Everything has a reason, everything has a purpose.  I have written over and over again (on this blog) that this is not a “normal” blog.   It is not about daily “updates” about what I see happening around me.  You can get that kind of thing on many other blogs out there on the internet!  This blog is here to “teach you”.  It is here to “show you” what will happen in the near future, and when it happens, WHY it happened!

And, as far as I’m concerned, I’ve done one of the best jobs of any blog on the entire planet of telling you the reader, teaching you the reader, and showing you the reader, EXACTLY what will be coming down the road soon!

The Military reads “THIS VERY BLOG”…, so I am astonished that more people from around the world just can’t be bothered to come here and to listen to what I have to say, and to learn something.

I told everyone early on who this blog was being written for.


But perhaps saying what I said in the above article was not enough for some!   So to give an even bigger “hint” – I have written various things on this blog – in reverse order!

Just for fun, I wrote: DIGGING EVEN DEEPER 8 months “before” I wrote – DIGGING DEEP INSIDE THE SATANIC RELIGION – THE RULES OF BLACK MAGIC, which are two parts of a three part series.   Now, if that is not a clue that things are not really normal on this blog – then I don’t know what is.

Here is yet another clue – you know – the kind of stuff where you actually have to read BETWEEN the lines to get it…

Up until January of 2021 – every single article I ever posted on the blog was put into the “uncategorized” category listing.

Then, starting in January of 2021 – even before Donald Trump did NOT take office – almost everything I have written has gone into one single category.

This is called a “clue” people.  How odd is it that every article ever written can be uncategorized – and then starting in 2021 – they all go into just one single category?  Would it be so that attention is called to the importance of the category?  And who (of the various groups that I am writing for) would benefit from that kind of message?



I will write a single article – and then tell my readers that it is part of a larger series, and say exactly how many posts will be in that series.  Then, over the course of (in some cases) five years – I write every single part of that series down to the predicted last one.  Or, sometimes I will post a detailed list of series I am going to write, and then over the course of several years – each series starts to manifest, in order and just as predicted

Do other people writing blogs do this kind of thing?

Then, I tell everyone that this blog is being written IN CODE – and in fact I reveal that almost everything I write – even stuff that is not published – is being written in code.  Since I already know that everything we type into our computers can be (and is being captured) – something I do NOT consent to – and therefore is being done quite unlawfully and illegally – I began to write something called: THE STORY

It was aimed at the NSA – and is an evil story of sex and debauchery.  It takes place on an “island” where children are kept and used.  But, THE STORY was never published anywhere.  It was, however, rewritten many times (always the same way) and the whole thing was done in CODE.

Why pray tell would I do such a thing? 

It was done just to show the ARROGANT data collectors – that they are not as “bright” or as “smart” as they think they are.  It was to show them that there are people out there who they may not understand, yet are not “bad” people.

They collect data, but they do NOT know what it really means.  Why?  Because they do not think that GOD even exists, or has a say in what is going on here.  The whole point of THE STORY was to show these data collectors what was actually taking place on Little St. James Island, and so the main character of THE STORY was always named “little Jamie”.

Then, when the whole story about Jeffery Epstein finally breaks, and when everyone finds out what is happening on Little St. James – I write this post below, just to show them that I knew all along (exactly what they had known all along) since they were already aware of it for years and years. (And did nothing)




I do things this way so that nothing is hidden, and nothing is kept secret!  This is a requirement when working for the PRIME CREATOR.


Here is the final piece of this puzzle… 

I was “asked” to come here by GOD the PRIME CREATOR to do this! 

I am here on HIS dime, not my own.  Just like Donald Trump was “asked” to run for President by the U.S. Military – and so the Military has protected him the entire time because they asked him to be the President – don’t think for a single moment that GOD the PRIME CREATOR can not do the same type of thing on a much larger scale.

HE most certainly can (and does) ask for volunteers for missions here.  This also means that “HE” has my back.  He has made certain that I was protected as much as possible – and HE has assured me that those who came against me – shot me and then imprisoned me illegally and unlawfully – are going to wish they had NEVER BEEN BORN!

The message of this blog has been a simple one – precise – mathematical – and logical.  It was really not that hard to get, but for those with very thick heads – I will spell it out!

GOD our loving Father – aka  PRIME CREATOR has “plans” for AMERICA! 

He does not want to see America “destroyed” – and so it will not be.   He wants to see it go on and to continue, and so therefore it will!

Now, for all of you Satanists and Luciferians out there who have other ideas – get over yourselves – AMERICA is not going anywhere!  The original Constitution – the Declaration of Independence – and the Bill of Rights are documents of great spiritual value, and will not be demolished. They are here to provide a “CHOICE” – meaning a real and true freewill choice for FREEDOM while living here on the Earth.

Without any choice – there is no need for the Earth at all, nor any need for Luciferians or for Satanists for that matter.  So put that in your pipe and smoke it.  Without a “choice” and without “freewill”GOD has no need for any Satanists or Luciferians at all – they become completely unnecessary – and so why not just put them into the lake of fire immediately – or if they are not happy with that, should the game go on for a bit longer? 

If so…, then America stays right where it is!

Finally, GOD can – and does – alter and change TIME LINES.  Just like any one who CREATES a painting or a book and is thus “the author of that work” – GOD – being the author of this work – has every right to amend, change, alter, and to correct anything he does not like in his original piece.

A word to the wise:




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