Luke and I were going to do a really important podcast just a few days ago about the Alien version of A.I.

I had a very deep and detailed exposure planned for this podcast, and was not going to hold anything back!

We only got about five minutes into the podcast before Luke’s computer suddenly died and would not start up again.  Things like this (with technology) are no longer accidents or co-incidences because no matter what we say or record on-line (there is always this Alien A.I. listening in now)

It did not want to be exposed, and so Luke’s computer simply was taken out of the equation by the A.I.

This being said, Kerry Cassidy has picked up the slack and is working really hard to expose what she knows about this A.I. as well.

She wrote an article yesterday and posted it on Project Camelot and I will post the link below so that you can read it because I believe that this is important information for everyone to know.

Here is the link to her website:

The Fight For the Future: BATTLE FOR EARTH

Here is just some of what she wrote:

Since the roll-out of the link to the BORG AI on planet Earth has been unveiled by the alien races humans have only halfway begun to fight back.  Those even slightly awake sense this is the beginning of the end for this planet unless we stand and fight.  The sad thing is that the White Hats are afraid to tell humanity the truth.  Our real enemy is ALIEN/ AI and they are run by the BORG AI.

While I am not party to the whole agenda of the Luciferian alliance suffice to say it has in mind a complete takeover of humanity and link to the BORG AI.

What we have with the White Hats is a group that has strong ties to the old Republican guard and this is holding them back in revealing the true nature of the enemy and our objective.  Frankly we are in the times of TERMINATOR as verified by one of our keys whistleblowers, Pete Peterson who passed on about a year ago.

This fight is nothing short of the rescue of Planet Earth and her guardians, HUMANITY… from total takeover by the Aliens and their AI.

This is what the Trump White Hats are fighting and not telling the masses about.

Knowing this, as I do.  And knowing the alien AI and their minions the Draco-Reptilian alliance are gaining ground EVERY DAY… do you see the urgency for the truth and nothing but the truth?


Kerry Cassidy, Gene Decode, and myself are probably the only people (in the non military alternative media) who really get just how dire the situation here on Earth is at this time.

Strangely (and sadly), all three of us are basically broke for the most part (and I sometimes have trouble figuring out how to pay for my next cup of coffee). 

While this is going on, many of the other alternative pundits that are bringing you the “cream puff and marshmallow” version of what is going on behind the scenes are making nothing but money (somehow) and are getting HUGE DONATIONS from every single side and from every single angle.

How is this even possible?  How do the people who DON’T tell you the entire truth (and are  holding back most of it) able to get so much money and so much support from the public? 

Are they actually getting paid to HOLD BACK vital information?  Who is supplying them?

It never ceases to amaze me how people are willing to pay millions of dollars for exactly what they want to hear, but yet give almost nothing to those who are telling them the cold hard facts and the honest to goodness truth in order to SAVE THEM!

You would think that the White Hats would financially support and protect these people who are telling the most truth to the public (but they don’t do that).

Kerry Cassidy has mentioned this little fact in one or two of her own rants on Telegram, and so clearly I am not the only one that is bringing this up at this time. 

She said the White Hats SHOULD (in no uncertain terms) be protecting and supporting those who are on the front lines of telling the truth to the public.

I honestly can see where she is coming from when she says this.  It is the Volunteer Souls and the Emissaries from the higher levels that came here to help do this very important mission! 

And I can tell you very honestly that none of us expected that we would be kicked around like dirt when we got here.

We came here (as a gift of pure love) to help all of the people of the Earth WAKE UP and to LEARN what was being done to them so that they could have a fighting chance to defeat their enemies and even to survive a horrible fate!  (Total Enslavement by an A.I.)

For some reason – instead of being supported – we are being blocked from doing our missions.

It’s almost as if the military does NOT want the entire truth to come out and (sadly) just like the Deep State and the Cabal do at every single turn – the good side uses the control and the flow of MONEY to keep people who know the truth financially BROKE and BANKRUPTwhile many others who tell nothing but lies or at the most half truths – are funded from huge slush funds and given everything they need to live and to pay their bills.

All I can say is that God sees every bit of this – and HE will have something to say to them in the end. (There will be no excuses acceptable in front of HIS THRONE and HE will be pissed).  And I for one will use my time to testify to exactly what was done to me and so many other Volunteer Souls.

By now – Gene Decode, Kerry Cassidy, and myself could have been given PROTECTION and SUPPORT for what we are doing for the planet and for humanity, but nothing like that has been offered.  It boggles my mind that some of the best spiritual assets on the Earth are being left to fend for themselves while BILLIONS OF DOLLARS are being dumped into technology and machines.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the military is willing to assign a thousand men to protect just one MACHINE – but they do not assign any men to protect a single human being. 


So WHERE then does the military place it’s “value”?

Do they value life?   Or, do they value technology and machines?

They claim to love God, and they also claim to love God’s Creation – but God values LIFE!

God values LIFE – because HE created LIFE!  

God places no value on machines at all! 

So you’d think that if the White Hats really loved God, then they would seek to honor God by placing a high level of value on what HE has created – (LIFE) – and they would also place a high level of value on the souls that HE sent here to the Earth as gifts (Volunteers and Emissaries) to help humanity get through this extremely difficult time.



I’ve written a highly detailed and very important Thirteen Part Series about this which you can find here:




I will now remind you of what I was posting on December 18th of 2019

First I posted this:


Hmmm, certainly this little post is very telling!  I guess the White Hats should have noticed this one – don’t you think?

Then I posted this:


This entire series – THE GREAT CON OF MAN – THE END GAME – explained (in full detail) exactly what was going to be coming in the next few years!  Had it been taken seriously – the White Hats would have had more than enough information to put a stop to the COVID holocaust and millions of lives would have been saved.

Give PART ONE of this series a read and see if all of the TRUTHS that are coming out now and are coming out today were hinted at big time!

Once again – thank you for coming to Love Truth Site.  Thank you for reading and thank you for supporting this blog!

All my love


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