By: Bradley Loves


For what is in a name…?

A rose…, by any other name, would smell as sweet….

Quote from: Romeo and Juliet

These words…, written by Shakespeare…, as eloquent as they are…, are misleading at best!


“To KNOW….., something,  or someones “name” …, is to be able to steal it’s power!

To “own” that name, is even better!”

Rituals of Dark Magic


Every living human being on Earth has been given a “name”…, and that “NAME” has been cursed by evil. (You just don’t know it)

In the so called Christian World…, back in the days when Catholic Missionaires were moving all across the world to “tame the savages”…, every single time they encountered a “tribe” that lived in accordance with nature…, they “insisted” that these people CONFORM to Christianity!

Once they did…, they were then forced to take on a “Chrisitian name”.

You as the reader can’t imagine how very important that this time in our history really was as a stepping stone in bringing into being the NEW WORLD ORDER.

Yes…, even 300 years ago there was very much “A PLAN” in place.

The South American, Central American, and North American “tribes” had to be “christianized” so that they would all “willingly” take on a “christian name”…, because only then…, could it be turned into an:


Historically speaking…, the VATICAN has always known that real and living men were being bought and sold in this way!   Let me explain.

It goes all the way back to the Roman Empire and possibly even before that!!

Before you read on…, please remember that the VATICAN itself is only a continuation of the old ROMAN EMPIRE.

It…, (through the office of the Pope/Pontiff)…, “claims” to “own” the entire world…, and all of the people living on it!

The “Legal Office” of the Pope/Pontiff…, is a FICTIONAL CREATION…, and is simply a continuation of the Ceasars…, only with a Religious “twist”!

Catholicism is NOT REALLY A RELIGION at all…, but a form of “Legal” Government!

So what then has the “government” of ROME…, got to do with the ALL CAPS name?



In the days of Rome (this is verifiable, and you can look this up…) slavery was perfectly legal!  (Not “moral” or “ethical” mind you…, but “legal” as in sanctioned by the STATE)

Any man (from conquered lands) could end up a slave, have no legal rights…, no privliedges, and would no longer OWN himself.

(He could therefore be “legally” bought and sold)

Note: All buying and selling of slaves…, had to be done “ON PAPER”.  There was a very specific reason for this!


They knew this even in ROMAN DAYS!

So…, it was the “name” on the paper that was being “sold”…, not the living man!

In order to properly “record” the transfer of property into the records…, all slaves (men women, and children) were given “names” that were written in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS in order to keep their “identities” separate and apart from “non slaves” ie…, real people!

This was called:

Capitis Deminutio Maximus

By writing a slaves “name” in all capital letters, it was a way for the Romans to signify to everyone who could read “contracts”…., that the “thing” so named…, was a slave…, had no rights…, and was “owned” by someone else!

Therefore it could be bought and sold.



Take a look at your own drivers liscence!!  What do you see there??

Let me give you a hint!   You see your own name…, written on a small “card”…,  in ALL CAPITAL  letters!

“Am I making a Dent yet?”



I have said (on numerous occasions) from the very start…, that we are living under a 100 percent totally SATANIC SYSTEM…, and that it is being held in place by DARK ARCANE MAGIC.

(Few people believe me by the way…, and those that do…, think I’m being “overly dramatic”.)

The depths of this (which I and certain others can clearly see) does not translate well onto the page for the masses who need to know this…, so for most people in our common day world, what I am saying is just to “crazy” to be true!

Because of this, they simply ignore what I am saying…, and call it preposterous…, when in fact…, it is EXACTLY…, what is happening.





For more research into the Cesta Que…, See this link:


When a new baby is born (anywhere in the world these days)…, that babies “parents” choose and give the baby a NAME!

You have NO IDEA…, how perfectly EVIL the system that we are living under really is…, and how it has all been “set up” around the ALL CAPS NAME!


Within days of being “born”…, according to all current rules, laws, and statuates…, a Certificate of Live Birth…, is sent from the Hospital to the STATE!

This is a record of the birth that took place…, with the “mothers name”, the “fathers name”, and the new babies “name” all put down on PAPER…, with “black” ink.  (This is a form of “magic” and represents “death”.

Writing the new born babies name down with “black ink” into a square box…, is a MAGIC SPELL!

(See the significance of placing a word into a box in arcane magic)

Remember this:

To know something or someones name.., is to be able to steal it’s power…

To “own” that name is even better….

Rituals of Dark Magic


For those of you who think that what I am saying is not possible…, ask any LIAR…, I mean Lawyer…, what a “Power of Attorney” is…, and what it “legally” does!

Here is a clue for the doubters:   It “transfers” legal “POWER” over a name…, from one person to another!  It gives someone else POWER over that “name”.      (What else could this be…, if not Black Magic?)


Back to the little baby at hand.

In a time period of usually no more than 7 days…, the STATE issues something called a BIRTH CERTIFICATE, which has the young, 7 day old babies name written on it in….ALL CAPITAL LETTERS!

This LEGAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE (which is certainly not moral thing) is written on BOND PAPER…, and because it is written on BOND PAPER (Banking Paper) …, it has become a “tradable” commodity that can be “bought” and “sold” on any STOCK EXCHANGE in the world.

Now…, this ALL CAPS NAME, which appears on the Bond Paper…, “legally” is defined as a FICTION, but has ALSO been “magically” bound to the new born infant by it’s own blood!

This is where the Catholic Church…, and all of the ARCANE MAGIC I’ve been telling you about comes into play!

The ALL CAPS NAME…, is a “paper persona”…, or something that has “no life” in legal terms.

It can not speak…, has no rights, and is basically DEAD!

For all my readers who want to “really get this”…, please…, I implore you…, you’ve got to think deeply about how this works.  You’ve got to “unlearn” what you have previously learned and open your mind to what is being “done” here.


What is being done is EXACTLY what was done in the past, and is the very same way in which the Romans dealt with anyone who was a slave!

Their name…, was written ON PAPER with “black ink”…, in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS!!

Let’s create a fictional example to make this more clear!

Let’s say that the new baby is a boy!  His mother names him “johnny”…, so we will call him:  Johnny Newborn

Johnny Newborn is only 7 days old when the STATE issues a BOND (called a BIRTH CERTIFICATE) on Banking Paper using his “name” but has put that name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

Now…, let’s get “esoteric”…, and let’s get “arcane”…, and go back to the Ancient Mystery Schools which taught the Ancient Art of MAGIC to those who wanted to learn such things!

And for those of you who just can’t (or won’t) believe that this is real …, or the way it works…, you may just want to stop reading right here…., because you are wasting your time!


From the very MOMENT…, that young child’s “name” appears on “paper” with a SEAL on it…, you know that a “MAGIC “SPELL” has been done!!

Yes…, Yes…, Yes…, as hard as it is for you to “believe” that this is being done in our “modern day world”.., or…, that what you have been “told” or “taught” is regular “proceedure” and is simply the way it is…, could be harming you..,


Every “hospital” in the UNITED STATES collects the “after birth” of all new born babies…, and after the delivery…, it is “required” by LAW to send that “afterbirth” directly to:


(If you think this is fake news…, and I’m just making it up…, please go to any hospital, and ask one of the head nurses in the Maternity Ward where all of the “after birth” is sent after babies are born.)

WHY DOES IT GO TO THE SALVATION ARMY?  (Which is part of the Catholic Church)?

Question:    What is the one and only thing that the Catholic Church offers to man?

Answer:  They offer… SALVATION, and nothing more.

The question that everyone should be asking is…, WHAT IS SALVATION??


I’ve written at length about this before (for those who follow my blog) in this EPIC and highly “overlooked article” called:


This stuff should be “taught” to every human being living on Earth, but instead is being “ignored” by everyone, including New Ager’s.

Here is the link:

The reason that all hospitals (at least in the USA) send the AFTER BIRTH to the SALVATION ARMY after the delivery, is so that the young babies “blood” which is the actual “life force” of the child, (along with it’s DNA)…, can be USED in the MAGIC SPELL that binds it to the ALL CAPS NAME!

Okay…, so now my readers are thinking that this is wholly OUTRAGEOUS…, and that there is no way that this could possibly be happening on a world wide scale, and that such EVIL things could be taking place without our even KNOWING about it.

You may “think” this…, but you’d be WRONG!

Why do you think that I keep saying over and over again…, that we are “living” under a SATANICALLY CONTROLLED SYSTEM??

Do you think that I say this to sound important.., or for my own “health”??

Why do you think that Jordan Maxwell (who found out about this many years ago) has been talking about this for 50 years or more, has had the website containing all of his writings and books STOLEN so he could no longer use it…,  and has had his life threatened??

Because he says the very same things!

I’m not joking, not embellishing, not over-stating, and not creating what the New Ager’s call:


I’m telling you very matter of factly…, and simply…,


What do you suppose would be happening in our world “IF”.., it was being run by DARK MAGICIANS??

What do you think would be happening if these men and women (who were SATANISTS…, and practiced the DARK ARTS…,) actually came into power?

What do you think that all of these s0-called: SECRET SOCIETIES have been up to for the last 2,000 years?

Do you think they teach their members “basket weaving” ?

At the very highest levels…, they are teaching their members: ARCANE MAGIC.

And this “magic” has filtered down into our society in the form of ADMIRALTY LAW and more specifically:  “CONTRACTS”.

What we call:  CORPORATE BUSINESS…, (Paper Business) is actually Dark Magic, because it involves: CONTRACTS

Contracts are “Magic Spells” because their ONLY real purpose is to: BIND THE FREEWILL OF THE PARTICIPANTS.

The process of “BINDING”, is a dark magic practice, because it seeks to LEGALLY REMOVE another beings FREEWILL!

(Especially if that being changes his or her mind down the road!)

And, very conveniently, this is where the “Court System” (a wholly satanic creation)…, comes into play.  It’s one and only job is to enforce all contracts! (Magic Spells)

This is the reason that judges are required to wear BLACK ROBES!  (Because they are practicing a Dark Art).   This “dark art” has NOTHING to do with GOD…, or LOVE…, and they know it.



The practice (or dark art) of removing FREEWILL (a solemn “gift” of PRIME CREATOR to all of his creations) is a cosmic level CRIME.

Just because these crimes are being committed with INK and PAPER…, does not make them “less” of a CRIME in our loving father’s eyes!

Anyone who seeks to remove HIS gift of freewill…, a “non removable gift” …, that he gave to every single one of his “soul creations”…, is stepping directly on HIS toes!

Therefore…., all Courts.., Judges…, Lawyers…, Banks,  and “STATES” in our modern day world are heavily involved in this…, and because they are involved…,



“Have I made a dent yet?”

When I say or write that it is ALL Satanic…, I really do mean that in every sense of the word!  I’m not joking, being “overly dramatic”, or spreading FEAR PORN.

That you have been “taught” in school that this is all normal…, and just the way it is.., is simply:  A HUGE CON!  You’ve been duped!

[Now please…, if there is anyone out there reading this…, who thinks differently, please post a comment below…, and make a logical argument (with proof) as to why you think what I’ve written is untrue.]


The “magic” can only work if you “consent” to it.  And…, even though you might claim that you have NEVER consented to this crime against you…, you’d be wrong!  YOU HAVE.

Look in your wallet!  You are carrying a “card” with your “name” written on it in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS!

And…, when any authority figure asks you for “identification” (for any reason) you pull out this card…, and CLAIM TO BE THE PERSON on the card.


The ALL CAPS NAME designates a “fictional creation”…, that has been magically bound (on paper) to a “curse”.

I’ll bet you didn’t realize that did you?

Why would you “claim” to be that?

The ONLY way out of the curse (which was made with your blood and DNA) and “BOUND” and “SEALED” to a BANKING CERTIFICATE (A Bond) …, is to affirm that you are NOT the “person” on your Driver’s License or ID card…, and that the ALL CAPS name printed there is a “fictional corporation” that has NOTHING to do with you!

Because this is “MAGIC”…, this also has affects on “unseen” levels!!

All Dark Magic…, is enforced by unseen beings (Demonic and Astral) on levels that we as normal human beings can’t even see.

These beings are “fed” by the Satanists…, in their “BLOOD RITUALS”…, so that on the unseen level…, all of their Banking Contracts will be maintained by these UNSEEN FORCES of DARKNESS.

This is really and truly happening…, and just because you don’t know about it…, does not make it untrue.

Why do you think that the highest levels of these Satanists perform regular “RITUAL CHILD SACRIFICE” or “ANIMAL SACRIFICE”…, or any type of “blood sacrifice”…, which almost always involves torturing the victim before it is killed??

This is the “food” for the Demonic Entites (unseen) which are tasked to enforce their CONTRACTS and their SPELLS.

(These entities do not work for FREE…, they must be paid)

“Now am I starting to make a dent?”

Are you starting to see the HIDDEN level of depravity that this all sinks to BEHIND THE SCENES…, which you are not being told about??

Why are all of the world’s TOP BANKERS required to belong to these SECRET SOCIETIES??

The Satanists…, who crave money and power over all other things…, are very willing to PAY for want they want…, by killing innocent beings…, and offer the “energy” of that life in order to FEED DEMONS who are willing to do their bidding.

Here’s another NEWSFLASH.

WARS…, especially World Wars…, are MASSIVE BLOOD SACRIFICES!

These wars feed the unseen Demons in mass…, and are payment for very large Earthly desires…, like “controlling” and “taking over” entire nations.

Before something this large can be done on the PHYSICAL LEVEL…, it it must be “paid for” on the ASTRAL LEVEL.   And, if I have not already made it abundantly clear…, let me repeat it again, the men and women who are “running things” here on Earth are practicing BLACK MAGIC!

They are DARK MAGICIANS…, who know how to “summon” and “use” demonic forces to help them achieve their goals of world domination.

And where is the best place to HIDE this type of thing?

Right in the very place that no one would EVER LOOK…, which is under the cloak of what is supposed to be the most innocent:

The Catholic Church…, the World Wide Freemasons, and Other Dark Societies which all have their SOURCE in Ancient Rome.., and even further back in Ancient Babylon!

This is why Jesus called the Jewish Pharisees: Wolves in Sheeps clothing!

He knew even then, that the leaders of the Jewish Synagogues had thrown in with the ROMANS…, and were operating inside of the roman slavery system.  He also knew that they were still performing Ritual Sacrifices and Blood Sacrifices to dark demonic entities for worldly power in secret…, while claiming to have dropped the practice.

Why do you think that all Catholic Priests (once having taken an Oath and a Vow) must wear Black Clothes only!  They may not have been told so, but the very top level of what they took an oath to serve, is EVIL.

Black is the color of darkness and the “unconsious”.

The trick here is that ONLY those people at the very TOP LEVELS of these Secret Societies know what is going on!  The rest of the lower members are ignorant of what their group is really up to, which gives all sorts of DENIABLITY to anyone who might question the organization.


The ALL CAPS NAME is a bad thing!  You must “disavow” any loyalty to it to get the “unseen” forces who are operating on the Astral Levels off your back.

It is best done not with pen and ink…, but in front of GOD and the UNIVERSE by “proclomation”.

You can do this as an “affirmation” and/or “in prayer”…, and it will be most effective!

  • Simply say:  I AM NOT (place your all caps name here)…
  • I have no idea who that “person” is, and do not “claim” that name.
  • I am a creation of GOD.., and a Soul with the gift of Eternal Freewill
  • I deny (your all caps name) is who I am
  • I am free from any magic or spells connected to (your all caps name).
  • For ALL TIME…, I disavow connection to that NAME.












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