By: Bradley Loves


Ever since I’ve started writing, I’ve been cognizant that most people do not know the things that I know.  I’ve been careful to say things in ways that were suggestive…, I gave hints…, and hopefully pointed others in the right direction.

But due to the outrageous content that is being posted daily in the Alternative Media, there is really no way to carefully tiptoe around subjects and still be heard.

“Subtlety” doesn’t even get read, much less understood.

I get it…, there is an active “push back” by the powers that should not be, who are orchestrating an on going operation to literally DROWN OUT the truth tellers by flooding the Internet with thousands of ridiculous and impossible ideas.

These ideas are being put there by PAID TROLLS and PAID SHILLS.

I’m sad.  I hope so much for the world and for those trapped here.

There are still too many people who have no morals or ethics and really don’t CARE about anything.  So, when offered money to write lies and fictions…., they take the money because MONEY is all they care about.

So…, what I’m going to have to do (out of necessity) is to start writing in a style that is FAR MORE CLEAR.

However, fair warning!

TOTAL HONESTY is not really something that is valued anymore in this environment of political correctness.

What I see happening is a real separation here.

There are those that really want something new…, and there are those who are happy and content with what they’ve got…, which is the FAKE HOLLYWOOD style world that has been designed for them.

I don’t think therefore that it is even possible to have such a thing as a “MASS ASCENSION”… Simply because so many people on Earth would  NOT WANT THAT.

And where is FREEWILL…, if they were pushed to “buy” something they were not ready for, or did not want.

Most of these NEW AGERS writing articles on the Internet are delusional…, and simply have not got their feet on the ground enough to realize that an ENTIRE WORLD can not ASCEND without everyone ON that world being in tune with that idea and that goal.

We are a very long way from that.

So if you still want to read what I write…, my style is going to change slightly to be MORE PLAIN and MORE DIRECT.

Keep your toes out of the way if they are sensitive!


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