By: Bradley Loves


The “wink-wink” and “nod-nod” of the Corporate World…, to the PIZZA…, and to it’s connections to the under world continue to ASTOUND ME.

Whether this is just a strange new way to advertise their “products”…, OR…, is a real world link to the underworld of child trafficking is unclear!

However…, do you see how EASILY something like this could be turned very quickly into a “child traffikiing tool” ??

See the images below:

image image image


According to the commercials and news broadcasts that are coming out and currently running on Television…, by purchasing these shoes…, the owner can order PIZZA…, simply by pushing the button on the tongue…, and their  “favorite pizza” will be immediately “delivered” to where ever they are!

No phone call…, and no other ordering is required!

NOW…, as seemingly “convenient” as this sounds…, it is ALSO being “reserved” for VIPS ONLY.



Only People like:

HOLLYWOOD ELITES…, MUSICIANS, and SPORTS FIGURES need apply to get these shoes!

Wow…, and what exactly do we know for certain that almost ALL of these men and women of these groups are into behind the scenes??


Wouldn’t it interesting…, if these men and women (who are now very terrified of having their tastes in sexy little children revealed)  were suddenly handed an easy way to ORDER their favorite “PIZZA” with the push of a button…, and never have to make phone call (which could be traced) or even send a twitter or an INSTA-GRAM to order up sex with kids any longer!

I am NOT saying this is what PIZZA HUT is up to…, but can you see how this type of thing could VERY QUICKLY BE TURNED INTO THAT??

Just push a button on your shoes…, and your “order” for PIZZA…,  which is already “on file”…, is delivered to where ever you are…, no nasty NSA or CIA surveilance to worry about!

I for one…, would be very careful of this technology…, which in the case of PIZZA HUT could be innocent…, but if “OTHER PIZZA SHOPS” were to follow suit…, then a very easy way to suddenly order up CHILD SEX could suddenly go mainstream.

This is how things like this happen!

Right out in the open…, and right in front of us!

What are YOU going to do about it??

What actions will you take?

All my love….







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