By: Bradley Loves


This article is going to be loaded with information!  But, at the very start…, I’m going to tell you that it contains a certain amount of “WHAT IF” types of questions that are “unknowns”.

This means that certain things are “speculations”.  However with these “speculations” factored into the picture…, many things that could never be answered, start to make sense!

It really all starts with these damn ancient temples (and their vast surrounding complexes) that have been discovered all over the planet!

Whether in Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, India, Vietnam, or Central and South America…, they are still standing today as monuments to those who built them.

However…, as with ALL of the other things that we have been told about our past…, the very FUNCTION of these Ancient Temple complexes may in fact be very different from what have been told!

As you can see in this next image…, it’s all about these huge columns that are in all of these temples that are everywhere on the planet. These columns are not only EXTREME in their size…, but there are far too many of them to just be holding up the roof!  They are unusually spaced very close together and there are always WAY TO MANY!

Below is a picture of part of the Temple at Karnak!

karnak columns_3

(Click to Enlarge) Columns at the Temple of Karnak

Here is another look at the inner columns at Karnak so you can see just how perfectly they are shaped. And how well engraved they are…


Inner columns in the precinct of amun ra at Karnak (Click to enlarge)

Here is another look at them.


Okay…, so here is a picture of what THIS part of the complex should have looked like:


And now HERE are pictures of Micro-processors used in computer boards pictured below!



OKAY.., so now stay with me here!  Here is an arial view of what the Temple at Luxor complex should have looked like from the air!


Click to Enlarge

And now HERE is a picture of an ENTIRE CIRCUIT BOARD loaded with micro processors!


You see…, if I had to venture an honest (AND REALLY GOOD) guess…, I’d say that these are NOT TEMPLES AT ALL!   Instead…, they are giant “computer boards” sitting on the ground of the Earth!

This “speculation” is a huge HOLY CRAP moment…, and really tells us something about what the Ancients were doing!  Not only that…, it tells us how “full of sh*t”…, these damn scientists and archeologists are!

I’m a carpenter for crying out loud…, and I can figure this out…, why can’t THEY??  It’s far more likely they are LYING to us!

All of these columns are made from either granite or quartz…, which everyone knows, is the same stuff used inside of RADIO TRANSMITTERS!

Here is an overview of what the Temple at Karnak should have looked like!


click to enlarge

If you look at this image carefully this still very much looks like a “circuit board” viewed from the air. And now below we have a sample of what is called a 4 phase CPU card.


You see the “thought” struck me when I was watching a video of Eric Dollard and how he was going on about modern day Cathedrals…, and how they (very much in the same way) are sitting right on top of huge “ley lines”…, had have these huge columns in them.

He added (in his video) that it was ALL ABOUT THE SOUND!  He said that the music of the likes of Bach…, which when “played” on one of the GIANT church organs…, the likes of which are not even made any more…, turn the ENTIRE Cathedral…, into a single giant “resonance chamber”!

Meaning that the whole building is vibrating at certain “tones”…, and then the building is actually sending those “tones” directly into the Earth Grid.

He also showed how the “sound waves” actually form “spiral vortexes” because as the sound waves spiraled around and move upward on the columns.., they would hit the domed ceilings which would then turn those energy spirals down…, so they would form large vortexes!

And strangely…, all of the people who may be inside the Cathedral…, are actually sitting directly in the very CENTER of all of those vortexes…, during a church service… if that huge organ is playing!

Remember as well…, that each single tone…, carries it’s very own geometric pattern that gets created when it is played.

We learned this from watching all of those Cymatics Videos!

So just what do you think is happening inside of a church…, or was happening inside of huge TEMPLE Complexes like the ones located at Luxor or Karnak…, if loads of sound waves were being passed through all of those enormous columns within those temples.

You see…, now I’ve got a few good questions to ask!!!

  • What kind of “power” or energy was being created there?
  • Where was it being “sent” to?
  • What was it being used for?
  • Did it go “OFF WORLD”  or into other dimensions?
  • If it did…, who was it that was getting it there?
  • Was it just staying on the Earth?

You see our history is so screwed up and so lied about…, we can’t believe ANYTHING we’ve ever been told!

Here is a very good question for you to think about!


Why do the priests always “sing” much of what they are saying at a “mass”…, and always use specific and certain TONES as they do it?  And if they do it in very huge cathedrals…, the sounds bounce and echo off of all the walls at a specific pitch that you can feel.

You see…, here again…, we are right back to sound…, and vortexes!

Do you think they KNOW something they are not telling us???

Okay…, so let’s go to Mexico and look at some of the Ancient Maya structures located there!


Click to Enlarge

Once again…, notice ALL of those damed columns!  All in very nice long rows??

Way too many to really mean anything!  That is UNLESS they have something to do with this:


Click to Enlarge

Here’s some more photos of Chichen Itza….


Click to enlarge


Remember this???


Well just how far back does this go??

Below is a photo reconstruction of an Ancient Minoan Temple Complex with all of it’s buildings and columns…


Here is TIKAL in Guatemala…


Here is an artist reconstruction for Tikal…


Below is an artists drawing…, actually telling us the “layout” of most of the basic types of Greek Temples!


And here is an electronics diagram talking about an electrical circuit!


Okay…, so what am I missing??

Here is another black and white over view of the Temple at Karnak…


What aren’t “they” telling us???

Below is the Hatshetsup Temple.  Notice all of the columns in the top left of the picture that are not even part of the structure??


Click to enlarge…

This last “small” picture is taken at Luxor…


Look familiar?


There is much more coming…, lets just consider this PART ONE…, and I will start to talk about all of this in the next part!

All my love….



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