By: Bradley Loves


We are “energy” beings!

We are also physical beings!   In the realm of pure energy – there is magnetics and electricity!

In the physical realm there is magnetics, harmonics, and geometry.

IF THE SOUL – which is based in magnetics and electricity was going to be “saved” or “attached to”…, or “reclaimed” in some way…, it would have to happen MAGNETICALLY!

How else could a being of PURE ENERGY do such a thing as to “reclaim” a part of itself unless it would do it magnetically?

In the physical realm – BLOOD is highly magnetic!

Is the “mystical” BLOOD of Jesus Christ therefore merely a metaphor?

Or…, is there something very scientific about it?

Time to “grow up” people and realize that we are dealing with PURE and ANCIENT SCIENCE here…, nothing more. (And certainly nothing new.)

All my love….

May the “blood” of Jesus Christ wash over you and “reclaim” you for our Heavenly Father for all time…..

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