By: Bradley Loves


The only real difference between us…, and the Ancients is that we have been “taught” incorrectly.

(This is a nice way for me to say that everything we’ve been taught is a lie!)

We already know WHO is responsible for this.  The usual suspects…, the Catholic Church…, Secret Societies…, 33 Degree Level Freemasons, and others.

They simply wanted to “rule over us” on high!

So what do we do NOW?

Is there a way to change all of this?



I will not be using the word “change” in my writings…, because the politicians (bless them) have bastardized that poor word, and made it meaningless.

Nor will I ever use the word “soon” in my writings…, because the channelers (bless them) have made a total and complete MOCKERY of that poor word!

In order to get to the manifested “reality” that we want to see…, there will need to be a major “attitude” adjustment done on every human being living on the planet.

By taking “baby steps”…, and walking with me over the next few weeks (if I can keep going)…, you will began to see how all of this works.

For those who are ahead of the curve…, and understand that TIME has been compromised, and that there are MANY possible time-lines…, then you will also understand what I mean by getting to the manifested reality.

You could just as easily have substituted the words: manifested reality for manifested timeline…, or more simply put: TIMELINE.


In order to get to the manifested “reality” that we want to see…, there will need to be a major “attitude” adjustment done on every human being living on the planet.

If you give a second glance to what I wrote in this sentence…, then you will see something that is not written there, yet is very much a part of the statement.

[As part of my “lessons” I want all of my readers to be able to “read between the lines”…, which is something that I am quite good at!  So as part of my “class” on Harmonics…, I am going to teach you how to do what I can do!]

Continuing…, what is not said, but is cleverly “suggested” by the statement in quotes, is that there is a CHOICE involved.

The greatest “thinkers” and most “aware and awake” beings would SEE THAT…, even though it is not written on the page.  In fact…, they would most likely see that alone, and discard the rest!

Great thinkers always break down what they see, hear, and read to it’s most basic elements in order to get at the core of what is being said!

Many times in life…, what is “being said” has little to do with what is really meant by the person doing to talking.  (See your local politician for examples)

In order to get to the manifested “reality” that we want to see…, there will need to be a major “attitude” adjustment done on every human being living on the planet.

This statement also “suggests” that REALITY can be different than what we are currently seeing.

The third and final thing that the above statement suggests is that REALITY is somehow dependent upon the mental perceptions of every human being living on the planet.

So there you have it.  These three lines in quotes are giving you a tremendous amount of information if your “mind” is actually engaged.


Thoughts are things!  They do have substance!

In the very first post I wrote on Harmonics I said this:

The power of the human mind…, to create, to make solid (or to solidify) base frequencies into solid matter, is therefore nothing more than advanced science.

and this:

This is why many of them have “achieved” a level of mastery over their own mental ability to use their bodies natural flow of raw electricity, to create a magnetic push or a pull on certain ideas, thoughts, objects or other matter (both subtle and gross.)

Wow…, what a “treasure trove” of information!

A “phone book” filled with learning could be written on the two statements that I made above!

The Ancients knew that there was very little difference between the subtle and the gross!  If we break everything down to its “basic elements” then everything manifested is simply a frequency MADE SOLID.

A “thought” is a thing…, because it also is a frequency!  It simply has yet to be made “manifest” or yet to be made SOLID.

However…, just like a tiny “seed” (an acorn for instance) which contains within it’s shell…, the entire blueprint of the tree that will be made manifest, so too…, one thought contains the blueprint of its own manifestation.

In order for a “thought” to be a seed…, it would have to be wrapped in a shell.  Just like all seeds have (before they are planted in the field)  the thought seed needs a protective covering to hold it’s vital information before it can be planted.

That “shell” is a MAGNETIC FIELD

Just as our planet is wrapped in a magnetic field…, and just as your body is wrapped in a magnetic field…, so too are “your thoughts” wrapped in tiny magnetic fields.

Therefore…, your “thoughts” are your own real creations (seeds) which have yet to be made manifest.

Now…, where does one go when one wants to “plant a  seed” ?

You go out into the FIELD!

The perfect growing field for “thought seeds” is all around us.


What kind of field am I talking about?

I speaking, of course, of a magnetic field.

When you plant your thought seed into the perfectly loving and nurturing magnetic field all around you…, then that thought (if cared for properly) has NO CHOICE but to become reality.

The reason MIND CONTROL is so perfectly evil…, and so perfectly insidious…, is that by way of the media, and by way of education and schools…, YOUR OWN MIND has been hi-jacked!

Instead of being filled with your own “thought seeds”…, things which you personally wish to make manifest…, you mind is filled with the “thought seeds” of others!

It is filled with the “thought seeds” of wrinkled up old men…, who are Satan Worshipers and Pedophiles.

Because they possess the knowledge of the Ancients…, they understand how REALITY gets manifested.  They understand that in order to achieve a very dark reality here on Earth…, they need to get every human being living here to be “planting the very same thought seeds” into the MAGNETIC FIELD!

The only way to do this…, is to control the “thoughts” of humanity!

Now (finally) do you understand why they own the media?  Do you now (finally) understand why they own all education?  Do you now (finally) understand why truth-tellers and whistle blowers are considered DANGEROUS?

Because just one “thought seed” of truth growing in the magnetic field around us can ruin the entire crop!

You see…, the crops they are planting (thought seeds)…, are the seeds for a SATANIC FUTURE! 

Simply by turning on your “tell – a – vision” and/or listening to their lies…, you are in fact assisting thoughts with the vital energy they need to grow.

Now…, this is not to say that you need to “ignore” all things negative, or not to “judge” them!

This is the stupid New Ager’s advice and it is vitally incorrect!

Here’s an example:

Lets say that you have a garden that you are planting, and you’ve planted lovely flowers and vegetables and fruits.

Now…, later on…, some very evil person comes along and plants hundreds of WEEDS in your garden!

If you ignore the weeds (thinking that if you ignore them they will go away) they will take over your garden and KILL all of your good plants.

In the very same way…, the New Agers tell us constantly to ignore the negative, and this is patently FALSE!  The negative is what we don’t want…, and therefore by ignoring it…, we are allowing it to take over and to corrupt all of the good plants.

What we need to do is to SEE…, and to KNOW that weeds (negative thoughts) are growing in our garden, and then we need to consciously go and pull out these weeds by the roots to get rid of them!

Ignoring them will not get rid of them…, only pulling them OUT will get rid of them.

Therefore…, you (as the gardener) HAVE TO JUDGE which plants in your garden are good…, and which ones are weeds!  PERIOD!

I’m sorry here…, but I am done with these New Ager’s and their channeled lies!  From now on…, the gloves are off…, and every channeled LIE  that I see…, I will call out and bring onto the carpet AS A LIE!

So, if you are a “Channeler”…, you’ve been warned!  You are on NOTICE! 

Stop saying things that are NOT TRUE!

The problem here, of course, is that almost every person Channeling has no idea how the UNIVERSE REALLY WORKS…, and so therefore…, when they channel things that are lies…, they don’t really KNOW that they are channeling lies.

This is why I’ve suggested that they would do well to be doing some real study first!   Before they start channeling!

This is so that when some entity tells them things that are patently false…, they would KNOW they’ve been had.

And who are the ones doing the channeling that is all over the internet?

Housewives, and former Insurance Salesmen who haven’t got the first clue about real SCIENCE.

What they do have…, is a very misplaced BELIEF in discarnate and unseen entities, and that alone is where the real danger is.    BLIND BELIEF

Anyway…, I promise that all of this will start making more sense!

But I’ve realized the only way to do this is in tiny…, almost minuscule steps.  Putting alot of information in one article is just TOO MUCH of a meal at one sitting.

So for now…, I ask you to think on these things.

All my love.









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