“Billions of people just living out their lives…, Oblivious….

All of the Banks of the world have been caught!  They have been found to be using real human beings as “cattle” or “chattel” property in order to FUND their Banks.  They are buying, selling, and trading, Birth-Certificates between large Banks (YOUR Birth-Certificate) which is worth millions of dollars in order to keep those Banks running.

You are their PRIMARY creditor!


So instead of this obvious FACT making big headlines in the news, or being talked about in the alternative media, or even talked about in the TRUTHER community, what are we hearing instead? 

Well, we are hearing all about the White Hats blowing up the D.U.M.B.S. – and saving the children non-stop 24 hours a day and seven days a week!

Yes, that is a big deal, but tormenting young children in order to manufacture Adrenochrome is a mere 10-percent of the TOTAL CRIMINAL ACTIVITY going on in the world, because buying and selling ALL human beings as if they are cattle/live stock would certainly be something worthy of being talked about as well!  But strangely NO ONE is talking about it!

“Billions of people just living out their lives…, Oblivious….

So, INSTEAD of talking about this obvious fact, (and apparently in order to make sure we don’t talk about it) we are experiencing a world-wide FAKE Plan-demic where every man, woman, and child has to mask up and then get a JAB that could kill them. I don’t know about you, but this certainly sounds like SLAVERY to me!

And, this idea below also sounds like SLAVERY!

Yea, and this sounds like SLAVERY to me as well.

Humans are nothing more than HACK-ABLE animals!

I’m pretty sure that last time I checked, “cattle” were actually animals!

“Billions of people just living out their lives…, Oblivious….

Also, to make sure that we don’t talk about this, we are seeing weather wars and weather crimes taking place all over the world.

  • We are also seeing many attempts to start WW III in Ukraine and Europe.


  • We are seeing countless efforts to ruin the world economy and bring most nations to their knees.
  • As world economies crash, we are seeing people losing their businesses and their jobs world-wide.


  • We are seeing many people dying world-wide from the JAB including what used to be healthy young children.



  • We are seeing train derailments and explosions of all kinds in America that are destroying infrastructure and causing attacks on the air, water, and soil environments.




  • We are seeing food factories being burned to the ground and shortages of food in America.
  • We are seeing man made Earth Quakes, Tsunami’s, and other disasters.
  • We are seeing and hearing about stolen elections, massive cheating at the polls, and treason against the duly elected Government…


But what we are NOT hearing anything about however, is that all of the Major Banks world-wide were using real human beings as SLAVES, and were trading their Birth Certificate’s on the Stock Exchange! 

This, we hear NOTHING about!

“Billions of people just living out their lives…, Oblivious…., It’s so perfect, it’s got to be fake, right??”


  • What if  “YOU”  were considered to be a SLAVE by the Bankers – but no one ever bothered to tell you that?
  • What if this is the reason that CPS – Child Protective Services can take your children away from you for any reason whatsoever – and the Courts will not back you up?



What if absolutely EVERYTHING you see happening around you is a SMOKE-SCREEN that has been designed to keep you from looking at the CRIMINAL FRAUD of the Banks and at the endless FELONIES that they have committed against every living man, woman, and child in the world?

  • We NEVER hear that the Federal Reserve was a private (for profit) corporation, and that Income Taxes were 100 percent illegal.
  • We NEVER hear that the Federal Government in America was turned into a corporation in 1875.
  • We NEVER hear that the Courts (worldwide) knew about this and were putting people into jail based upon fraudulent JURISDICTIONAL claims against flesh and blood humans in order to create PROFIT for private corporate interests.
  • We NEVER hear that the Cops and Law Enforcement were in on it.
  • We NEVER hear that this is all very, very criminal and that every single participant world-wide should be held accountable and be sent to JAIL!


No (so called) TRUTHER will ever say anything about this!  



Why is no one out there talking about the FRAUD?  

  • Fraud committed by Bankers.
  • Fraud committed by the Courts, Judges, Lawyers, Attorneys, Prosecutors, and Clerks.
  • Fraud committed by Federal, State, County, and Local Governments including Governors and State Attorney Generals?
  • Fraud committed by Agencies.
  • Fraud committed by Police and Law Enforcement




I rest my case…, OBLIVIOUS

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