By: Bradley Loves


I don’t say it often enough!   I have a really (I do mean this) great group of readers!

Almost everyone who comes here is exceptionally well informed, engaging, has done tons of their own research.  In addition, each one values the TRUTH.

Even though the numbers may be few (between 700 and 1000 per day consistently) it is an accomplished group of TRUTH SEEKERS who have managed to hold true to their own moral compasses and remain centered in the midst of this raging spiritual storm!

“TRUTH” is and has been under attack from all sides of the spectrum. It has been marginalized and said to have “little value”.

Even New Ager’s have cast TRUTH aside due to “fake news channelings” and said that “truth” is an individual thing…, not a Universal thing.

But where would we be without the TRUTH?

How could we exist as a culture or a society…, and interact with one another if TRUTH becomes obsolete??

How could we ever “trust” one another…, or how could we say that we CARE about each other…, if we can not even be honest?

The foundation of any real solid culture and society is the TRUTH!


When universal deciet and deception become common place…, then society is only a few steps away from it’s own destruction!

You will see that MANY of the men and women who “claimed” to be the most spiritual…, were anything but that…, and many of the men and women who lived very simple and truthful lives were the most blessed and the most appreciated on the other side of life!

GOD is simple…, because TRUTH is simple!

Every child of 3 knows exactly how to tell the TRUTH!

The truth is “what is”…., or what has happened!

It is not candy coated, veiled or covered up!  It is an honest assessment of what is going on.

Human beings generally have to be “taught” how to lie.

If you want to know what “GOD” really is…, then know this:

THE UNIVERSE…, and all of creation could NEVER exist if GOD lied to himself.

It is up to us to realize this.

Think deeply about this.  Our Prime Creator could never exist without self honesty, in a continuing assessment of who and what he (or she) is.

There is NOTHING more important to rapid spiritual growth than honesty…, and if you think that “deception” or “deciet” will take you toward GOD…, you are sorely mistaken!

The “left handed path” leads straight to HELL and to destruction…, because it is based on lies!  Anything that is based in lies and fraud will NEVER get universal support…, and will eventually die!

As you can see…, the united states of America…, has finally come to it’s own dark night of the soul!

“We” are fighting for the very survival of what it means to be Americans because those who worship LUCIFER or SATAN.., also believe deeply in using deception and deciet!

If we collectively give in to this…, then (as has happened many times before in history with cultures that have done so) we will personally be able to see the total destruction of this society and this culture which has become TOO CORRUPT to allow to continue!

TRUTH and the UNIVERSE is self correcting!

And our Earth is not too “proud” to do a complete Pole Shift ( it’s happened before)…, to rid itself of a culture and society so corrupt…, that it can no longer operate as GOD intened.

“TRUTH” (not lies) is the way back home.

Remember this the next time you (or anyone you know) are making excuses and apologizing for the Government, the Main Stream Media…, the Agencies…, the Banks, the Police, the Courts…, or ANYONE ELSE who thinks that their “job” in life is to LIE, KEEP SECRETS, or to DECEIVE!!


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