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Math and Geometry forms the basis of all that exists!


The God Star Code 3d Holographics

You are trying to describe it with human constructs and illustrate it with 2d mathematical representations or by referring over to human holographic constructs, which tie into Bible Codes, human understaning, mathematical equations of the cube and how it intersects with the star within the golden rule, on the plane of earth only.

The Star Code cannot be understood this way only.

You do not understand.

The holographic nature of it´s content extends into spiritual realms as well. It is not a battle over the 3d “holosphere” of earth merely, it is a battle taking place not only within the heliosphere, which is being bombarded with radiant energy, but it is aso a battle taking place within the angelic angelic holo-sphere, for the spiritual DNA of man and of earth, for the survival of humanity as a species, and the spiritual holographic sphere in which he is contained or which contains him.

All the earth sky energies contain man and limit him from entering into realms to which he is forbidden access.

Man claims that he can be “AS GOD” and enter into such realms of understanding, but he cannot. The dodecahedron constructions of vortex and quantum mathematics & quantum computing describe only part of the equation.

The predictive quantum holographic computers within the earth sphere of influence of the NWO use a code to predict the future.

The Star Code, moreover, has inserted a type of virus into the quantum hologramic matrix code, throwing the calulations off the matrix computing system off.

Thus, their (the NWO’s) predictive programming language, which is holographic and quantum in nature, is no longer able to calculate the future with any type of accuracy and the unknown elements remains.

This unknown element has been implanted within part of The Star Code manifested in Trump and in the holder of The Star Code key.

The technology that the earth matrix computers use is not able to penetrate into spiritual realms!!!

They have tried to fabricate a huge lie about Obama, the temporal AC (Anti-Christ), The Beast, giving thus the illusion that the NWO is still in control.

They have lost control, as now The Battle has shifted and is extended beyond the earth matrix hologram, coded into the matrix of the universal brain, and has entered into the uncharted territory of the spirit itself.

CERN LHC has sought to brake through into The Spiritual Dimensions by attempting to crack The God Particle.

It has failed and has only opened up portals to demonic entities and demonic realms!

The battle to destroy The NWO is not a simple push the red button or mathematical equation.

The Star Code cannot be quantified within your understanding of quantum holographic mathematics, as it extends into the spiritual dimenions as well.

We do not need human technology nor nuclear power to win this battle. It has already been won and pre ordained within the spiritual realms. The Star Code cannot be quantified within your limited human understanding, nor is it contained within the human Akashic volumes of record.

You may claim past lives, and even within that realm, The Code cannot be fully understood. Some may claim access to other planes or dimensions. The Star Code extends way beyond this as well.

The key is given only to the ones who have been chosen.

The Star Code has determined the destruction of the NWO on the spiritual plane as well as the physical.

(The occupation of Earth went FAR into the higher realms)

The Star Code does not “take hostages” nor does it activate a partial incomplete attack plan.

Your rationale and thinking thus is too limited in scope, due to your limited understanding of how it operates.

So you cannot fight it nor resist it.

And you and your beast NWO system have been handed over to destruction by God Almighty.

Thus, The Star Code cannot be hacked into, no matter how many attacks is made against it. In terms of code, it is far and vastly superior to quantum computing, in terms of access security.

It is an impenetrable fortress, not accessible to any realms of dimensions of any known or unknown universe. Your human wisdom and knowledge is NO MATCH for the power of God.

You have no power to stop the host of angelic beings arriving to implement the destruction of the NWO system.

The Star Code is not given by human choice, nor does it depend on the will of man.

It is by divine appointment. The time has come The Star Code, now activated, to bring about the final destruction of the AC currently in power and restore earth to her pristine glory for a time until the Almighty so selects the true AC to bring about The Grand Plan.

A fake AC cannot force the events to fit within the fake frame creaed by the Illuminati and the NWO. Thus, they have lost control.

Until the chosen time, the fake Acs are ordered for destruction and all plans of The Illuminati have been halted dead in their tracks.

The earth as you know it soon will not longer be the same.

A revolution is taking place RIGHT NOW, and it touches upon the body, the mind, the human realm and extends into the spiritual realm of the holographic spiritual Star encoded realm of the unknown divine source.

Thus, your attempts to illustrate it by use of human constructs such as the holographic Bible or other such human constructs depict only a very small fraction of the complexity of The Star Code.

Such constructs fail to grasp it´s complete spiritual implications, nor do they allow you to see the pre-determined victory which has been appointed. We are now entering into territory that is unchartered to man, but under the full control and command of The Star Code and to the holder of it´s key. Buckle up, you are in for a ride!

And mind you, Donald Trump is only a vessel to deliver a message.

Taking him out will not halt nor stop The Star Code. So might as well give up!

11-11-18 = THE STAR CODE.

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  1. Megan

    Hi lovetheworld77,

    The jury is out with me too regarding “The Donald”. But my gut is very uneasy with all the hand signals and even his tone when speaking, like he is trying to pacify and even mystify his audience with a kind of hypnotic rhythm to his voice. Sure he says all the things people want to hear but…….. they all do this. Deceit is very subtle especially when dealt by those highly skilled in the art! Just like you have said, I think it would be very prudent of us all to watch ever more closely not to just what he says but more importantly what he does! Do all of his claims stand up to scrutiny, especially the ones concerning the take down of the deep state? We as yet see no proof of any of it. Just because many repeaters on the internet say it is so no matter how well intentioned doesn’t mean that it is. If we have learned nothing else at least let us be wiser in this regard.

    Let’s all finely tune our ‘BS-ometers’ and see where it takes us? Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights, we all need to do more of this and encourage each other along this very fragile path we are on.

    Best regards,

  2. Megan

    Interesting date given at the end of this article 11-11-18= Star Code! Lucifer’s number is 11!!!!!!!!!!

    • Megan,

      Thank you for pointing this out! It’s time to be clear here and just say that you, as a valued reader, have some legitmate concerns! You have very rightly pointed out some things that TRUMP keeps doing that look odd with his hand gestures.

      So here is the long and the short of it! At this point, I am only going on my “gut” feelings about Trump! No Channler, and no “little bird” (blue in color) whispered into my ear telling me who he is, and what he is!

      This is the way it used to be when we are all still living in the 1970’s and 80’s. All we had was our “gut”.

      However, being almost 60 years old, I have lived for many years observing my own intuition, and my “track record” over that time is in the high 90’s (out of 100) when it comes to “judging” whether someone is good or bad.

      In the end, you could be onto something, and at this point, I just don’t know for certain.

      What I will say is that I am watching him VERY VERY CAREFULLY! And he will not be able to take more than a few steps toward the DARK SIDE before I call him out on it!

      So, your concerns are 100 percent noted and appreciated! Let’s give it a little bit of time, shall we, and just see??

      All my love….

  3. Ken

    Sorry, I understand that, I was confused by the words Star Code and its mathematic definition. I followed the link on the article to a lot of mathematical, I was struggling with that.

  4. Ken

    I wish I understood what that meant.

    • Ken,

      It is very simple. We are in the Battle of our Age! It is the Battle of GOOD vs. EVIL, the battle of LIGHT vs.DARK!

      If you can’t see it, or haven’t noticed, then you are NOT paying attention!

      Reality is “collectively created” by all of us who live on Earth, and therefore as go our minds, hearts and souls…, SO GOES THE EARTH!

      IF we collectively turn to darkness, debauchery, endless sexual perversion, magic, spirit cooking, censor those who are truth tellers and ultimately DO NOTHING…, then Ken my friend, EARTH will without a doubt GO DARK!

      That is what this “battle” is all about!

      It is about what is in your soul and in your heart!


      One choice leads to eternal life, the other choice leads to the destruction of all that GOD created!


      All my love…

      PS – I offer you this article that I wrote a while back that discusses these things more deeply:

      Enjoy, and all my love….

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