By: Bradley Loves


I’ve been debating as to whether I should continue with the Terra Papers, or instead…, start showing my readers where I’m going with this series.

I’ve decided to do a mini expose’ of what I think is really going on here on Earth.

Let’s start here:


If you had “read”  all of the Terra Papers…, you’d have realized that our Solar System is at the very “entrance” to something called the PESH METEN…, otherwise known as the 9th Passageway.

We’ve already seen in the Terra Papers that whomever controls the passageway into the center of the Galaxy becomes both extremely wealthy AND exceedinly powerful in the Galaxy.

We’ve been shown that in Ancient Days…, such control of the 9th passageway made first the SETI QUEENS…, and then the SIRIANS some of the most powerful Empires in this Galaxy.

As I’ve already mentioned…, (but didn’t get into too deeply)…, there came a point in time where the SETI QUEENS…, and even the SIRIAN KINGS lost control of this Solar System and this planet due to “internal family feuds”.

The on going war like nature of the Sirian Kings and Princes…, and their battle over the throne…, placed their entire Kingdom in great peril!

Our Solar System…, due to it’s location right near the entrance to the 9th passageway was KEY to the power structure of the throne and thus the power of the King…, and so the control of our little Solar System was KEY to gaining or keeping real power inside the Galaxy

The large water planet TIAMAT…, once situated where the large asteroid belt is now…, is an Ancient reminder that an entire planet got destroyed in a family scuffle over power.


Regardless of who eventaully ended up with control over the Earth…, (and I know I’m skipping way ahead here)…, suffice it to say that neither the SETI QUEENS nor the SIRIAN KINGS had control over Earth in the end!!

Read the TERRA PAPERS to get the rest of the story.

Instead…, it was a very mechanical/worker race of reptile like beings who were always considered to be very “low class” by the likes of the Sirians and the Orion’s both.

How they did it, I will get into in later installments.


With the rising to power of Adolph Hitler in Germany…, and the “devotion” he was giving to the likes of Madame Helena Blavatsky…, it is not difficult to at least surmise that the Empire of “ARI-AN” was trying to get the Earth back!

By subturfuge…, by stealth…, and through a very slow process of “infiltration”…, the SETI QUEENS would once again take possession of something that had once served their VAST EMPIRE.

In my opinion…, everything started after the American Civil War, starting in the late 1800’s!

That part of our History is KEY.

With the advent of certain “Secret Societies” who were not just doing things like “religious rituals” (things that had been going on for thousands of years…) but were instead involved in actual “technology” transfers…, it becomes clear that the likes of NYMZA (which started in Prussia) was most likely a “very secret” and stealthful infiltration back into our world by the SETI QUEENS.

The “Lighter than Air Ships”…, which Walter Bosly suggests used Anti-Gravity to keep them up in the air…, (instead of Helium to float around) and were secretly moving all over the American West in the late 1800’s…, is the PROOF that a huge “injection” of super advanced technology was being literally handed over secretly to certain people and certain groups on the Earth.

Tesla was involved…, and even Donald Trump’s own family was involved!!

The ARI-AN were always known as the MASTERS OF HEAVEN…, in fact that is exactly what ARI-AN means!

That meaning has not changed!!

Don’t you think it’s very interesting that Madame Helena Blavatsky…, (a so called Spiritualist)…, was suddenly having some very important “meetings” with:


Remember this:

Whether you say “masters of heaven”  or “heavenly masters” or even “ascended masters”…, it ALL means the same thing.

Hitler became a very serious devotee of Madam Blavatsky…, and began to push the idea (on the whole world) that the true owners and rightful rulers of the Earth were:


Now…, this could have been just a mere co-incidence until you look at all of the supporting information that came out at the very same time…, supporting information which is so huge…, it can’t be denied.

Hilter himself told us exactly who the Master Race WAS!

They were the ARI-AN’s…, (the ARYAN’s…, or the ORIONS).

So according to Adolph Hitler…, it was the ARYAN RACE or ORION RACE that were the true rulers of this world.

To assume that he was talking about “Germany” was simply a result of having absolutely no real “INTEL” about what was happening on the Earth at that time.

Werner Von Braun…, (A NAZI) who was moved over to the United States after WWII always maintained that “most” of the super advanced ideas and technology that the Germans were getting CAME FROM OFF WORLD!

But it gets even better!

Hitler created a super secret police force called the “SS”…, which very literally HAD to be a nod to the Ancient SETI QUEENS…, considering they were knows as the SSS.T in their own language.

Hitler became devoted to Helena Blavatsky, who had been seen as rubbing elbows and taking pictures with men who claimed to be the MASTERS OF HEAVEN…, or THE ASCENDED MASTERS.


Helena Blavatsky may have actually been a “contactee” on Earth for the SETI QUEENS due to her telepathic abilities or simply due to her DNA and who she actually was re-incarnationally.

(More on that later).

At any rate…, if you take a look at how these three men were dressed…, they look EXACTLY like men who would have been part of a ROYAL COURT.

If you remember what was said in the Terra Papers…, the SETI QUEENS…, as well as the SIRIAN KINGS were absolutely consumed with the “RIGHT TO RULE”  and the succession of Kings and Queens.

It is very likely that these men (who it is said could appear and disappear at will) were part of the SETI QUEENS royal court…, and were the QUEENS representatives here on Earth.

WHY is this a good speculation??

Let’s look at the supporting evidence:

  • Hitler was a devotee of Blavatsky.
  • Hitler claimed that the true rulers of the world were the ARI-ANS.
  • Hitler created a secret police force called: The SS
  • ARI-AN means literally MASTERS OF HEAVEN
  • Blavatsky took a picture with men who claimed to be: Heavenly Masters, or Masters of Heaven.
  • Werner Von Braun said that the NAZIS were getting technological “help” from OFF WORLD.

Just these few things alone…, screams to me that the ARI-AN’s from Robert Morning Sky’s book the TERRA PAPERS…, had returned to reclaim the Earth.

Furthermore…, Blavatsky was unapologetic about exactly WHO the GOD of the this world really was!

In her book THE SECRET DOCTRINE…, she claimed that it was LUCIFER!

Lucifer…, has traditionally been associated with the “Serpent”…, and according to Robert Morning Sky…, the SETI QUEENS were an Ancient Race of human looking REPTILES!

In fact…, Blavatsky’s own logo…, which is a Serpent swallowing it’s own tail…, and surrounding the whole…, sounds alot like beings who rather fancy the idea that they are MASTERS OF THE GALAXY…, and control most of it.

So…, even the symbol of the Serpent swallowing it’s tail…, could be a nod to the Ancient SETI QUEENS…, and the ARI-ANS.

If we STOP THINKING in fairy tale superstitions…, and old Folk Lore…, and really start to get used to the idea that at one time in this GALAXY there was super advanced technology…, and that Ancient Wars actually took place in THIS VERY SOLAR SYSTEM…, then the idea…, that the previous “owners” or “rulers” of our Solar System might show up to reclaim what was once theirs is not so far fetched.


Every real agent, or military advisor who knows something says there is a WAR going on in space!

Unlike what we are hearing from the so-called MASTERS OF HEAVEN…, (who it seems would rather keep us completely blind to this fact)…, there is an on going BATTLE for this Solar System and the Earth itself happening in space AS WE SPEAK!

And…,  for those of you who think THAT WAR is being fought to “free the people of Earth”…, I have news for you…., the people of EARTH are NOT what the War is being fought over.

I have two words for you:


The 9th Passageway!

This WAR (once again) is being fought over WHO controls the super lucrative Star Lane that feeds trade and commerce into the center of the Galaxy.

The fact that the ASCENDED MASTERS/MASTERS OF HEAVEN have told us “nothing” of this battle…, says much!


Those of us who live on planet Earth may very well be considered nothing more than an “owned HERD”.

Like a very valuable HERD OF CATTLE…, to a very wealthy cattle rancher…, the rancher does not want to see the HERD damaged.

The worst thing that could ever happen on a “cattle drive” in the old west was to have the HERD…, stampede!

At all costs…, the HERD must be “kept calm”!

The HERD is valuable…, and if and when it stampedes it could very literally destroy itself.

This is why…, at night…, after a long day of walking…, some of the cowboys would stay up all night playing the guitar softly…, or the harmonica…, to SOOTH the fearful HERD.

If the ARI-AN…, MASTERS OF HEAVEN had indeed returned…, and wanted to retake control of the Earth…, the very first thing they would be concerned with is NOT STAMPEDEING THE HUMAN HERD!


You see…, the MASTERS OF HEAVEN have a history that goes back BILLIONS of years.

They are the ones who made WAR on the Galaxy long before our Solar System even existed!

Eventually…, after ages and ages of making WAR…, they realized that MIND CONTROL…, STEALTH…, SECRECY…, and SUBTERFUGE was the better way to take control of a planet.

Confuse the populations…, distract them…, mind control them…, and divide them.

What we are seeing most dramatically in our world today is the roll out of MIND CONTROL TECHNOLOGY!

From Cell Phone Towers to GWEN Towers…, from Micro-waves to Elf and Scalar Waves, to ships in space and countless satellites…, a huge blanket of total MIND CONTROL has been placed over the entire planet.





What is the focus of every single “Channeled Message”?

  • Don’t Worry
  • Everything is OKAY
  • Be CALM
  • Forgive anything you SEE
  • Don’t ACT…, Don’t take any ACTION
  • Get OUT of the WAY
  • Let it ALL take place
  • We are your friends
  • We have your best interest at heart
  • We will not hurt YOU

Now…, the only reason this would make sense…, is if you really KNEW the actual HISTORY OF OUR WORLD.

To know the history of Earth…, could in fact prepare you for what is coming.

But…, our history has specifically been hidden from everyone on Earth so that NO ONE would ever know what happened here…, OR…, who controls Earth…, and how they got it.


Suffice it to say that those beings who currently control the Earth…, are indeed being CHALLANGED ON EVERY LEVEL.

And…, it is everything they can do to keep the SPACE WAR under wraps…, and keep it from spilling out into the open where everyone can see it.

Small battles on the surface of Earth are happening (as I’ve suggested) for control over natural Portals or Stargates that would allow instant travel from other planets or dimensions to our Earth) but make no mistake…, the REAL WAR being fought in SPACE is something we (as members of the HERD) have never seen.

The FACT that every so called:

ASCENDED MASTER or MASTER OF HEAVEN has omitted this information totally…, tells us one single thing.


They may in fact call themselves representatives of a “god”.

But remember…, they have always felt that they were our “gods”.

They once owned this planet…, and they ruled this Solar System as Kings and Queens.

That MAKES THEM (in their opinion…, OUR GODS).

This does not mean they are…, they just think so.

I would like to suggest here that every single human being who is following the NEW AGE…, and listens very carefully to the ASCENDED MASTERS…

Are really paying attention to the ARI-AN/ORION MASTERS OF HEAVEN…, who are representatives of the SETI REPTILIAN QUEENS.

Their job is to RECLAIM the Earth…, but not to set the people living here free…

It is simply to CHANGE THE MANAGEMENT…, and is about who runs things here on EARTH…, and is all about who gets the profit…, and who makes the money!


Every single so-called NEW AGE MESSAGE could be seen as a part of this on going struggle and battle…, and even the so-called RV or Revaluation of the Money System…, could be seen as a part of the change of Earth’s Management.

Donald Trumps election could be seen as a part of the change of Earth’s management.

Now if this is all TRUE…, why is it so important for BOTH SIDES to keep all of this totally hidden from Earth’s Human Populations??


Neither side wants the masses to know what is happening…, and there is a good reason for that.

After all is said and done…, the Human beings themselves…, could in fact CLAIM the Earth as THEIR PROPERTY!

Neither side of the battle wants to see this!

The last thing they need or want is to see a THIRD “claimant” to the very special real estate called: planet Earth.

Therefore…, the “battle” no matter how vicious it gets…, HAS TO REMAIN SECRET.

On this they both agree!

You see…, as incarnate souls…, WE COLLECTIVELY have the right to challange both the SETI QUEENS…, and THE SIRIANS…, and anyone else who claims ownership of Earth…., and even those who currently control the planet…, forcing them to hand over OWNERSHIP TO US.

This is the very reason for ALL OF THE SECRECY!

This is also why not one single blasted ASCENDED MASTER/MASTER OF HEAVEN will tell you this.

They represent the SETI QUEENS…, they represent the ARI-AN…, they represent the SERPENT BEINGS.

The QUEENS want control of the planet back…, but they do NOT want to free the HERD.

The very LAST THING they want to do is to FREE the Herd.


More will be coming…..





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