I was “ordered to do it” is a “justification” that just won’t fly in front of GODS THRONE.

You see, the GREAT CREATOR knows very well that HE gave each of HIS soul creations FREEWILL to choose what they will and will not do. This kind of lame excuse is the same kind of thing that the parent of a young child deals with every single day, and NEVER ACCEPTS.

I know you know this – because if you are even here reading this Blog, you are a logical thinking adult who has this knowledge.

Imagine that one of your two young children – an 8 or 9 year old boy named Jake ends up painting the neighbors dog with spray paint and turns the poor thing purple, black, and bright pink. The owner of the dog is furious, livid, and many other quite understandable shades of angry and comes to you wanting punishment and restoration.

You call your son into the room and demand an explanation for his actions and he calmly tells you that his brother “Raymond” TOLD HIM to do it, and so therefore he is not responsible…

If you accept this explanation…, then as a parent – YOU ARE A TOTAL FOOL…, AND AN IDIOT!

You go on to say to Jake: “Since when do you listen to and obey what Raymond tells you to do?”

You then add: “He can not make you do anything, you have a mind of your own and freewill! You are responsible for what you do…”

If you are a good parent, PUNISHMENT IS NOW FORTHCOMING because your son, your child took action against someone else, damaged his dog, and then claimed he was NOT responsible because someone else told (ordered) him to do it.



Now, for those of you who have a creative mind, what (pray tell) do you think it is like for you in front of the THRONE OF GOD – the “ONE” who is your Creator, and who is certainly going to “inquire” as to why you did THIS and THAT to so many of the many countless souls who are now pointing fingers AT YOU and demanding punishment and restitution??

Do you imagine for a second…, even a MICRO SECOND that HE (our Great Creator) will entertain an “excuse” such as “SO AND SO TOLD ME” to do that harm…, and so I am not responsible for it…

Do you think HE will accept this when you know beyond all shadow of doubt that you yourself would NEVER ACCEPT IT?

Oh…, wait…, you’ve never imagined that you (as an adult) would ever be called onto the carpet for your actions…

You “forgot” that there is a CREATOR who is watching everything…, and that this CREATOR exists outside of TIME and outside of SPACE.

You “forgot” that regardless of seemingly endless “timelines”, “gateways and portals”, and countless other “planets, stars, and galaxies” in the multi-verse, that beyond it all, and outside of it all, sits the ONE who created ALL OF IT.

Spare me the New Age BS about how we “contracted” for all of it, and how we “wanted” all of it, and how we “chose” all of it!

This DECEPTION comes from the higher levels of corruption in the multi-verse. It comes from those at much “higher levels” who still benefit from controlling those who live and exist on levels lower than them…

Because you are all adults…, I am going to show you in a very simple example what is going on, and what you MUST – yes MUST do in order to stand in front of the THRONE OF GOD in innocence and without blame!

Imagine that you are standing in a line of five people! This is your “Chain of Command”…

You see “Raymond” pouring out a glass of water that you KNOW contains a deadly poison.

Then Raymond hands the glass to another man or woman in the Chain of Command, who then hands the water glass over to a third man or woman, who then hands that glass of poisoned water over to YOU!

You know for a fact that the water is poisoned, and furthermore, you are being asked to hand the glass to one last man down the line, who then forces someone else to drink it!!

If you simply hand the glass on – YOU ARE GUILTY OF MURDER!

You can not claim that it was not “you” who did the action, since you clearly knew what was in the glass. The ONLY thing to do is to dump the glass of poisoned water out on the ground, step out of the line and say loudly and clearly – I WILL NOT DO THAT!

If you do NOT DO THIS, then the GREAT CREATOR will not for a single moment entertain your lame excuse of: HE TOLD ME TO…


As a “Witness, and a THRONE OF GOD AMBASSADOR – I am so very tired of having to teach grown men and women simple things they would never even let their own children get away with…

So let me get this straight! You are all wearing “masks” out in the world – and forcing others to do so as well because Raymond TOLD YOU TO…

OH MY GOD…, will there EVER be more to this SERIES – Count on it!

Stay tuned…, I have not even begun to vent…

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