It is now February of 2023 and we are moving into our second month of the year of GREAT REVELATIONS! 

More and more important information is going to come out soon, and if you want to be on the cutting edge of finding out what that truth really is, you are going to NEED Love Truth Site.

Few writers are telling it like it really is and are giving you all of the vital information that you have to see and hear.

This is why (once again) I am asking for everyone who can help to send generous love gifts to either Paypal or Stripe this month. It has been a real struggle just to make ends meet and now that we are in the middle of winter, the situation is even more critical.

If you can, please consider helping Love Truth Site with your financial support to spread the words of Love and Truth all over the world!

I would like to give special thanks to:

Det, Phil, Jerry, and Vickiwho have sent regular financial help for many months and without whom I would never have been able to survive this long, and without whom Love Truth Site would not have been able to continue.

I would also like to give my deepest thanks and appreciation to both Luke and Bernie for all of their donated time and effort (which is endless) that keeps Love Truth Site going.

Finally, I would like to give thanks to the Holy Spirit, without whom none of the articles of Truth that you read here daily on Love Truth Site could ever have been written!  All of this work is coming from a much deeper source than myself.  It is God’s work!

Thank you for coming to Love Truth Site!  Thank you for spreading this message of LOVE and TRUTH with links, good wishes, thoughts, and prayers.

All my love


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