Love Truth Site has been a massive writing project spanning 8 long years.  It is a project of pure LOVE.

Love is not dependent on outer circumstances!  If that were the case, I would never have started writing this blog at all.  I have never been a rich man and have been under Deep State/Agency attack for over 40 years of my life.  This kind of thing does not leave much room for taking on a large humanitarian project aimed at helping save the Earth and waking up the people!

However, if love is not dependent upon what other people think of you or what you are going through at the moment (even if you are being tormented and tortured) then it becomes very possible.

Love is dependent upon our inner connection to GOD!


Outside of God – there really is no stable kind of Love at all – and our feelings for others are merely based in what we are seeing taking place in the moment.

In this year of 2023 – we can all continue to LOVE and to THRIVE regardless of what comes next down the road.

We can do this because our ability to love has nothing to do with what is happening around us at the moment and instead it has everything to do with our love of the Great Creator who returns this love back to us in ways we can hardly imagine.

I am living proof that this is possible and can be done!

Please just know that in this New Year 2023 – I am continuing to do what I do for love!   For love of God and for the love of God’s Creations, love of the innocent, and even love for those who are still asleep.

Real love depends only on God = Truth.  This is why loving truth is the very same as loving God.

The quickest way to destroy anything is to lie constantly!

The vibration of deception can not help but achieve destruction.  Why do you think the Cabal only tells lies?

If you really want to learn to LOVE unconditionally – then tell the TRUTH unconditionally!  And you will see just how easy it is to love those around you no matter what.


Not just another blog!

All my love



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