By: Bradley Loves

Here’s the thing.

I know there are hundreds (if not thousands) of other Alternative Media Websites a person can visit.

I want to take this opportunity to “THANK” each and every person who comes to this blog and takes the time to read what I have to say.  I have named it LOVE TRUTH SITE for a good reason.

The “truth” is never easy to hear…, nor to read.  That’s the long and the short of it. So you really do have to LOVE TRUTH…, to be even willing to come here.

We are currently living in a World of great deception and of great polarity. Exposing that is neither easy nor does it bring much reward.

As I’ve said…, there are literally countless blogs and news sites out there…, and I know that most of them paint a very different picture of what is happening than the one I paint.

Well, let’s face it…, everyone is entitled to their opinion and their point of view.

Me…, I tend to like the TRUTH…, and have always tried to “dig deep” when creating the articles that I put up on my blog.

This admittedly is hard to do in a World that values “secrecy” over almost everything else (including human lives).

You have to wonder when keeping a secret was seen as MORE IMPORTANT than whether or not many human beings would die.

The BANKERS WARS…, (WWI and WWII) taught many good men and women to keep as much knowledge as they could to themselves, and to never divulge even a tiny bit of the information they had, so as to “increase their security” and eventually win the WAR.

But, oh yeah…, that WAR was created by the very Bankers, Oligarchs, Kings and Queens who wanted to have total control of our World.

I have to tell you just how ridiculous this idea of secrecy is…, because secrecy really ONLY leads to more BATTLES and more WARS.

I know very few can actually see this…, and even most NEW AGERS have bought into the secrecy LIE.

But then again…, this is why secrecy is so important to those who run things around here.

You can add to the secrecy problem:   DIS-INFORMATION!

Hey…, it’s just as good as secrecy…, because telling a thousand lies around one TRUTH is just as good as never having the TRUTH TOLD in the first place.

The TRUTH gets covered up in an almost impossible to clean up mess of useless information and lies.  (Welcome to Earth).

I have to be honest.  The entire reason the so-called CIA/NSA/NRO complex exists is to keep the TRUTH from coming out at all costs.

Good men and women who “join up” with these clowns have no clue what they are really joining up to.

If they knew that their job was to keep Satan Worshipers in POWER, and to protect the elite class so that they could continue to do Ritual Child Sacrifice, drink blood, and act like energy VAMPIRES…, then I think most of them would not want to join.

Instead…, these young men and women are told that there is an “INVISIBLE TERRORIST” out there…., “somewhere”.  And they are taught how to lie, deceive, con, cover-up and even murder to keep the terrorists at bay.

Well, the problem here is that the so called “terrorists” are the ones who dare to tell the TRUTH!  The wholly courageous men and women living on this WORLD who just refuse to “sell out” and refuse to “take a paycheck” while their human brothers and sisters are treated like cattle.

Yes…, the ELITE CLASS considers these men and women to be PUBLIC ENEMY number ONE.

But how to get everyone else to want to get rid of the very men and women who incarnated here on EARTH to actually SAVE THEM?

How do you get the very people who are going to be saved to TURN on those who would free them?

You hire an ARMY of recently graduated computer GEEKS who have no moral fiber…, who are young, uninformed, and absolutely LOVE TO PLAY WITH TECHNOLOGY.  You give them a “great job” with the government and tell them they are “fighting terrorists” and give them very high pay.

You also give them the technology tools to BREAK ANY LAW every written, and to INTRUDE ON ANY PERSON’S LIFE with the push of a button…, and then tell them how “cool” they are for being able to do that.  You tell them how valuable they are…, without ever telling them about the COLD HARD TRUTH…, that those who actually run the planet are Luciferians!

You forget to mention to them that all of the data they are “stealing” and “collecting” on innocent TRUTH TELLERS is being given to men and women who worship Lucifer, and to their OFF WORLD cronies, who have almost “magical” abilities to curse, harm and confuse those who are working against them.

You also forget to mention that those “off world” cronies actually want to take over the planet.

That’s how it’s done!

You get the “idiot” kids…, who know nothing…, to attack their own saviors for something as simple as a PAYCHECK!

And then you use “patriotism” in order to get the kids parents and grandparents to “oggle” over their children who have “made it good” in the world.  The parents and grandparents tell their kids “how proud” they are of them…, that they managed to get a “good job” with the government and are fighting the bad terrorists!

Then those parents go back to drinking beer, and watching television.

Down…, becomes Up!   Dark becomes Light…, and Lies become Truth!

This is how it’s done.

We really don’t have any time to waste or a moment to lose!

The truth is more necessary today than it has ever been.

If you come here to read…, then you probably know that!  However…, if you tell a friend…,  maybe they will come here to read too (you never know).






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