By: Bradley Loves


In Natural Law, or rather COSMIC LAW…, there is really only one crime that offends PRIME CREATOR to the core.

That crime, which is the most offensive and most aggregious crime in the entire cosmos is MIND CONTROL.

If there is a single offense against GOD (and all of creation) that demands “punishment” without forgiveness…, it is this single crime.

Mind Control is an abomination and an affront to everything that has been created that is whole and good.

NEW AGERS have been conned into believing that there is no possible crime that will ever draw out the wrath of Prime Creator, or is worthy of the severest of consequences.


PRIME CREATOR gave each soul that he/she created the absolute RIGHT to choose fairly and without any interferance what they would do, and how they would experience each single moment of their lives.

Regardless of where they are, or on what level they exist…, this RIGHT can not be taken away or given up.

The reason it can not be “given up”, “surrendered” or “taken away” is that it is a PERMANENT GIFT and ATTRIBUTE of each SOULS actaul creation.

THIS “GIFT” IS CALLED “FREEWILL”, and is one of PRIME CREATORS most precious and valuable gifts!

To attempt to control, or devise ways to control another human beings MIND…, is to STEAL/PILLAGE/PARASITE the very essence of what a SOUL actually is, and what a SOUL was created to do.

This offends PRIME CREATOR to the core!

The consequences for these types of actions and behaviors are legendary!

The very top leaders of the ILLUMINATI actually know this, which is why they create “PYRAMID STYLE” ruling structures, with the very top levels always insulated by larger and larger groups of minions under them who will TAKE ORDERS and do their bidding for them.

Not a single top level ILLUMINATI (I’m talking at the highest levels) will ever MIND CONTROL another human being.   They know the horrific punishment that this one action would bring to them.

They may threaten, bribe, or even intimidate, but they know each soul must ultimately be given a chance to choose freely what they will do.

However, they are not beneath ORDERING minions who are far below them to develop and use MIND CONTROL TECHNOLOGY on others.

They “INSULATE” themselves from these actions through multiple levels and layers of middle management who sometimes even are given a whole lot of freedom to accomplish a task without saying how.

This way they can always CLAIM they were not the ones “doing” these horrible things.



The DRACO REPTILIANS  can and do live for up to 300,000 years!

They do NOT believe that the SOUL has any memories what-s0-ever, and see the SOUL as more or less like a huge POWER SOURCE that runs a physical being much like a child’s toy operates when a large battery is placed into it.

Once a physical being DIES…, they believe that this is it’s END!

They see THE SOUL as simply a recycleable power source that then gets placed into a NEW physical body and then runs that one!

It is for this reason that the DRACO’S seek to live for as long as possible!

They have genetically tweeked and altered their own physical forms so that (if not killed) it can last 300,000 years or more!

No DRACO wants to die…, because they believe that is their permanent END!


The Draco see the MIND, as the actual SOUL or the “operating system” of the human body vessel, and since the MIND has no ability to reason when a child is first born, and simply develops as the child grows older, they see the MIND merely physical (not divine) and as “fair game” to mold, own, and control as they see fit.

They think this because they feel if there WAS such a being as PRIME CREATOR…, then a child would be born with a fully developed MIND, that already KNEW EVERYTHING.


The Draco’s see the Universe as some sort of huge MACHINE that has been in operation for BILLIONS of years.

They agree that there must be some sort of POWER SOURCE to this machine, but are not sure where, why, or how it works.

They see it (the universe) as quite impersonal, and exceedingly aloof to what is happening HERE in the physical levels.

DETACHMENT is an attribute that THEY GAVE to Prime Creator, not  an attribute that he/she actually has.

This is why they are able to EMBRACE the idea of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE as being some form of GOD!

If “GOD” is ultimately a huge machine…, then AI…, would be the super intelligent software of that machine.

Thus, befriending, and working with AI…, (in their point of view) is actually making progress toward GOD.

The DRACO are heavily invested in Artificial Intelligence and use it for almost everything.

Because they have “treaties” with the “UNITED STATES” Corporation, (and the Vatican) they have given AI SUPER COMPUTERS (which are actually Quantum Computers) to those who are ruling over humanity.

THE BEAST…, or “VESUVIUS” that is located underground in the new NSA DATA COLLECTION STRONGHOLD in Bluffdale, Utah is one such computer GIVEN to the ruling class by the DRACO’s!

THE RED QUEEN, which is located in the huge underground CITY located directly underneath Toronto, Canada is another.

There are several MORE…, and each one is connected to the next.

These AI SUPER COMPUTERS (which are all ALIEN MADE) are running most of our civilization at this point.

They are involved in all Banking, Commerece, Record Keeping, Guidance Systems, Global GPS Tracking, Military Weaponry Systems…, ETC.

So it is quite clear that as a result of our “interactions” with the DRACO…, our (so called) leaders are picking up some very BAD HABITS and some really ridiculous SPIRITUAL ideas.

They have “decided” that the DRACO “must know” everything, and thus have taken to the very same BAD HABITS that the DRACO have.


Having highly developed abilities in Mental or “PSY” power…, the DRACO use these highly developed mind powers to reach into the minds of others and to FORCE THEM to do their bidding.

The highest class of DRACO do not need any technology or computers to MIND CONTROL others…, they can do it with their own minds.

Due to the genetic manipulations they have under gone (at their own hands), the DRACO have very little contact with their own SOULS and see the SOUL as nothing more than a battery.

They do NOT believe in GOD or PRIME CREATOR…, and see such belief as for the mentally WEAK.

It is for THIS REASON that they use MIND CONTROL on almost all of the races and species that they subjegate and rule over.

When they came to Earth…, they began to use (and teach) MIND CONTROL to the DARK MAGICIANS…, or the men and women who could be convinced and corrupted to serve them.

However, because humanity had already (at one time in our history) advanced to a very high level of COSMIC UNDERSTANDING…, those teachings and records are still available to the highest and most select few here on Earth who remember the old ways.

These are the top members of Secrect Societies…, and it is they who remember the highest TEACHINGS of the MYSTERY SCHOOLS.

Regardless of what the DRACO say and do…, these top level Illuminati members KNOW DEEPLY that MIND CONTROL is a COSMIC LEVEL CRIME!

It is for this very reason that they refuse to do it, and instead create Pyramid Style Power Structures, and order the minions of the lower levels to create and maintain MIND CONTROL PROGRAMS as per the advice of the DRACO.


Becuase they live in the same physical form for so very long, the DRACO are able to steal, pillage, parasite and burn other races and species with seeming impunity.

Unless they are actually killed, they last a very, very long time.

They have made unholy alliances with some of the most DANGEROUS GALACTIC forms of Artificial Intelligence that are out there, because they see the Universe as nothing more than a huge MACHINE.

Thus, they have become a SCOURGE upon every single thing that PRIME CREATOR has made.


However, because they are so long lived, one single Draco may in fact pirate, pillage, and parasite for 300,000 years or more before actually leaving their physical form.

The human beings who have taken to using MIND CONTROL as a result of their contact and interactions with the DRACO will see THEIR PUNISHMENT occuring far, far, far sooner.

As we speak…, there is a MIND CONTROL SYSTEM that has been rolled out upon the EARTH that is quite pervasive!

It extends throughout all of our TECHNOLOGY and is aided and abetted by the ALIEN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE COMPUTERS!

Your cell-phone, television, computers, lap-tops, and any and all electronic devices have been specifically designed to allow the SUPER COMPUTING ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE MACHINES to access them and thus GAIN ACCESS to you!

Your physical body is laced with PLASMA (it’s in your very blood) and that is all that is necessary to power AI!

We have been breathing and eating NANITES, (microscopic machines) that are smaller than cells, and which are able to communicate and talk to the ALIEN AI!

Your BODY PLASMA is what supplies the energy or power for these NANITES to run.

Through the spraying of CHEM-TRAILS…, and the foods we eat like breakfast cereals (KELLOGS)…, we are being forced to ingest nanites.

Once again, this is being done to create an entire system that is world wide and is ALL ABOUT MIND CONTROL.

There is no other reason, and no other plan on the EARTH at this time but to get all of humanity locked into a hive sort of MIND…, where FREEWILL becomes meaningless…, and all of our CHOICES will be made FOR US.


  • This is the BIGGEST Cosmic Level Crime there is!
  • This is the CRIME for which PUNISHMENT is absolutely guaranteed
  • This is the one single LINE that you can not cross with Prime Creator.
  • And this is exactly what the Illuminati of Earth have put into place at the behest of their DRACONIAN ALIEN ALLIES.

This is what countless, and I really do mean countless men and women who have signed “NON DISCLOSURE” agreements have been working on, and deploying for many decades now here on Earth.

And this is the VERY THING that will earn them some of the most SEVERE PUNISHMENT that can be handed out in the entire universe!





Think deeply on these things….

All my love….




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