By: Bradley Loves

This post is a commentary on an article written by a man who runs his own blog that features PREDOMINANTLY Channelers, and “channeled messages” as part of his work.

In the past, I’ve tried to explain why I believe that almost every one of these messages is flawed, and this is a really good example of some of the flawed thinking they all contain!

In order to really “get” what I’m saying here…, you are going to have to read between the lines.  You see…, with the channeling community…, it NOT about what they do say…, as much as it is about THE RESULT of what they say if it were true!

So, it’s as much about what is not written on the page…, YET CAN BE INFERRED by what is being said, as it is about what is written.

This is just one of the articles I’d like to focus on:

It is written by Steve Beckow…, who runs a blog called: The Golden Age of Gaia.

I know personally that a lot of people go to his site, and read his work…, and so I’d like to “focus” a magnifying glass on some of his ideas, and the ideas that he puts out as THE TRUTH.

This particular article is about why we should NOT fear “Martial Law” coming in this country.  The reasons being given are several “quotes” from various channeled messages, and his “take” on them.

Mr. Beckow starts out by saying this:

I feel the need to add a word to my earlier article on supporting the President. (1)

I’m aware of the presence of foreign troops on American soil – Gurkhas, Spetsnatz, etc.  (2)

Most people aware of that, are not aware of the presence of a galactic force above them, that listens in on everything, and could stop any conflagration cold.

This is an interesting bit of information…, don’t you think?  First…, he tells us that he is very aware of foreign troops our our soil…, but then goes on to say that the people who know this…, do not realize “THE PRESENCE” of a galactic force above us who (presumably) would put a stop to anything bad happening here in the United States!

In support of his outlandish claim…, he cites a CHANNELED ENTITY (Mathew Ward) who holds “President Obama” up as some sort of chosen “god like” entity who is leading the US out of the old, and into the NEW AGE.

Matthew Ward said some time ago:

“Readers have asked if the following assertions are true: An asteroid is going to destroy Earth in September. A militarized police force will round up dissidents in the United States and incarcerate them in FEMA-operated camps. Foreign troops have been brought in to kill Americans because US military won’t shoot their own citizens.  …

“This or that ‘red flag’ terrorist act will be the excuse for imposing martial law. …

“Those are samples of distorted information, uninformed opinions or skewed interpretations, long-outdated contingency plans, long-outdated potential land/sea changes, scare-tactic lies, or falsehoods in messages channeled by base entities claiming to be respected light sources.” (3)

Did you notice the highlighted portion?  At the very end of this first quote…, Mathew himself (a channeled entity) claims there are “base entities” out there CLAIMING to be respected light sources, who should not be listened to or trusted!

So here we have a channeled entity…, TELLING US (in a channeled message)…, not to “trust” just any old channeled entity, because some of them are “base” entities and giving us FALSE information!

[Doctor Evil puts his little finger to his mouth and goes….. rrrrrriiiiiiight, okay then…….]

Now…, after that little “faux pas” over looked in his writing, he goes on to quote this entity even further (from a 2008 message):

“Russia will not engage in a major war, and neither will China; and martial law will not be declared to postpone the US election and keep the Bush administration in power – a dramatic event would be needed to achieve that, and technologically advanced souls off-planet and living among you would prevent that kind of attempt.” (4)

Advanced off-planet souls would prevent it.

So what this message is basically telling us is that all of our “worry” is for naught.., because OFF PLANET ENTITIES are on the job and will never let bad things happen in the United States!

However…, let me sit here and point out a few things!

IF these off planet entities are “on the job” as “Mathew” claims…, then why have these “entities” allowed the complete destruction of SYRIA?

Why did they “allow” the endless atrocities to occur in both Afghanistan and Iraq?

Perhaps “those” countries are not part of the Earth?  Or, maybe “they” are not worth protecting?  Maybe those who are living there are NOT real people?

Well, lets see here.  What about the absolute decimation of Yemen by Saudi Arabia?  Or, what about the CIA’s complete take over of the Ukraine, and the installment of a NAZI puppet with the resultant deaths of 10’s of thousands?

Apparently the suffering of the millions of “people” in the Ukraine and Yemen are not important to the OFF PLANET ENTITIES either!

What about the endless shelling of Gaza by Israel…, and the seemingly endless killing of women and young children in that occupied land?  Surely the off planet entities care about those people?   I guess not!

What about the absolute draconian laws (no free speech) now being rolled out in Turkey by a complete NAZI style dictator (Erdogan) who is in league with ISIS and was selling their stolen oil around the world?

Ooops…, I guess “Turkey” is not an important country to the OFF PLANET ENTITIES either!

What about the loss of all control of Venezuela by it’s President and the disintegration of that society into utter chaos as thousands of people are now looting and fighting for food on empty super market shelves?

Apparently Venezuela is not really all that important to these ENTITIES either!


What is not being said in any of these messages…, but is as plain as the nose on your face, is that apparently as long as NO BAD THINGS are happening here in AMERICA (YET)  [ because we are somehow special]…, then the OFF PLANET ENTITIES being talked about in these messages are “still on the job” and watching out for the entire world!

So you could say that the “title” of my post is quite accurate…, could you not?

The United States is the “ONLY” country in the end that needs to be saved or really matters to these Channeled Entities!

The rest of them…, well…, as Marie Antoinette was so fond of saying…, LET THEM EAT CAKE!

Or…, is it possible…, just possible  mind you…, that these message are completely and wholly false…, and are playing to an audience that is located in the United States, Canada, UK, and Australia…, and therefore speaks to our own fears and DISCARDS what is going on with the rest of humanity as meaningless because they are  EXPENDABLE?

Someone please tell me what I am missing here?

Oh…, and for this “entities” information…, RUSSIA did in fact engage it’s Air Force and it’s Military in a major engagement in Syria!  And they totally kicked ASS!

They bombed the crap out of hundreds of ISIS bases, and killed thousands, if not 1o’s of thousands of people!

Shall I continue?

What about the article that Jim Stone posted for us revealing that 25,000 Ukrainian children were funneled into Israel, and then used for spare body parts?

That article is located here:


But no…, we are “TOLD” in no uncertain terms not to worry by Mr. Beckow, who later in that same article says that… those in the “rafters”…, a phrase he takes from another gentleman, are on the JOB!



Oh yea…, they are on the job here in America…., the ONLY country that matters to the HIGHER PLAINS OF EXISTENCE apparently (lucky us!)

This is why “WE” living here in the US should not worry!

Well now…, it’s all settled then…, we in America don’t have to worry because we are being protected by off planet entities!

However…, much to the dismay of Mr. Beckow…, I just can’t help from looking out of the corner of my eye…, and witnessing THE KIND OF HELP humanity is getting from the OFF PLANET ENTITIES in every other country of the world.

Call my crazy…, but when I see a HURRICANE COMING and a “trail of destruction” being left in it’s wake”,  I tend to want to take some precautions and batten down the hatches REGARDLESS OF WHAT SOME CHANNELED ENTITY TELLS ME.












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