By: Bradley Loves

Writing a blog, and writing anything for that matter, is an act of creation.  It calls for a connection to ones own inner creativity which is the fountain of all that comes forth onto the page.

One can connect to many aspects of ones own self, but the best and the highest connection is to the “spirit” that is there to guide and light the way.   Many people of the New Age persuasion seek to consult their “higher selves”.   I can’t tell you how deeply I disagree with this idea.

Any part of your mind, or self which has not yet been purified and perfected is always going to come to the wrong conclusions.  Therefore, you need to connect with the Holy Spirit which has nothing to do with your higher self.

The Holy Spirit is a gift that is given or bestowed upon you for your loyalty to HE WHO CREATED YOU!

It does not come from you, even though it can, once given, live within you.


The trouble with New Agers is that they think and believe that somehow the Holy Spirit, the gift of knowing, and the gift of sight, is something that they already have and thus can tap into it if they simply work at it.


You have to ask for it, and even before you do, you have to be ready and prepared to recieve it.

The question in such circumstances is always this:

How much do you love GOD THE FATHER, because the Holy Spirit will always tell you GODS thoughts and HIS thinking.

If you do not really and truly LOVE GOD above all things – then how can you possibly LOVE THE TRUTH that HE is willing to share?

You will discount every single word you hear and thus are not ready for any of it.  You “higher self” is basically your “higher understanding” at the moment and thus could also be likened to everything you’ve accumulated thus far.

It would be quite silly for any soul to claim that it had accumulated all of the knowledge of GOD – especially if that soul was still standing and walking on the planet inside of a body.

That is why a soul that is not foolish, realizes that no matter how much learning it has or knowledge it has accumulated, it still does not have enough knowlegde or wisdom to deal with certain circumstances that have come up in the world and in life.

Thus a wise man (or wise soul) will always seek GODS COUNCIL – not his “own higher council”.

Some “food” for thought…

All my love.


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