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If you managed to watch the last video that I posted from Jordan Maxwell last night (one which I called “esstential” to watch)…, you would have stumbled upon some very interesting information right about at the 35 minute mark.

When talking about the history of Egypt, the Pharoah’s, and their ancient religion (which actually predates modern Judism)…, Jordan tells us about their use of “ARKS”  as a symbol of power and rulership.

He said that the ARKS were there to symbolize “CONTRACTS”…, not COVENANTS.

He then relayed that the “ARKS” were always an Egyptian idea…, and “not” a Hebrew One as we’ve been told, and originated with the Pharoahs of Egypt.

He further explained exactly how the Egyptian Pharoah’s got their power to rule here on Earth.

He made the astonishing claim that this “power” was acquired through a “CONTRACT” with their SIRIAN gods (small “g”).

(Sirian…, as in coming from the Star System of Sirius).

According to Jordan, these Sirian “gods” looked somewhat like our Earth dogs do…, having human bodies, but with dog-like heads.

Thus…, we have the countless drawings that we are able to find in Egyptian carvings of the “god” Anubis…, who had the body of a man, but the head of a dog.


Jordan restated that EGYPT itself, and it’s entire culture, actually predates  “Israel” and “Judaism” by a significant amount.

(The Sphinx is said to be almost 12,000 years old, owing to new geological evidence…, SEE – John Anthony West’s videos for these details).

If you haven’t already noticed…, the word “god”…, actually is “dog” spelled backwards, and that is just too much of a clue to be ignored.

Did you know that the star SIRIUS is more commonly called: THE “DOG” STAR?

(At least it was called that by the Ancient Eqyptians).

Now, I know what you are thinking…, there was no such thing as the ENGLISH LANGUAGE back in those days…, and so the words ‘god’ and ‘dog’ being oppisites of each other could not have been intentional…, but…, that would have to FIRST ASSUME that there are NO current influences upon our modern day culture coming from the Star System of Sirius, and I just don’t think that is the case.

(This I will get into much later.)

At any rate…, these Egyptian “ARKS” or “Golden Boxes of Power”…, were (according to Jordan Maxwell), given to each Egyptian Pharoah by their “other dimensional” or “off world over-lords” from the Star System of Sirius giving them the right to RULE the common man.

Because these off world rulers were from SIRIUS…, they were called SIRIANS!


Now, for those who pay attention to the NEW AGE……, we’ve heard a lot about the SIRIANS and their so called attempts at “helping Earth” from the likes of Sheldon Nidle…, ( a representative) and a host of other New Age Channelers.


Now…, there is something of peculair interest here!!

Where ( pray tell) does the whole world seem to be “AT WAR” in the Middle East currently and as we speak?


Let’s do some hypothetical exercises in out right speculation here….

  • Could it be possible that there are real “portals” and “vortexes” located in the country of “Syria” that lead dirctly back to the STAR SYSTEM OF SIRIUS??


Don’t you find it more than interesting that the very “enemy” that the whole world is fighting in SYRIA…, is called ISIS…, which is a direct and in your face reference BACK TO EGYPT.  (Since ISIS was an Egyptian Goddess).

Now…, even though we are at an early stage in this multi-section post (a very early stage)…, and some of these things sound quite unrelated and co-incidental…, I promise you…, that when we get to the end…, you are going to be blown away!



If we can trust what Steven Quayle has discovered in his long interviews with the American Indians…, and then “told” us about in his TRUE LEGENDS SERIES…., namely where he is given information by their medicine men and elders that out in the desert southwest of America…, there are actually top secret hidden places the Indians know about with natural Stargates, Portals, and Vortexes…, on the land.

And…., “they” know how to activate them!

Steve Quayle was given information that these medicine men “activate” these Portals every single year at the same time to “communicate” off world!

These “portals” apparently lead to other planets, systems, dimensions, and maybe even some other galaxies!

  • We have also heard testimony from Captain Mark Richards (of Space Command) telling Kerry Cassidy in her interviews with him…, that many of the battles taking place here on Earth are fought over the control of Ancient Portals…, that allow people to come and go from the Earth as easy as you walk down to the Grocery Store!
  • We heard Steve Quayle telling us in his Holocaust of Giants Documentary that he was told by the leaders of the Hopi, Zuni, Pueblo, and Apache tribes that their medicine men get together every single year and go to a secret place in the desert to “open” a very real PORTAL…, so they can talk to the people who originally put them here, and get their guidance.
  • We’ve heard Mark Richards tell Kerry Cassidy that Earth’s Government has actually used NUKES to “close Portals” to other places and dimensions in order to keep other beings from getting through them and having access to the Earth.

So…, knowing this…, my questions are:

  • Could we possibly make the case that the country of SYRIA (where all of the current battles have been on going for many years) has active portals which lead back to SIRIUS…, and that THIS is why that country was even named SYRIA in the first place??
  • Is it possible that the world’s armies are fighting there (creating a huge distraction for the human population) while other special forces are there trying to close “the portals” in order to prevent the return of the DOGS??
  • Is it possible that every major country in the WORLD knows all about this stuff…, which is why there are so many countries involved?




If the rulers of Egypt (the Pharoahs) claimed that their “authority” came to them from off world…, which was from their over-lords from the system of SIRIUS…, (as Jordan Maxwell suggested) and that the “ARK” that each Pharoah had in his possession was a “symbol” of that authority…, then the ARKS became symbols of INTER- PLANETARY AGREEMENTS…., or in banking and business terms…,


And so…, this is why Jordan Maxwell clearly stated that they were NOT…, ARKS of Covenants…, but… ARKS OF CONTRACTS!

Here again my dear readers…, we are bumping into the IDEA…, that somehow…, “GOD” (the real one) does contracts!

However…, in this particular sense as we are told…, it would be a more “legitimate” claim only because the SIRIANS themselves are NOT GODS and could never be GODS!

They are simply Real Estate “claimers”…, who by right of “CONTRACT”  (a business deal) have a right to “manage the Earth”.


So apparently…, the Channeling Community…, and the New Agers of today are NOT the first “crazies” living on Earth to claim that men have somehow made a “contract” with a god!!

The Egyptians did that first by giving their Pharoahs the ARK OF THE CONTRACT.

Funny to notice how almost every single NEW AGE BLOG…, sports all kinds of signs and symbols that come directly from ancient Egypt!!         Don’t you think?

(This is really important by the way…, and I will get into this later.)


Now…, in this case…, the “CONTRACT”  that the Ancient Eqyptians had was with their “dog” rulers (a very real race of beings) …, who “claimed” to be gods…, but were NOT.

These off world rulers were the “dog race” from the Star System of SIRIUS.

Now before you say this is NOT POSSIBLE…, there are many writings in the Ancient Texts that talk about the Anunnaki…, who were actually from the Sirian Star System originally.



In his work called the TERRA PAPERS, Robert Morning Sky (an American Indian of the HOPI nation) tells us exactly this!!

You can download a copy of the Terra Papers by Robert Morning Sky at this link:


THE TERRA PAPERS are said to be an actual and accurate history of the Earth that started over a million years ago.

It talks about Earth’s very first colonies…, and how humans came here from other stars.

It talks about the rulers of the galaxy at that early time…, which was a darkly leaning Reptillian Race called the DRACO, and also talks about a young, up and coming “Battle Race” of DOG like people called the Sirians.

After having fought the Dog Race (which they described as particularly vicious)…, and not wanting to continue the the very bloody and brutal War…, the Reptillian Queens that ruled the Galaxy decided that a treaty was a better idea…, and so they made a deal with the Sirians (the Dogs)…, giving the Dog Race the Earth as it’s prize, because the “Earth” just happened to be in territory claimed by the Reptiles at the time.

Thus…, the “dogs”…, became our “gods”.



I have tons of things to say that all tie into this…, many of which are inter-related…, so please bare with me as I try to get to them all.

The Terra Papers are an essential part of my Series…, and there are about 70 to 80 pages there that I would like you to read!

When you have done so…, I will post what I really think is going on…, who the players are (and have always been)…, why the NEW AGE…, is simply a huge CON…, and why it is there…..

All of this will be coming!

All my love…….





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