By: Bradley Loves

Edward Snowden…, a true hero, has now come under attack in the only way left to destroy him!

The CIA’s primary tool is always RIDICULE!  I was told this personally by a CIA agent myself.  If ridicule is not working then total character assassination comes next.

With the release of the movie SNOWDEN…, the CIA has put together a very well crafted and well thought out SMEAR that is now making the rounds and is being supported by none other than VETERANS TODAY.

As is typical with the CIA…, (and other intelligence sources) they shift the “blame” for all of this supposedly EPIC NEW INTEL onto the Russians.

The article running on Veterans Today is almost a frigging “BOOK” and lends credibility to the idea that it was put together by Intelligence Agents who know about Psychological Warfare and how to get people to BELIEVE in the opposite of what is true.

Here is the article linked below:

Here is the problem…, the EPIC problem with this totally FICTIONAL article….

If Edward SNOWDEN was guilty of doing ANYTHING…, even just one…, (let me repeat that)…, even just ONE of the things listed in this huge book of lies written on Veterans Today…,

The RUSSIANS themselves would have arrested him already!

Counter Espionage…, and meddling in their attempts to normalize relations with CRIMEA and the UKRANINE would rate very high on the PROBLEM scale for the RUSSIANS…, and they would never allow Snowdew to continue with operations inside Russia once they KNEW he was doing this (even if they suspected this).

So what we have at Veterans Today…., is a totally hollow…, and fully MADE UP…, CHARACTER ASSASSINATION….., that while sounding like BREAKING NEWS…., is very typical of the CIA…, when they desperately need to neutralize the effect he is having on the public.  This is a psychological warfare operation on the American Public!


Oh…, and by the way…., Shame on Veterans Today for aiding and abetting in the battle AGAINST AMERICANS.


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