By: Bradley Loves

I want to take this opportunity to offer some sincere thanks to my readers who have been very patient with me over the last 6 to 7 weeks.

I have posted very little to my blog because, like all of you, I also have to earn money in order to pay my bills.

Even though I have a handful of really great supporters…, the amount of money I am able to recieve in monthly donations simply was not enough, and so I under took 2 construction projects which provided me with enough income to take me through the summer and into the fall.

As many of you are aware, running a personal blog is a full time job if one is going to do it every single day, and I know that you are all aware of this.

I will soon be “writing” once again each and every day and will be focusing more and more and what is “unseen”, and dealing with the “principalities” of the unseen realms.

My blog is very unique in that I do not look to duplicate or repeat what other people are saying or “posting”…, but instead am here to dig ever deeper into the “rabbit hole” and expose every single LIE and every single DECEPTION that has ever been told with the aim to cheat humanity from knowing who and what they really are!


And…, to those who come here daily to read…, you are MY FRIENDS as well!

My “bedside manner” may sometimes seem harsh…, but I am not here to lie to you.

For me,  it is either the TRUTH…, or nothing at all.

All my love to everyone…, and once again thanks!

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