By: Bradley Loves

UFO’s and the Secret Space Program are NOT the biggest secrets out there by a long shot!

There are far worse and deeper secrets they are keeping from you, and these are things that you really NEED to know about!

Phil Corso Jr., the son of Lt. Col. Philip Corso of Army Intelligence, once stated that the single biggest “secret” that NO ONE was ever allowed to know about was TIME TRAVEL.

This “fact” (his words) that Time had been compromised, was something that had to be kept secret at all costs in the minds of the military who was trying to use and control it.

Talking about this one subject would earn you a bullet immediately in the early years of time/space exploration.

However, there is a SECOND SECRET SUBJECT…, which is FAR more deeply protected, and far more deeply ridiculed than even TIME TRAVEL.

The reason that it is so well protected is that it is the very base and “source” of POWER for the top level Illuminati and the Dark Magicians.

This is the subject of:


The undeniable fallout of the complete CON JOB that was done upon the minds of good human beings by the NEW AGE is still not fully known.

We may never know how horribly, and in what ways countless people were lied to by the pushers of the latest RELIGION to be created by the FREEMASONS.


One of the biggest secrets that has been held very “close to the vest” by the Freemasons (who after the 33rd Degree go Luciferian) is that they USE DEMON POSSESSION as a way to gain both strength and power.

Jay Parker (who was born into a generational satanic family) has said in dozens of interviews and personal lectures that he’s been invited to give, that his mother and father could “conjure” visible demonic entities out of thin air.

His mother claimed to be a witch, while his father claimed to be a warlock!

According to some of his more obscure testimony, Jay has said that he witnessed many men and women (including his own parents) when they were “under the influence” or “were possessed” by other dimensional entities!

He said the look in their eyes was all you needed to see!

Jay said that seeing the look in these possessed men and womens eyes was beyond HATE and was absolutely terrifying!

It was pure, demonic malevolence!

Because they are SATANISTS…, these men and women willingly “allow” themselves to be inhabited and “taken over” by entities from other realms and dimensions because these entities then protect them and help them to gain in Earthly Status.


The New Age…, (because it is a wholly created religion by the Luciferieans) has come out in countless books and channeled messages claiming in no uncertain terms that there are NO SUCH THINGS AS DEMONS.

(Just like Harry Potter’s wicked uncle told him there is NO SUCH THING AS MAGIC)

This is why you can’t find a single New Age Blog or Website anywhere on the internet that will touch this single subject with a 10 foot pole.

Not even a 100 foot, or a 1,000 foot pole!

They won’t touch it, won’t recognize it…, and REFUSE to acknowledge it or believe it!


They refuse to talk about this because countless IDIOT Channeled Entites tell them that there are ONLY good spirits out there!


Can you believe that audacity of this?

Here you have an out of body entity…, one that is basically a “spirit” that is telling the peope listening to it that there are no such things as DARK or EVIL SPIRITS…, only good ones!

(Yea…, right…, and I’ve got land to sell on the MOON…, anyone interested???)



The reason I feel I am qualified to write about this is that I myself have experienced seeing the affects of, and talking with people who were/are very obviously possessed!

As Jay said in his lectures and videos…, it is in their eyes!

It is a wild and almost Satanic like look that wants to rip your head off!

When under this type of  possessive influence, men and women have very little control over their actions.

For the most part, they have CHOSEN to give over their bodies to these entities!  However…, I know of cases where a Demonic entity will  use FORCE to possess a human being if they are ordered to do so.

In my countless hours of interviews and talks with Shane Bales, (aka THE RUINER) we discussed “Possession” and other such subjects as “Soul Splitting” and “Walk In” Spirits.

Apparently the Illuminati/Freemasons have extremely advanced technology, and actually do study different ways to SPLIT a person’s soul into pieces.

When I asked why…, he told me that by splitting a person’s soul, and capturing a part of it…, they could then create a CLONE of that human being and use the part of the soul they “took”, to run the clone.

When I asked why they would need to do this…, he replied that many people (who the Illuminati desperately want to CLONE) absolutely REFUSE the process!

Since they are Pirates and Steal Everything that isn’t nailed down…, anyone who they felt needed to be cloned would first be SOUL SPLIT – and then the part of that person’s SOUL that they stole, would be used to run the CLONE.

Now…, as strange as this sounds…, the only reason I even asked Shane about this subject is that my good friend Bryan Alexander told me in many of our private conversations that he was terrified of this very thing happening to him.

When I asked him why…, he claimed that the voices coming to him in his head (VOICE TO SKULL transmissions), were actually TELLING HIM that they were going to perform a SOUL SPLIT on him.

He claimed that these men were obviously military doctors of some sort!

Desperate for sleep, but unable to get any rest due to the constant torment that they were putting him through…, Bryan would call me daily and relay all of the horrible things that he was “hearing” and the constant threats that they were making.

I felt so sorry for him because he had become a TI (TARGETED INDIVIDUAL)…, but I had no real way of helping him in the way that he needed to be helped because the MEDICAL PROFESSION has been instructed to over look anything like this and to classify it as Sciczophrinia!

I had no idea what a SOUL SPLIT was until I raised this subject with Shane in one of our recent conversations.

He said this is extremely advanced stuff, uses Alien Technology and was most likely very classified!

We then talked about Demon Possession as described by Jay Parker, and he confirmed that this also was absolutely true and happening.

The LUCIFERIANS/SATANISTS use “demon entities” from other realms/dimensions/universes to “possess” their own physical bodies in order to gain in MAGICAL/SPIRITUAL POWER.

They “send” these demons out to possess the bodies of innocent men and women in order to torment, torture or put a stop to their Godly activities!

You see…, what the word  – SPIRITUAL – means to a Luciferian is NOT what it means to a common run of the mill New Ager.

In Luciferian terms…, “SPIRITUAL” means the ability to either conjure/contact/be possessed by a very dark and demonic spirit, while a New Ager thinks only in terms of good or loving entities and spirits.


CERN may indeed be a device for opening up portals to other dimensions so that these SATANISTS can in fact bring in many MORE dark and very evil “entites” that they can then USE in their bid to create a NEW WORLD ORDER/ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

However, until they achieve this NWO goal…, the very notion or idea of DEMON POSSESSION by Dark Entities must remain totally secret…, and an OFF LIMITS SUBJECT!

They achieve this secrecy through their hapless and helpless NEW AGE followers who “spread like wild fire” every single channeled message that gets put out.

The main message being put out (it seems) is that there are NO SUCH THINGS AS DEMONS or DARK ENTITIES ANYWHERE…, and anyone who objects to this point of view is “ridiculed” and quickly “corrected” by many New Age Bloggers and Website Owners whose job seems to be making certain that this subject stays hidden!


I know for a fact that there are out of body “entites” out there and that the Satanists are in fact using them!

Even Hollywood personalities and members of the Music Industry talk about “getting possessed” by other “entites” when they are on stage.


This stuff really does happen!

Covering it up will not help us…, and will only cause major problems for innocent people who are not armed with proper information.

Time to put your BIG BOY and BIG GIRL pants on…, and realize that this stuff is happening…, and we NEED to be aware of it.

Thank you for reading…

All my love….





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