By: Bradley Loves


OMG!  I read this post this morning and almost went into orbit!  How can anyone sane,  think or believe this stuff??

Those men and women who are “dabbling” in the psychic and channeling worlds have gone so completely INSANE…, that their ability to distinguish FICTION from REALITY has left them!

I’m serious…, this is not a joke!

What we now have…, is every day people who are going into trance…, and then “DREAMING” things that never happened and posting them on the Internet as if they are totally TRUE!

Please…, do yourself a real favor and read this “CHANNELED MESSAGE”.

Not because it’s true…, but because it is so totally INSANE…, that you have to know how crazy these people have become!

What we are dealing with here are people who have become “deluded” by their own belief system of communication with the Lower Astral Level.

So sold are they on the idea that anyone can “open” up and get an “honest” message just for the asking…, that they now print ANYTHING they see in a dream, feel, or even “imagine” as a result of having indigestion!

This is what I’ve been saying all along!   And this is being SOLD AS THE TRUTH!

Just stop it already people!

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  1. Lavender

    Bradley, could you in time give an ‘back to basics’analasys of this video? pleez

  2. Lavender

    especially the part of “very athoritarian”, i have a job for you, you don’t want to see me angry[ don’t sound like a very loving god to me. [despite of it mimicing “unconditional love frequency]

  3. Lavender

    does this near death experience tell us exactely h about the false light gods recycling techniques

    • I’ve watched this video before…, there are several things wrong with it just from a logistical standpoint. You can tell that the location is staged, because there is no other furniture in the house, except for a blank wall, and the chair he is sitting in. (Almost like a set) Also, Notice that you can see absolutely NOTHING through the window behind him! VERY ODD! There is light coming through it almost as if a stage light is shining behind the window to produce the glare you are seeing. There is also a tremendous amount of front lighting shining at him…, which you can see reflecting off of his shirt.
      People who make home made Youtube vids don’t have so much equipment. So it must have been professionally made.

      Secondly…, his “story” which is attempting to be very fluid and “honest”…, if you watch the vid carefully…, has many “cuts” and pastes in it…, as if it were patched dozens of times in editing (maybe where he forgot his lines?)

      This does not bode well for an “honest vid”! So right from the start I am a little suspicious of it. Thirdly…, he gets a little technical with his medical jargon which sort of isn’t the way a normal guy would talk when telling a story. However…, at the end he does seem to be remembering something quite emotional…, which is a good sign! So I’m on the fence about it. Id have to talk to the man in person and question him myself.

      But, I think you are right in the sense that his “experience” does not sound to me how “meeting” GOD would be. In this sense…, I think that he “saw” exactly what his mind would accept…, and “who ever it was” that met him knew very well what his belief system was.
      I think on that level there are many “controllers” who are working with souls for various reasons. Not all are bad…, but many DO SEEM TO LIE and have no regrets about doing it.
      This is something we continuously get from the NEW AGERS. That it is “okay” to lie…, because it’s all a game…, and they are only playing a role! So I guess one could also say that those on the higher levels are lying…, because they too are playing the game and are in a “role”.

      My question is this: Where does it stop?

      What said it was okay to lie…, and isn’t DECEPTION part of the Darkness?
      Time will tell.

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