By: Bradley Loves


There are so many really good people out there…, who are searching for the truth! I deeply love them all!  I do want them to be able to find the truth…, and to know what is really happening on this planet as we move forward.

It is for these men and women that this article and this post is being written!

It has always been my desire and my hope that that which is true, or simply that which is THE TRUTH would be pushed forth into the lime light so that everyone who had been lied to for so very long, could see it.

It was also my hope to see all that was lies…, or simply stupidity, get thrown into the trash bin for ever!

I never thought when I started writing that dealing with the Illuminati or the Cabal…, would be far easier than dealing with CHANNELERS and the NEW AGE.

Several years ago…, there was this ridiculous “idea” that was put forth in writing from a certain Channeler.  It was only one person at the time…, but I could see the immediate affect that it was having on the so called New Age community, and how quickly some really wonderful people, who were only seeking answers to their many questions concerning spirituality were getting caught up in a tangled web of LIES.

This idea…, at the time was called:  CONTAINMENT! 

It was first put forth by a single woman…, who has the EGO the size of a small solar system!

This person wants to be seen and heard as some sort of  SPIRITUAL GODDESS…, and yet has consistently CHANNELED things that NEVER HAPPEN, OR NEVER COME TO PASS.

This woman’s accuracy rate is in the single digits.

You’d think she’d have quit by now!  But no…, instead…, she continues to spread her lies…, and her deceptions only because she loves the attention she gets from doing it.

The basic premise, or idea of “containment” was that either Galactic or Celestial Forces (Arch-Angels) had or would somehow place boxes or  bubbles of “light containment” around every last one of the “dark” Cabal members…, and the “very bad people” living upon the Earth…, with the purpose being that they could no longer EVER…, do anything evil! 

Or, at least this is what we were originally told by this CHANNEL.

Here is a link to the original message (with no retraction ever posted)

We were being told this…, so as to satisfy our hurt that the “ASCENSION” (December 21, 2012) had not taken place as we had been promised over and over again by these very same Channelers, and Channeled Entities!

We were also “told” by these Channeled Entities, NOT to take any action on our own that would seem like retribution against these very dark beings…, because each of these very, very bad souls…, were now “contained” in these bubbles of light…, and could therefore no longer do anything bad upon the planet, (AT ALL) and that within a very short time…, we would ALL ASCEND!  (Even the CABAL)

This means even the worst of the worst would ASCEND AS WELL!

There is one particular website out there…, that I think is incredibly dishonorable…, and very deceptive in having continuously placed these types of articles and posts into publication, over the last 3 or 4 years…, without EVER ONCE printing an apology, or a retraction on this issue!

By now…, it is obvious (if you re-read the older posts) that this idea was not only faulty and flawed…, but wholly untrue in it’s entirety!

I’m not harping simply on someone who has made a mistake!

If a “mistake” is made…, well…, we all make mistakes!  But this particular site (as far as I’ve ever seen) is one of the most unapologetic sites in existence for prining faulty or bad information (usually channeled) and then NOT CARING…, if it is later proven false!

This site is called: THE GOLDEN AGE OF GAIA

As I’ve said…, we all make mistakes…, and maybe sometimes we will all believe things that are not true!  And, I’ve made my own apologies to my readers if things I’ve printed are old and out of date…, or simply proven untrue!

So in this case, when we find out differently that what was printed in the past…, then it is appropriate to PRINT AN APOLOGY!

It is appropriate to say things like:  I’m sorry…, I messed up, and maybe these CHANNELERS are not as accurate as they seem!

The man running this site…, I don’t think knows how to apologize…, and I have never heard him do so ever.

Here is a quick list…, taken from his own site of several pages filled with articles that talk about the idea of CONTAINMENT…, as if it is an actual thing that is, or was happening at some time on Earth…, when by now…, it is VERY CLEAR to anyone who has watched our HISTORY unfold…, that no such thing has ever happened, or ever did happen!

So you ask…, why do I even care…, and why am I writing about this now?

Because as I’ve said…, I knew that no such thing existed, or was even possible…, and SAID SO!

I did it at the very moment that all of this FAKE INFORMATION came out in the channeling and New Age Community, thinking that bad information like this could do damage to real truth seekers who were looking for honest answers.

However…, every time time I tried to say something about it in writing…,  hoping to steer innocent people back toward the TRUTH…,  I was shouted down by dozens of New Age Zealots…, who absolutely worshiped and adored their favorite Channelers…, and the Entities being Channeled, who would not have any insignificant thing like truth challenging what their channel had said.

As I’ve mentioned, they accosted me verbally over and over again on my posts for suggesting that such and such a channel had not told the total truth.  And now…, because enough time has passed that basically PROVES what I said was accurate…., I want an apology!

Here is a list of the numerous articles that were posted on the Golden Age of Gaia…, that talked about CONTAINMENT (a ridiculous fantasy) and also some of the channelers who “came up with that idea” or later ones who supported it blindly.

I invite you to read many of these articles concerning the faulty idea of CONTAINMENT (many of which were posted stating in 2012…,) and to ask yourself HONESTLY…, if we have ever seen ANYTHING…, that leads us to notice that this has happened AT ALL…, TO ANYONE…, ANYWHERE!

All my love…, to those who HONESTLY LOVE

And to those who TELL THE TRUTH




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