By: Bradley Loves



You know…, I really do believe in telling the truth.  This is not easy, because it takes alot of willingness to be constantly brutally honest with oneself and with others.

In most cases, there is usually a way to show people the truth, or point to it, without ruffling too many feathers (if one is careful).

However, we are coming to a time in our EARTH’S history where simply “pointing” to the truth…, or “alluding to it”…, is not enough any longer

Tip-toeing around the issues are no longer serving us, and we must as a collective, become BRUTALLY HONEST WITH OURSELVES.

I have studied “spirituality” for 35 years…, and in all that time, I have never seen conditions in a free and open society where people would “rather” hear a lie, than be told the “truth”.


More and more good people are running in fear to “Psychics”, “Channelers” and “Spiritualists” than ever before, as the GLOBAL BANKERS roll out the final touches on their NEW WORLD ORDER takeover bid.

They are “afraid” and want “assurances” it will all be “okay”.

Rather than “opening their eyes” and taking a good, hard, look at what is happening around them…, (and calmly thinking what they can do about that), they would rather run to an “out of body” entity…, who only tells them how WONDERFUL THE WORLD HAS BECOME & HOW MUCH IT HAS IMPROVED.

Any savy two year old with glasses could see that this is non-sense…, and yet, a good portion of our society (quite spiritual I might add) are wholly willing to throw TRUTH & COMMON SENSE out the window…, in order to hear a “pleasant sounding lie” rather than face the cold, hard, TRUTH.

I’ve continued to monitor and read NEW AGE BLOGS and WEBSITES as they “debate” the possible coming “ASCENSION”.

Well…, this is a small part of what I’m reading anyway.  Because I also read about Global Politics, technology, science, medicine, physics, robotics, AI, and other things.

If I were to be “brutally honest”…, I would have to say that there are “countless” opinions about what is going to happen to the Earth and it’s inhabitants (soon).

These “opinions” are as varied as they are interesting.

Here are only some of the many examples:

  • All of Humanity is going to Ascend to the 5th Dimension.  (According to certain famous Channeled Entities)
  • All of Humanity is going to Ascend to the 4th Dimension. (According to ET Contactee, and channeled entities.)
  • Some of Humanity Ascends to the 5th Dimension, while others who do not, are moved to planets in the 3rd Dimension, to continue with “progress”.
  • Some of Humanity Ascends to the 4th Dimension, while others who do not, are moved to other planets in the 3rd Dimension for the same reasons.
  • Our “SUN” is going to give out a huge SOLAR BURST…, and the resulting “WAVE” is going to cause “everyone” on Earth to Ascend.
  • Our “SUN” is going to give out a huge SOLAR BURST…, and the resulting “WAVE” is going to cause ONLY THOSE WHO ARE READY to Ascend…, while those who are not ready will DIE.
  • Our “SUN” is going to give out a huge SOLAR BURST…, and the resulting “WAVE” is going to cause ONLY THOSE WHO ARE READY to Ascend…, while those who are not ready, will be removed from Earth and placed on other planets where they can continue to progress.
  • Our “SUN” is NOT going to give out a huge SOLAR BURST…, but there is a “WAVE” coming from the center of the GALAXY which is meant ONLY to change “Planet Earth”…, and if you are IN TUNE with the Earth…, you will then Ascend with her…, while those who are not in tune with her…, will not.
  • There is no Solar Burst or Galatic Wave coming, and we will be saved by “ET’s” who have been here watching us carefully for a long time. They are watching us as we speak…, and are “Arresting” all of the bad people, and have been here for some time. (They are only waiting for the “right” time to make their move.)
  • The ET’S/GALACTICS are watching as we speak and are “helping” with the RV/NESARA.., so that we can get the “FINANCIAL BLESSINGS” that we deserve, and enjoy a new REPUBLIC.
  • The ET’S/GALACTICS have constructed “Crystal Healing Chambers for every single man, woman and child on the Earth…, and once we all get put into those Chambers…, only then will we “regain full consiousness”.
  • The BLUE AVIANS are here now…, and they are “only here” because the “GALACTICS” were not honest with us…, and have come to sort things out.  They are using gigantic SPHERES placed in our Solar System to buffer the huge GALACTIC WAVE (not solar wave) which they say definately IS COMING…,  from the center of the GALAXY, and not the Sun.  However…, the BLUE AVIANS say we must “help ourselves” and no one “out there” who comes here to visit is ever going to save us, because we have to do that for ourselves.
  • None of the above will happen because the Earth’s “timeline” is going to “split” into two parts, sort of like a cell splits during reproduction.  After the split, there will be two timelines…, a “positive” timeline…, and a “negative” timeline…, and those who are/were positive, go with the positive timeline, and those who are/were negative go on the negative timeline.  (Apparently during this “event”…, no one goes anywhere…, and they all “appear” to stay exactly where they are…, and the Universe “magically” sorts people either up or down.)
  • There is going to be a “rapture”…, where those who follow Jesus Christ will be taken up…, and everyone else will be “left behind”.

The above “grouping” is just a small “sample” of what I’ve personally read and heard concerning the “possibilities” for the coming years.

Believe it or not…, I could even write a few dozen MORE quite common ideas and postulations about what is going to happen to humanity SOON!

What’s written above is NOT all of them!

None of these ideas really agree with each other…, and most are just a bunch of HOOEY in my opinion.


My point is this:

Really Spiritul People (generally good men and women) have gone to the “gambling table”…, and “bet the farm” in the last several decades here on Earth!

In other words…, what they have done is to place the ACCUMULATED HISTORY of our civilization, our cultures, and any positive progress we may have made on the “gambling table”…, and are “betting” on the HOPE and the IDEA…, that some “outside” force… is going to swoop down and change everything very “soon”.

Here’s the payoff!

Because some “outside force”…, (what ever that is) is going to sort this out FOR US…, then those men and women who are Spiritual. do NOT NEED TO DO ANYTHING TO BRING ATTENTION TO WHAT THE GLOBALISTS ARE DOING.


How is that for brutal honesty??

You can object to what I’ve written…, but deep inside, you know I’m telling you the TRUTH.

The very men and women that our society needs desperately at this very moment to be speaking up and speaking out against tyranny and injustice… (You know…, the “good” people)…, are AWOL…, and are basically “planning” their great escape from the 3rd dimension.

The very best in “good people” that our planet has to offer…, has decided to “place every last dollar” they have…, on the “BET” that we are all on the verge of some huge EVENT…, and therefore…, there is NO NEED for any of them (or anyone else for that matter) to speak out or to worry about “changing” a single damn thing happening around them.

They huddle in small groups in their own homes, listen to Channelers and Psychics who are telling them one version or another of the many above listed “possibilities”.

Even though countless “predictions” already made,  DID NOT COME TO PASS…, these men and women refuse to give up on their HOPE, and refuse to stop “trusting” these entities.


…, I’m a “Spiritual Person”…,

They think to themselves…,

“I couldn’t possibly be wrong about this…”

“Besides…, who on the higher levels would want to ever “CON” anyone…, it does not make sense to me!”


In the meantime…, the NEW WORLD ORDER types just keep pushing their very “dark” and “Satanic” agenda ever more forward day by day…, and month by month.

The only people who can clearly see this happening, are in fact the very spiritual types…, who have decided not say a single word, since it’s all coming to an END SOON ANYWAY. (So they say).


Simply say nothing (to anyone) and let the “good things” come to pass seems to be the common opinion.


But let me be perfectly clear for all of those who are still uncertain of my point!


This is called  “gambling”…, because there is really NO WAY to know for certain if ANY OF THIS will ever come to pass!

It’s uncertain at best…, and a complete CON at worst.

And…, in my opinion, this is the most irresponsible form of GAMBLING that has ever been seen in the history of our UNIVERSE.

The “Spiritual People” living on a planet are usually the ones who are entrusted to LEAD their younger brothers and sisters on the SPIRITUAL PATH.

On other enlightened planets…, they are very vocal, and very active…, since without them…, the darker and lower forces of other groups will rule the day!

Earth’s “Spiritual People” (as I see it) are GAMBLING that something huge is going to happen in the very near future…, something that will cause an “intervention” in what are most assuredly are very dark and satanic plans for our world.


They only have “hope”…, “belief”…, and some channeled entities, who have “suggested” such things may occur.

(Channeled Entites which have already been proven WRONG).


So now…, here is another dose of brutal honesty.


What if NOTHING on the above list comes to pass in the next 20 to 50 years??

What if…, after all is said and done…, 2o years of time goes by from this date…, and the surface of our Earth is passed into the control of the Globalists/Satanists?

What “excuse” will the 100’s of thousands of “Spiritual People” use to “justify” their silence and their complete in-action during one of the most blantantly EVIL times in the History of our Earth??

In my opinion…, it’s NOT TOO LATE for really good people to gather together and to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in many ways that they have not considered.

STAND UP…, SPEAK OUT…, because there are MANY ISSUES of an impending global takeover which the sleeping masses are as of yet unaware!

If “any” of the things listed on the above list happens…, then it will be a “bonus” to what we already DID FOR OURSELVES!


Something to consider anyway…,

All my love

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