By: Bradley Loves

The greatest LIE…, is something very few people realize exists.

It isn’t about any subject or even an event…, but instead…, it is about TRUTH itself.

This LIE comes “directly” from the NEW AGE…, and is one of the most damaging FALSE TEACHINGS to have been spread throughout the world.

The biggest LIE…, is that there really is NO ULTIMATE TRUTH…, and that “truth is subjective” to the viewer.

There is no greater, nor more damaging “belief” than this one…, and it has spread like a veritable wildfire virus all over the world.

Honesty and transparency are the very backbone of a healthy society and culture.

While secrecy, hidden agendas, half truths, and out right deceptions are the quickest way to our total destruction!

And yet…, in the “interest” of “going along to get along”…, countless good people have decided that “half truths” and “personal interpretations” are GOOD ENOUGH.

This is why we are seeing what we are seeing in the MAIN STREAM MEDIA.

The nightly parade of stupidity and indignity that we see from the so-called “authoritative purveyors” of “factual events”…, comes from their belief in “personal interpretations”…, and subjective viewpoints.

If you look DEEPLY.., and with no rose colored glasses…, you’ll see that this first appeared on the scene as a NEW AGE TEACHING.

Now…, the nightly SCREECHING, CLAWING, and outright rabid foaming of the mouth of these “news presenters” has become sad to watch.

Somewhere along the line…, the greater portion of humanity was “taught”…, and then accepted the false idea that TRUTH is whatever we say it is.


If you puruse the New Age blogoshere for any length of time…, you will soon be drowning in articles and posts where well meaning people riddle your sensibilities with this virulent tripe, and do it with a smile on their faces thinking they are doing the world a favor.

They “sing song” and “la de da” their way through their lives telling everyone to just “forgive it all” because nothing out there is real anyway.


This is the deepest and most damaging “false teaching” that has come out of the New Age…, and it’s RESULTS are now being seen world wide.

The actual teaching that those who fancy themselves as TEACHERS should have been giving out to the masses is that EVERYTHING MATTERS.

Every single second, of every single day…

Every thought, every word, and every deed MATTERS!


This is what would change the world for the better…, not it’s opposite.

But then…, Mark Passio (a former Satanic Priest) has told us in his videos that the NEW AGE was always meant to be the final “nail” in the coffin for those who wanted to bring LOVE and TRUTH out into the world.

The NEW AGE was “created” by the FREEMASONS…, and ultimately backed by the VATICAN.

The picture shown above clearly reveals that the original name for the FREEMASONIC MAGAZINE was in fact:


It does not get any clearer than this!  Get this through your heads!

Here is a photo of the single woman that most people “trace” the New Age back to in history!

Taken (we are told) with those “pesky” ASCENDED MASTERS that all New Agers keep writing about, AND keep pushing down our throats as the TRUTH…, when in reality…, it is anything but!

Here is what Madame Blavatsky really believes…, (in her own words).

This comes straight out of a book that SHE HERSELF WROTE called:


(I have a copy of it on my computer for those who want to argue that she said this!  Yes…, HER NAME is on the book.)

So “IF”…, Madame Blavatsky truly “believes” that Satan, or LUCIFER rather, is the savior of this planet…, (and not Jesus)…, then WHO pray tell are these men standing around her??

Do THEY also think that LUCIFER is the GOD of this planet as well??

Now…, if you DON’T believe that the New Age is still “pushing” these ASCENDED MASTERS directly into our collective faces…, then please look at this single post that comes from one of the most “popular” New Age blogs…, that is totally dedicated to “THE MASTERS” and their “TEACHINGS”.

Originally found here:

The Team via Peggy Black, September 18th, 2017

And then RE-POSTED here:

The Team via Peggy Black, Sept. 18, 2017

We are given a (very recent) “channeled” talk and a “teaching” about just how necessary all of the current CHAOS that is happening on our planet really is.

It’s a “pep talk” of sorts…, and you can read it for yourself…, but take a good look at the picture used to show us who the “TEAM” giving us the “talk” really is!

The one of the far right of the image is St. Germaine…, while the one on the far left is El Morya.

The “other contenders” or MASTERS (as they are called, and we are told) are as follows:

“Lord Lanto”, “Paul the Venetian”, Serapis Bey”, “Hilarion”…, and “Lady Nada”.

Now…, two of these players…, El Morya and  St. Germaine were found (supposedly) posing for an actual photo with none other than Helena Blavatsky (founder of the NEW AGE)…, sometime in the late 1800’s.

But remember…, she honestly and sincerely believes that LUCIFER is the GOD of the Earth. (She says so!!)

So…, if she really believes that…, does that mean that all of the ASCENDED MASTERS also believe that LUCIFER is the God of the Earth??

IS this “THE SECRET DOCTRINE” that her book is trying to show us…, really about the mistaken identity and purpose of LUCIFER??

They must believe it to be true…, or why would they even support Helena Blavatsky…, the so-called “mother” of the NEW AGE…, by posing with her in an actual photo?

And yet…, the two blog sites that I posted from above will most likely argue until they are BLUE IN THE FACE…, that they are spreading “truth”…, and “light”…, and not the LIES that they are actually spreading.

But…, if you SHOWED them that these so-called MASTERS are really all about spreading SATANISM…, or LUCIFERIANISM…, they’d chew you to bits!

At this point…, it would be well for you to remember that Luciferians and Satanists are totally into Ritual Child Sacrifice, Blood Drinking, and the anal raping of very young children!  Jay Parker (and countless others has told us this).

Can you find a more IDIOTIC GROUP of people on the planet who have NO CLUE what they are really pushing???


If you’d confront them with this…, they’d say:


Where have we heard that before??



The NEW AGE was started by:

THE FREEMASONS…, and no one else!

See image above!

The Freemasons have a history of starting Satanically based Religions…, and then pawning them off as “christian”…, to the whole world.

So let’s re-visit the “Church of Scientology”…, also created and maintained by the Freemasons! Here is an excerpt from an interview with L. Ron Hubbard’s own son…, done in 1983 with Penthouse Magazine!

Now let’s dig deeper into the connections of L. Ron Hubbard.


From the mouth of his own son…, we find out the truthful ambitions of the man who started the Church of Scientology!  He wanted to become the most powerful being in the Universe…, AND wear the cloak of the BEAST (SATAN).

L. Ron Hubbard Jr., freely called Alestair Crowley the Anti-Christ and said he even thought of himself in that way!  And when Crowley died…, L. Ron Hubbard wanted to take over his position!

Well here are some things we know about Alestair Crowley and his addicition to BLACK MAGIC!  (Which we already know was practiced by Hubbard).

Here is Crowley talking about the “scientific benefits” of the EATING OF HUMAN FLESH…, and the DRINKING OF HUMAN BLOOD.

But wait…, there’s MORE…

The “BEST VICTIM” that one can possibly find…, in order to get the “best” human flesh and the “best” human blood is:

A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim.  (According to Crowley)

Yep…, BLACK MAGIC…, and BLACK HEARTS at the core!

You could probably add that the ONLY thing left out of this formula for the perfect SATANIC “cocktail”  would be to analy rape the small boy first…, in order to get his “blood” filled with fear and terror before he is ritually killed.

But this part…, people like Alestair Crowley would have known only too well! (Why go into details?)

For the so-called ASCENDED MASTERS to associate with Blavatsky…, who then associated with people like:

Albert Pike…, (another Freemason) who claims that LUCIFER is the GOD of EARTH…, must mean that they also fully support LUCIFER AND THE CHURCH OF SATAN AS WELL!

Let’s re-visit these logo’s of


Were the ASCENDED MASTERS dabbling in BLACK MAGIC as well??

Didn’t we hear that Count St. Germaine was actually considered a “Great Alchemist” and a “Great Magician”??

But what kind of MAGIC did he practice??


Here’s my take on this whole sordid issue…, and the purpose for this article…


There is no half-truth…, no “well that’s just YOUR perspective”…, and I have my own version…, CRAP!


There is only TRUTH…, and nothing else.

So there we have it…, the “biggest lie” is that there is no ultimate truth…, only shades of gray.

And this is pushed on us every single day of our lives by the countless IDIOTS who fancy themselves “loving” practitioners of  THE NEW AGE.

Time to Wake UP.

All my love for now!







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