By: Bradley Loves


Yesterday, in this post:

I talked about just how “crazy” the STATE OF CALIFORNIA, (now forever to be known as: KRAZYFORNIA is becoming!

This “thing” pictured above, that is reading stories to little children in a Long Beach Library dedicated to Michelle Obama, is just the “tip” of the crazy iceberg!

With San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego being “very well known” SATANIC HUBS on the west coast of America, other states like: Arizona, Nevada, and possibly even Oregon, have wired all of the bridges and roads that lead out of Krazyfornia and into their states with massive explosives!

The point of this undertaking is that “IF AND WHEN” the sh*t hits the fan…, every bridge and road leading out of the state will be destroyed in order to keep the exiting masses inside krazyfornia, and out of their states!

I suppose you think I’m joking!

No, as a matter of fact, I’m not!

My brother was thinking of buying some land in Arizona, and needed an Engineer to do some studies on the soil of the property there.

While talking her, it was revealed to him by this Engineer that this project had already been done!

When asked how she knew about this, she said she had been involved in DOING IT, and that is how she knew!


It is not hard to speculate that if ARIZONA has done this, then so has NEVADA, and so has OREGON!

NO ONE wants 40 million people suddenly swarming out of “Krazyfornia”, and spilling into what are still basically fairly “normal” places if things start going really bad!

With the Government in Sacremento basically “GONE NUTS” with their “Sanctuary Cities and Sanctuary State” crap, and the liberals in Hollywood and Los Angeles basically having gone SATANIC and total PEDOPHILE…, the rest of AMERICA simply does not want these people anywhere near them!

Ironically, the liberals in Krazyfornia desperately want to start a “civil war” with the rest of the country, and are pushing to start one with conservatives, not really knowing that if and when that kind of war really DOES START, all of their exits out of the state will be BLOWN, and they will be forced to live with the very SATANIST/LUCIFERIAN men and women that they worshipped!!–feJk

Sleeping humanity thinks it “cool” and “trendy” to follow Hollywood stars, but in the end…, they will find that most of AMERICA does not like, nor want these people anywhere near them!!

Not only that, but all of the millions of “illegals” who don’t work, and live on EBT cards, will suddenly be VERY HUNGRY and stealing anything and everything not nailed down so that they can survive!

According to certain sources there is a huge MS-13 contingent in that “state”, and for those who don’t know…,  MS-13 is a Mexican Gang which does contract killing!

Basically they do murder for hire, and they are insanely BRUTAL!

I wonder how all of the “LGBT’s” living in San Francisco are going to manage when they can no longer “get out” of what would most certainly turn into a prison!

Just some food for thought, for all of the many people still living inside of KRAZYFORNIA….

You may want to leave while you still can….











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