By: Bradley Loves


OMG!  I read this post this morning and almost went into orbit!  How can anyone sane,  think or believe this stuff??

Those men and women who are “dabbling” in the psychic and channeling worlds have gone so completely INSANE…, that their ability to distinguish FICTION from REALITY has left them!

I’m serious…, this is not a joke!

What we now have…, is every day people who are going into trance…, and then “DREAMING” things that never happened and posting them on the Internet as if they are totally TRUE!

Please…, do yourself a real favor and read this “CHANNELED MESSAGE”.

Not because it’s true…, but because it is so totally INSANE…, that you have to know how crazy these people have become!

What we are dealing with here are people who have become “deluded” by their own belief system of communication with the Lower Astral Level.

So sold are they on the idea that anyone can “open” up and get an “honest” message just for the asking…, that they now print ANYTHING they see in a dream, feel, or even “imagine” as a result of having indigestion!

This is what I’ve been saying all along!   And this is being SOLD AS THE TRUTH!

Just stop it already people!

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