By: Bradley Loves

If there is a single part of what is happening in the Great Awakening that I can honestly say I am enjoying, it is that countless “Ascenders” are finally having to face up to the parts of Earth’s Evil System that they never wanted to look at or acknowledge!

Now, this may sound a bit cold, but I have nothing but the best interest of these souls at heart!  You see, by using the higher vibratory energy that they actually rode in on, these souls managed to “skirt” around the fringes of every horrible and evil thing that was taking place on the Earth – never acknowledging what was actually happening here, and never really trying to HELP anyone that might be suffering from the horrible effects of the “SYSTEM”.

In simple terms, they were abdicating their mission.

Because they rode in – incarnated – with a higher frequency surrounding them – they used that frequency to cocoon themselves inside of a bubble that protected them from most of these nasty outside influences – but in so doing – also made them completely and totally (and disgustingly I might add) unsympathetic to the REAL SUFFERING of other people.

Instead of using their higher frequencies as an “insightful” tool to be used solving the worlds most pressing problems and helping the suffering human beings – which they CAME HERE TO DO…

They took that “energy” – used ALL OF IT to create a SHEILD – and then wrapped themselves up in it so as to BLOCK OUT all of the very problems, disharmonies and discords that they came here to identify – experience – and HELP OTHERS TO OVERCOME!

Thus we ended up having countless higher energetic souls “hiding out” and “self medicating”  and looking for a way off and a way out – when what they really came here to do was to HEAL THE SICK – and work with those who were being tormented and tortured.

Eventually – these souls who were desperate for a “way off and a way out” became the:  


These are the ones who were going to use every last ounce of energy they came in with to heal “themselves alone” and to “lift up their own frequency one last time” and to “raise their own vibration one last ounce” – in order to… ESCAPE TO THE 5th DIMENSION!

So I just have a single question for all of you “ASCENDERS” and “ESCAPERS”…..



Not going too well…, is it?

Maybe you’d like to know “WHY” it’s not going too well – there is a very good reason you know…

Not only did almost all of you not do the “jobs” that you actually came here to do – (heal as many people as you could) – as a collective group most of you did not spend any time doing on the ground recon and making an accurate assessment of the nature of the mess (which included gathering on the ground intel of the Luciferian Infiltration) so that others who might want to do their jobs that were coming in after you – could then be fully briefed as to what was going on here!

NO…, you could not be bothered to get an ACCURATE and HONEST ASSESSMENT of what was really and truly happening here on the Earth – because you were all way too busy cocooning yourselves from the “negative feelings” of it all.


Permit me to be blatantly honest here. You all “came in”  – incarnated here on Earth to HELP – not to HIDE.

So what the heck am I even talking about?

Believe me when I say that every single answer to any question you might want to ask has ALREADY been written! It is all here, in this blog! I told you long ago just who I was writing for! See this post:


So “REMEMBER” why you are here and what you came to do! Try to understand what “ASCENSION” really means, and what it does NOT mean and stay the course!


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