By: Bradley Loves

There is no doubt what-so-ever…, that the US (United States) is a “Corporation”.

This has been proven to me to be true beyond a reasonable doubt…, and more “proof” is coming to the surface daily.  (No thanks to those in the Main Stream Media) who have used their positions of power and control to help conceal…., (not reveal) the truth.

That being said, Donald Trump is now “President” of one of the largest Corporations on the Planet!

Maybe you’d just like to let that sink in for a moment…, because sometimes hearing the TRUTH is shocking to the internal systems.

I say ONE of the largest…, because certainly…, the VATICAN has the USA Corporation beat hands down.  The Vatican is made up of the the OLD ROMAN EMPIRE…, and the very place where the LAW OF THE SEA began.

Without naming names…, I’m certain that the BRITISH CROWN CORPORATION has the USA Corporation beat (in size and scope) as well.

So let’s just say honestly that it is “one” of the largest!

Moving Forward…

In America…, Donald Trump just happens to be a very successful businessman.

He has proven himself to be good.., (and not just good…, but really good) at running large Corporations.  This can’t be disputed!

So is it “surprising” to anyone that he got put in charge of one of the world’s largest corporations??

I mean…, let’s just get honest…, and come out of our he said/she said “dialectic” for a moment and get real.


Are you starting to see what I’m seeing…, and where I’m going?


Okay…, who has been in charge of the USA Corporation for the last 50 years since John F. Kennedy?

Answer:  THE CIA!

Most leaders…, “PRESIDENTS” …, of the USA Corporation have been the furthest thing from a Businessman that the “mind” can imagine!

  • Lyndon Johnson was an OIL MAN/Politician.., not really a Businessman
  • Richard Nixon was a Politician.  Again, not a Businessman
  • Gerald Ford was a career Politician
  • Jimmy Carter was a Farmer.
  • Ronald Regan was an Actor
  • George Bush Senior was Career CIA, and a Nazi.
  • Bill Clinton was a Lawyer,  Politician, and worked for Bush Senior
  • Bush Jr.  …, well make up your own story here…, he was…..?
  • Barack Obama, was a trained CIA agent…, and so was his mother!

Okay…, so NOW are you starting to get the picture?

None of the men listed above had ANY real idea on how to run a huge Corporation!


So, this would be the very FIRST TIME…, that the USA Corporation has had a real businessman running it.

So my question is this:  How is this BAD?

Donald Trump is a “builder”!   Very literally…, he is a builder who understands how to get things done!

He has worked in Real Estate…, and has built huge buildings and Complexes all over America and the World.

As a “builder”…, one MUST by definition know HOW to get a job done!

I myself, before I started to write, was a “builder”…, and can tell you first hand…, that if you LEARN anything as a builder…, you learn how to overcome ANY OBSTACLE…, and ANY PROBLEM.

Do not let this statement go by without thinking about what I just said!

No one…, and I mean NO ONE…, can really understand what it means to achieve and accomplish something UNTIL you have been a builder!

In the world of fantasy…, where everyone has dreams of this…, and dreams of that…, 99 percent of the world reside.    And…, we can all say that dreams of love, and peace and a better world are wonderful things!

BUT…, and I really do mean this.., BUT…, who in the world KNOWS how to bring dreams into REALITY??


Why can I say this?

Because I was a builder!

I know for a fact…, that even the most intelligent people HAVE NO CLUE as to what is possible…, what can be done…, and what can’t be done…, IN REALITY!

Why do I know this?  I was there!  And.., all of the pie in the sky “ideas and ideals” of many of my clients…, had to be dealt with on a logical…, and pragmatic line of thinking.

THEY WERE NOT BUILDERS…, just dreamers!

It was up to me to “translate” those dreams into CONCRETE REALITY!

Now…, are you following me?   Do you see where I’m going with this??

Not ONLY is Donald Trump a Businessman who…, is used to running a very large and very successful Corporation…, he is also an extremely successful BUILDER, who knows how to translate dreams into REALITY.

Ask yourself this:

HOW did he even get to be President, when NO ONE thought he could do it…, if he did not know how to translate dreams into reality!

This is a feat that ONLY a builder, (and a very successful one) could have pulled off!  How do I know this?  Because as a builder…, I learned first hand how to “translate dreams into concrete reality”!!   And that is really saying something of huge importance.

So…, it is my joy filled opportunity to finally, once and for all, lay to rest the shameful idea that has gone on for far too long…, that “builders” are not gifted human beings!  This is something that the “Public at Large” is ignorant of.

Because they keep asking…, “How did he win?”, as if it was a miracle!  No it wasn’t a miracle!  He “built” his victory block by block and board by board…, and willed his dream of creation through his physical effort INTO MANIFEST REALITY!


I was a “builder”, and I got very little credit, (if any) and very little appreciation from a dumbed down pubic…, concerning the beauty and the grandeur that I was constantly creating and manifesting into the world with my own two hands!

Instead, they would rather rave about some idiot Actor…, or some idiot Musician…, and extol their virtues to the sky…, rather than appreciate someone who can actually ACCOMPLISH something by manifesting something solid into the world.

So…, now that you know this…, how is it possible that he (Donald Trump) could “hurt” the run down and aging infrastructure of America??  He’s a builder!  He knows how to translate “dreams into physical reality”.

Yes…, he’s now running the USA Corporation…, I get that!   And…, in my opinion…, I think he knows what he’s in “charge of”.  I think he knows very well…, that he got the job of running a huge Corporation!

My question is this?   WHO BETTER?


Obama was CIA…, he knew NOTHING of how to build anything…, nothing of how to “translate dreams into reality”…, and nothing about how to negotiate a deal! He proved that…, and America suffered greatly!

He was not a businessman…, and…, he was not a builder!

What am I missing in thinking that Donald Trump…, may actually be able to do something good for America??   And not ONLY America.., but for the world as well??

Something to think about!





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