of waves – they are dealing with both “micro” and “macro”, while when infra-sounds, they are dealing with the whole gamut of ELF, ULF, VLF, UHF as well as newly created “synthetic” sound waves that can be both directed, manipulated and controlled. When pills, etc., they are targeting your DNA — but even pills operate within a known frequency band and thus can be controlled just like a weapon!

We as a people – are under the “CONSTANT” bombardment of these waves, and thus the constant “attack” of these silent frequency weapons, which are literally changing the very nature of our “reality” in front of our eyes.

I wrote this article: SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS as an “introduction” to what is to follow this year.

From microwaves and cell towers to ground-based radar and satellites; from the infamous GWEN TOWERS to HAARP, and from the chemical dumps of aerosol spraying into the atmosphere to the planned releasing of radiation into the oceans via Fukushima, we as a people are under a massive, massive FREQUENCY ATTACK by those who desperately want or need to control us.


Weapons that you can see are for “losers”! Those old and outdated weapons are for the likes of ISIS, or for “patsy” false-flag perpetrators, who can then step in front of the television camera and “pretend” to shoot a guy in the head with blanks! Those weapons, both super old and outdated are ONLY tools for the propagandists to use in order to claim we are being threatened by terrorists.

They are a CON – a JOKE – a LAUGH!

The “invisible” weapons now being used against us are the updated weapons-of- choice for the shadow military and all black ops of today! Mind Kontrol: neural implants – astral implants – mood control of the masses — these things are all done to us by using weapons of frequency!


Maybe only NOW…, after some deeper levels in insight…, are you starting to get why they are using FREQUENCY BASED WEAPONS AGAINST US!

There is a good reason for this…

It is because they have discovered that “beyond what you can see with your eyes”…, beyond the physical body that appears in physical manifestation… WE ARE IN FACT  “frequency beings”!

We are spirits…, we are souls!

So naturally…, the newest weapon of choice to use against that which they both HATE…, and yet wish to CONTROL…, is a FREQUENCY  WEAPON!

So they have taken the  WAR AGAINST US…, to a whole new level!

They have taken this war to an invisible…, but far more DAMAGING LEVEL as far as they are concerned.  Because they are now “attacking” the very source code…, or frequency pattern that you as a manifest being ETERNALLY ARE…, in the hopes to completely subdue and control you on both the seen…, AND THE UNSEEN levels…, which they CLAIM as their property.

This is part of their SATANIC AGENDA for total world domination!

And now…, a break and a breather… more will be coming!

For those of you who thought I was joking…, here it is again… the very same video from Mark Passio…, you NEED to watch it today!

Skip the first 60 seconds which is some sort of strange addition which should not be there!

The rest of the video is a NEED TO SEE!

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