By: Bradley Loves


As posted in my previous article of the same title…, there is so much happening on Earth, that it is becoming more and more difficult to sort it out!

With that being said…, there are some dots to connect and conclusions to be drawn.

In my next installment…, there is homework to do!  These two videos are simply “background” information that one needs to look at.  If you don’t like the purely Christian, or Biblical bent that Steve Quayle and Dave Hodges give…, then simply listen to it for the HUGE amount of real information he has gathered!  Also…, try not to discount ANYTHING…, because there is a real time SPIRITUAL BATTLE being waged against human beings.

Here is the second part of this radio broadcast:

Now…, after listening to these videos…, which by the way are simply (HOMEWORK) and not even really dots to where I am going with this…, Here is another video…, which we could CALL a dot…, and is also necessary to look at!

This concerns HOLLYWOOD…, and  Pizzagate (again) and is a video of some of the pictures you’ve already seen.  The POINT of this video is to show you how far SATANIC HOLLYWOOD really has gone!!

(And this explains WHY they are fighting Trump with every breath in their Satanic Bodies)

The BIGGEST THING you need to take away from this is that ALL…, (and I really do mean ALL) of the most deviant behavior of Hollywood has now been very conveniently HIDDEN under the “protective blanket covering” of the acceptable TERM = ART!!

“ART”   (Super Dr. Evil air quotes intended)   Is now the cover term for SATANISM and Perversion.

Satanic Activities…, Child abuse and Pedophilia, Witchcraft and Cannibalism…, all now equal “ART”, while those who participate in such activities are:   ARTISTS!

This is a MUST UNDERSTAND change in the how they are doing things for everyone in the world to GET!!

“GET THIS” or be left behind…, and be left out of the loop!

Here is the video…, and watch it with THIS in mind!

Then read these articles below…, and REALLY GET…, who is behind this stuff, and what is meant by the “word”  ART…, and ARTIST!!


This is just the tip of the iceberg…, I found dozens and dozens of these…, way too many to post!!

The spiritual BATTLE has NEVER been this out in the open!

Every soul is now needed, and it’s all hands on deck!

Here is some more ART!  The “SATANIC TEMPLE” is now located “inside” an ART GALLERY!!  Satanism is being “pushed” as “protected” ART!  See link below.

This is just homework today…, but very important if you are going to understand my conclusion!

All my love…


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