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By: Anna Von Retiz


I’ve had faithful members of various “Secret Societies” —organizations like the Benevolent Protective Order of the Elk and members of not-so-secret societies like the AmVets — contact me and ask questions and complain about my considerably unfavorable opinion of fraternal organizations and especially secret fraternal organizations including the Freemasons of all sorts, stripes, kinds and varieties. 

Sure, there are great and loving people involved in these groups. That’s how these groups gain and keep credibility and maintain their ability to thrive in the midst of our communities. Sure, many of these organizations are involved in doing good works. But to the extent that they harbor secrecy, they also provide a platform for deceit and criminality, and there is also a very, very dark side to many of these organizations and various individual local chapters. 

My first argument against them and against supporting them or joining any “secret” fraternities or organizations closed to the public is that there are no secrets. In the greater realm in which we live, all “secrets” are known in excruciating detail. Once people realize this — and the sooner they realize it, the better — the entire motive for lying and hiding and worrying about keeping “secrets” will be gone. 

And that will be a good thing. No end of crime and injustice is caused by this one delusion — the idea that secrets exist and that you can hide what you are doing and why you are doing it from Our Father and from his Appointed Ones. It simply isn’t possible. Believe me — its all known. Period. 

Just think of when you were a child and doing something naughty, either by yourself or with a group of your friends— what did you do? You got off in a corner or hid behind a building or under a bush and plotted and schemed “in secret”— and unfortunately, adults do the same thing, because they still haven’t learned and accepted the fact that there are no secrets.

Among the worst secret fraternal organizations, though we seldom think of them this way — are college fraternities and sororities that serve as gateways to debauchery and conspiratorial crimes and “graduation” to far darker secret societies run by adults too despicable to easily contemplate. The infamous “Skull and Bones” group at Yale is merely an example of the breed. 

The so-called “Grand Masters” seize upon the young and impressionable and corrupt them at an early age, involving them in crimes from which they can later never escape. Blackmail then becomes the Order of the Day, and whenever and whatever the Grand Masters crave, the slave is obligated to produce. Even their own children as “sacrifices”, even their own wives as concubines, are then subject to the Grand Masters, too, and rapidly, whole families are obligated and compromised and enslaved.

You can see their rationale and how they operate from the recent example of what was done to Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh and his family during the nomination review process. Apparently, Brett Kavanaugh somehow eluded them and kept his nose clean in college, so they had to reach all the way back to High School to try to find some plausible circumstance in which he may have been compromised by what they gloatingly describe as “moral taint”. 

Far from being discouraged or negative in its connotations, these people regard moral taint as desirable and even necessary. The more moral taint, the better for their purposes. It gives them the leverage to blackmail later on and so, people who are free of moral taint pose a challenge to this whole system of things and are viewed as dangerous outsiders and loose canons: hence the hysterical opposition to Kavanaugh.

Often, promising young people are deliberately ensnared and drugs are used to manipulate them into compromising sexual activities. We are all familiar now with “date rape” drugs and should be familiar with methyl-ethyl amphetamines used to provoke both seemingly “super human” abilities and insane sex drives and violence. These are both older versions of the drugs being used now to deliberately “taint” young people and dig them deeper into the snarly ugly world of the so-called elites.

Any sane person can see how this works and why these organizations deserve no place on our public university and college campuses. The so-called “Greek Fraternities” are the worst and most famous of these induction organizations, but so-called academic fraternities like Phi Beta Kappa are not immune. In fact, the academic fraternities are subject to additional manipulations and agendas. 

Not only do academic fraternities and sororities suffer the usual sex-drug-alcohol crimes and shaming set-ups, with Phi Beta Kappa and other academic fraternal organizations, you encounter “head hunters”. These are older initiates, usually early thirties, good-looking, well-traveled, whose job it is to snag the best and brightest into careers as spies and agents and industry snitches. They seduce and indoctrinate the younger victims, even as they are themselves groomed and used by the higher ups on the totem pole of crime.

The National Testing Organizations do sequential testing to identify the brightest people in the next generation. It starts with the standardized tests that we all remember as young people and progresses through more batteries of tests, with each level of testing weeding out more candidates. This is above and beyond the tests that we all normally undergo like the SATs and MCATS and LSAT, etc. 

These additional tests are usually administered on different standard deviations and often under false pretenses, but involve evaluating the various ways that you think, your greatest fears and antipathies, your moral character, your ability to persevere at a task, and many other attributes of your intellect and your character. This is all geared toward evaluating your ability and your malleability— that is, whether they can control you.

My husband was given 29 tests when he entered the Air Force in the early 1960’s and had the highest scores on record for 26 of those tests, but after two years of trying to break him down, they had to release him as “unadaptable” because of his character. Many of us have suffered the same kind of evaluation and abuse at the hands of other branches of service and various Think Tanks that are engaged in this same kind of recruitment activity, even at the High School and Junior High levels of Academe.

Certain private schools that are “feeders” for the Ivy League, like Eagle Crest,

and British boarding schools like Eton, are even more heavily saturated with this kind of activity and more coercive training agendas that seek to mold the character of these young people into that of conscience-free sociopaths who have no sense of morality apart from peer group morality. That is, they are taught to only value the opinions of their teachers and their peers, with no reference to any identifiable greater ethics or religious code. They are also indoctrinated to think that they are elite and above judgment or law by anyone but the members of their group.

Of course, these schools often project sanctimonious images and even religious affiliations, but the fact of the matter is that the success of their graduates and therefore their own wealth and standing depends on their graduates entering and navigating the system of crime and privilege, not the system of honor and rights.

This makes it possible for otherwise sane young men and women to accept horrific standards of behavior as normal and to accept “maze-rat” rewards systems of gratification as normal. The behavioral modification techniques that began with Pavlov’s dog and B.F. Skinner have been refined and applied to children beginning in their cradles, and when they are older “they do not depart from” these vicious and alien standards.

They are taught, for example, that all that matters is winning — not how you win, but that you win. This is how you breed military leaders like Colin Powell and politicians like Bill Clinton, and also how you shelter them with a surrounding social and cultural elite that will serve as Teflon for their crimes.

After college and the feeder system of fraternities and sororities and the testing gambits have done their worst, come the “guilds” and the adult versions of the same evils. Unlike fraternities and sororities which tend to be more open and careless about their agenda, adult secret societies are rigidly compartmentalized so that some initiates know the dirt and others are kept spotlessly ignorant and convinced of the righteousness of the organization.

This goes back to the Ancient Pillars of the Temple, Boaz and Joachim, the so-called “pillar and the post” — as in “postman”, and to witchcraft and the so-called “left-hand path” of deceit and the “right-hand path” of wisdom. 

It is an under-appreciated fact that every President of the United States has been left-handed. The wild improbability of that being a coincidence and the arcane association needs to be remarked upon more often.

In Europe we have all the familiar organizations from Knights of Malta and the various Freemason groups to the Guild System, which is, in my opinion, far worse overall. The Freemasons grew out of the Guilds and were in fact a counter-culture against the oppressions and criminality of the Guilds which have been in operation since the Middle Ages and which have done more to impede the advance of knowledge and ensure the corruption of human government than any institution except perhaps the churches. 

The Millennium Report coverage of the Pedogate/Pizzagate scandals http://themillenniumreport.com/pizzagate/ from March 2017 delivers an extensive recount of how the “Sisterhood” of the Crown Agents has employed women to mastermind and implement large portions of the criminal enterprises which have compromised the decency and safety of the entire world including national defense systems, commercial relationships, monetary systems, and politics.

The plain fact is that while men have been widely regarded as the Power Players in the world for the many centuries since the Roman Empire eclipsed the Ancient Sumerian-derived cultures of the Middle East, more attention has been focused on men and their activities, while women have been largely disregarded except as sexual objects and pawns. This then opened up a situation where women could be more effective as agents of evil and provoke less scrutiny of their activities.

The Grand Masters as in “Post Masters” and “Pillar Masters” were not slow to take advantage of blackmailing both sexes and employing women to do things that were formerly done by their husbands, fathers, brothers, and sons. 

Hence we have Hillary Clinton functioning as the Patent Lawyer for the US NAVY and selling off 20% of American Uranium to Russia, and as detailed by the Millennium Report, members of the same “Sisters of the Crown Agents” group performing every role from running the “Pig Farm” prostitution/sacrificial cult operation to spying on United Nations Security Council “Top Secret” operations and Secret Space Program initiatives.

The Grand Masters (Post on land) and Grandmasters (Post on sea) and the more secretive Pillar Masters (Pillar on land) and Pillarmasters (Pillar on sea) have an equal-opportunity policy and conscription program. They will make use of anyone of either sex, and use the same induction and tainting process, the same blackmail protocols, the same reward-punishment behavioral conditioning protocols with women as with men.

So— my advice? Bust these organizations. 

Catch them in criminal activities, including criminal conspiracies among their members, and then bust the organizations wholesale, outlaw them, and liquidate their assets. Rigidly test and monitor the academic testing organizations and access to the information these organizations produce. Clear the fraternities and sororities and similar “secret” campus groups off our college and university campuses. Outlaw the “Guilds” and similar secret professional societies caught in criminal activities.

I don’t advocate a wholesale destruction of groups like the Benevolent Protective Order of the Elks or The Lions Club or Freemason groups like the Shriners — many of which do good public works and serve good purposes, but all of these groups should realize that there are no secrets in fact and that all this “secret knowledge” cachet is in fact not necessary to any good purpose and is actually an endangerment to them and their members.

They can be too easily confused with the actual perpetrators of gross evil, like the Crown Agents, that also style themselves as “secret membership organizations” and will not hesitate to use the Freemasons (who are, after all, competitors of the Guilds) as scapegoats by those organizations in a pinch that is likely to come sooner than later. 

The same goes for church-sponsored secret membership societies like the Knights of Malta and the Knights of Columbus. The more transparent you are about your aims, finances, and teachings, the better.

Some entire churches, like the Latter Day Saints, are well-advised to do the same kind of owning up for public scrutiny, as they are in danger of being targeted as “cults” and if co-opted by these evil Principals, will suffer the same prosecutions. There are indications that LDS has, for example, been involved in money laundering and employed in some parts of the Birth Certificate enslavement scheme as a result of their interest in genealogy. 

This isn’t saying that these churches or organizations are evil or criminal in intent or in program, only that they — like individual people — are subject to being used and manipulated and co-opted and “tainted” by the criminal masterminds behind the old Babylonian Pillar-to-Post organizations. Any lapse by unwary, naïve, or corrupt leadership offers an opportunity for these older and far darker secret membership organizations to infiltrate and co-opt and “make use of” the more public and younger organizations. 

The Guilds and certain Labor Unions, for example, will naturally infiltrate and use and abuse the Freemasons and other “Brotherhood” organizations.

We are now facing a time when public awareness and scrutiny of all of these institutions is not only desirable, but necessary, and those having knowledge of nefarious activities of these organizations must come forward and have opportunity to spill the beans in a protected environment. A degree of amnesty for past crimes must be afforded to individuals in order to prosecute the criminality that has been fostered by many of these secret societies.

And for all these organizations from the Knights of Malta to the Bar Associations and Phi Beta Kappa and the Sisterhood of St. Jean, it is high time to face the truth — that there are no secrets. Premising whole organizations on the idea of “secret knowledge” and “secret initiations” and all this hoo-ha is damaging, not helpful, and not truthful and not necessary.

If you are organized for a lawful purpose, let that purpose be fully known– and if you are not organized for a lawful purpose, this is your warning to: (1) permanently clean up your acts or (2) disband without further ado, because all organizations promoting “secrecy” and seeking to operate in a clandestine fashion will be scrutinized and infiltrated and held to account. 

Churches will also be scrutinized and “religious freedom” will not be any sufficient excuse for criminal activity including child abuse, misapplication of church records (such as trading “souls” using baptismal certificates and other outrageous activity) and money laundering. 

Unfortunately, some “Patriot” groups are also falling under this same delusion and onus and getting caught in the same traps. Observe my own “no secrets” policy and if you are wise, do the same. Be completely explicit and above board at all times, tell the truth insofar as you know it at all times, and live your lives according to an unimpeachable openness that despite what anyone else may think, allows for no secrecy at all. 


Because there are no secrets.

The sooner you disabuse yourself of the delusion that secrets exist, the sooner you can experience the freedom and honesty and self-acceptance that you are meant to experience, the sooner your natural empowerment will be yours instead of theirs, and the sooner the evils generated by these “secret organizations” can be overcome.

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