By: Bradley Loves


Dot by Dot…, and inch by inch is how the REAL TRUTH unfolds to the researcher who is still willing to THINK for him or herself.

For those seekers who want to go to “priests”, “clerics”, “channeled entities”, and other “fakirs”, and be TOLD what is going on in the world…,  the TRUTH will always remain HIDDEN, and they should “expect” to be lied to.

My research has led me to countless “dots” which must be considered as part of the over all puzzle, and can NOT be discounted or dismissed!  Therefore, in my conclusions, when I give out a “DOT”…,  that means it is permanent…, and FOR ALL TIME…, must be taken into account as part of the REAL STORY.

No if”s…, and’s…, or but’s can be remove the TRUTH of these DOTS!


DOT – 1

The “Alien Gray” is real!  It can not be dis-missed…, and it can not be discounted as only plausible or possible.  It is a FACT!  They are real…, and they are HERE!

DOT – 2

The “Alien Gray” is PURE EVIL!  It is not a “good guy” or part of a “loving and charming” group of ET’s who want the best for mankind!

These beings were experimenting on, and sexually torturing so many young women…, that when Captain Richards got to Dulce, NM…, he found over 30,000 young female prisoners (not 3,000) like he had expected.

ALL…, (and by this statement I do mean ALL) men or women in any capacity in “AUTHORITY” (Government and Military) in the world, who claim that the ALIEN GRAY is either friendly to us, and/or non-existent…, is a LIAR!!   They are part of a huge CON being perpetrated upon humanity…, and anything they say must be dismissed as propaganda…, lies, deceptions…, and untrust-worthy information!  PERIOD.

This includes any and all channelers, spiritual gurus, and channeled entities…, who claim the same!   PERIOD!   If they deny this is going on…, THEY ARE LYING and are therefore LIARS!


The Alien Gray has been here (On Earth) for thousands of years…, as told to us by Phil Schneider, who reported that the group of “GRAYS” he encountered in his drilling in order to expand the Underground Base at Dulce…, had been there for four to five hundred years…, (according to the Government and the Military).


The Earth’s Crust is a “honey comb” structure!  The “crust” which is 400 miles thick is filled with huge underground Caverns, Lakes, Rivers, Bases, and Cities which are ANCIENT, and have been here for many thousands (if not tens of thousands) of years.

Many of these “ancient” bases…, which have been here on Earth and Underground are highly technologically advanced…, and are inter-connected with each other by extremely fast, high speed, Magnetic Levitation (Mag-Lev) trains…, which travel at speeds up to Mach Two (or 1,400) miles per hour!!

In my many, many hours of conversations with Shane Bales (aka THE RUINER) he told me that there is FAR MORE happening on Earth “underground” than there is happening “above ground”.

He said the “worlds” population is far larger underground than on the surface…, AND that there are far more different SPECIES (than human) that call the Earth “home” that live underground.  This includes many versions of REPTILES!

He said that those living underground were FAR MORE technologically advanced than those living on the surface…, and chose NOT to engage with the surface populations…, which were considered the “property” of one or more Alien Races.

Shane told me that “he personally” had ridden on the MAG LEV train system many times…, that last of which was the time he was asked by the Military to help with a few of the “awakening” Giants…, who were suddenly waking up out of stasis inside of the USA.

He told me that since he lived in Canada…, he could get on the underground train there…, and with NO PASSPORT…, ride underneath the USA…, going directly to Mexico in a very short period of time…, as ALL ILLUMINATI/GLOBALIST/SATANISTS are able to do.

Shane told me that the “Grays” were working for and with the Draco’s…, who eventually were working for and with form of SUPER ADVANCED A.I.

It is “my personal” opinion that these “Draco’s and Gray’s” are 100 percent Demonically Possessed beings who are being used/possessed by parasitical/paraphysical entities who are “unseen” and exist on a sub space plane or dimension!

See this link:

Their goal is to turn our world/reality/culture into a SATANIC/DEVIANT/SEXUALLY INDULGENT culture which will be 100 percent Mind Controlled, Obediant, Hived, Assimilated, and Trans-humanistic.

It is “my personal” opinion (and ALL OF THE DATA supports this)…, that the largest portion of humanity (unlike what the “Channelers” would have you believe)…, is walking helplessly and robotically toward this goal…, and that those men and women who are pulling the strings and are in positions of power, have SOLD THEIR SOULS to these Draco’s and Gray’s (Demonic Prinicpalities of Darkness) for one single life of ease, money, position, power, and status!


According to Mark Passio…, the NEW AGE…, as well as almost all major world religions has been INFILTRATED by the Satanic Illuminiti men and women who “WORK FOR THE GRAYS” and therefore NOTHING that you hear or are “taught” within these religions…, INCLUDING the RELIGION OF THE NEW AGE…, can be believed or trusted!

He said in his NEW AGE BULLSHIT VIDEO…, that he was told personally, that this was the case…, and that many movers and shakers in the Satanic movement told him “they” were the ones writing the New Age books, and putting them out to the public.

Channeled Messages NOT be trusted either!!

Men and women who are “tuning into” ENTITIES beyond what they are able to see…, (i. e. CHANNELING) are dangerously dancing with hidden realms and beings that they can not possibly verify…, and therefore are potentially being LIED TO…, in a huge way…, no matter how “loving” the message sounds…, or how “lovingly” the message is delivered.

The ONLY way forward is to “question” each and every single message…, and each and every single lesson within each message and to ASK YOURSELF if it really is true or false!!

Such as…, if 1000’s of young children are being ritually sacrificed and eaten by Satanists…,  is that really their Karma…, and did they really WANT THAT???

Or…, are we as living and breathing human beings REQUIRED to stand up for these innocent children and take ACTION to put a stop to this??

The Channelers would have you believe (BELIEVE) that there is nothing you need to do…




This is just ONE example of one single NEW AGE TEACHING which needs to be looked at carefully…, and honestly asked…, IS THIS TRUTH…, or IS IT A LIE???

These are simply Five Dots…, which will be used in my Ultimate Conclusion which is yet to come!

All my love….


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