This is just a note to say thanks to ALL who come here.  I know that I am not very well “connected” on things like Twitter and Facebook…, and don’t make videos for YouTube like others do.

These things “might” help spread my message a little better…, but honestly…

I doubt very much that I’d be allowed to say what I say here… on those public Social Media Platforms any way!

They are not interested in the TRUTH…, they are only interested in Political Correctness and the “appearance” of Social Justice.

They are interested in being perceived as trendy, but are most likely bought and paid for by the NEW WORLD ORDER.

The truth of the matter is that writing for this one blog takes many hours each day, and has become like a full time job.  (A job for which there are few financial rewards).

Therefore…, in some regards I need to depend on YOU (my readers) to help spread the message!

You all have Twitters, Facebooks, Insta-grams, and the like…, so I’m asking for your HELP to spread the message.

And.., I’m thanking you for your loyalty and the fact that you come here to read so often.

All my love…..

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