I have gotten six or seven donations over the last week or so…., three of which were over 20 dollars.  I took in about 250.00, and the money will most certainly come in handy.  I want to tell you how important I consider your donations to be in helping to support the work that I do.

The Pentagon saw 6.5 TRILLION dollars go missing last year.  How many rogue dis-information agents can be paid top dollar in the US to do nothing but sit at home, on a government computer, and write bogus articles…, on only a tiny, tiny fraction of that amount??

Trust me…, they have the money to pay these people far more in one month…, than anyone in the Alt. Media circles will ever see in a lifetime.

It is an “uphill” battle all the way.  It is HARD WORK because I have to sort through hours and hours of video, and many, many articles looking for that “thread” of TRUTH that I know to be “what is”. Sometimes, over the course of days.., I may only find a few tiny shreds, with the rest of what I looked at “pure trash”.

The truth is that the “disinfo” people are highly organized and putting out not dozens, not hundreds, but thousands of mis-leading articles a week.

This my friends is a lot to sort through!  However, I am happy to do it because of my background, and the very “stable” base, or foundation of knowledge that I already have.  This makes it easier for me, than for someone else to do.  And, for humanity…, I am happy and willing to do it.  But I can’t do it alone, because it does take SO MUCH TIME.  For that reason…, I need your help financially.

So if you’d care to help with a donation…, please go to Paypal…, and send your Love offering to:


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