By: Bradley Loves

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So what is it that we really know for sure?  What do we really know for certain?

What we “know” is what we have been TOLD, and that is all we know!

Who is it that is “telling us” how things are?  They are:

  • Teachers
  • Priests
  • Clergy
  • Bankers
  • Government “Officials”
  • University Professors
  • Corporate CEO’s
  • Professionals
  • Etc.

But here is the bottom line…, ALL…, and I do mean ALL of these people “answer” to  people “higher up” than they are.

So…, what we “know”…, is coming from people who are being TOLD what to tell us in turn.  The “lame stream” media is the perfect example of this!

So, if this really is the case…, one could make a logical deduction, or at least draw the conclusion that almost ALL (if not ALL) of what we KNOW for certain…, is not the TRUTH in any sense of the word.

Moving forward in time…, and coming into the last several decades, the “idea” of CHANNELING…, and the “practice” of getting real and “true” information from:

CHANNELED SOURCES…, has become more and more prevalent in our global society.  “NEW AGERS”…, are everywhere these days…, and walk around with a happy go lucky grin on their faces at all times…., because they feel it is “THEY” who have the “real” story…, and the “real” truth as to what is happening behind the scenes, only because “invisible” beings (that they can’t see) are telling them “stories” which sound nice and appealing…, and so somehow it MUST BE TRUE.

The “logic” of this kind of thinking escapes me…, because even “if” it sounds good or true…, it STLL must be tested and “PROVEN” before it becomes TRUTH.

Otherwise it remains in the realm of belief and systems of belief ONLY.

What is particularly disturbing…, is that in all of the channeled material that I have ever read…, I honestly have NEVER come across any “information” that talks about the top secret and nasty things happening upon our planet in the way that gives us a clue as to what is going on behind the scenes!

You will NEVER find anything about Ritual Abuse – Child Sacrifice – The Parents – 13,000 year old humans, Giants…, Mass Mind Control…, MK ULTRA, Child rape and Pedophilia practiced by the World’s Leaders…, etc…, if all you do is read or listen to channeled messages!!

Now…, for the record…, I have read a lot of channeled material!  We’re talking thousands and thousands (and thousands) of channeled messages, along with perhaps well over a HUNDRED different books based almost ENTIRELY on “channeled material”…, so let’s just say that I’ve been exposed to my “fair share” and leave it at that.

What bothers me, is that NONE of these books or messages deal with the issues that I would consider to be some of the most important material…, and probably the most potentially damaging information to what I would call:  EARTH’S AUTHORITY STRUCTURE!



These “higher entities” very conspicuously leave all of this stuff out of their messages…, as if it is NOT happening.

You see…, right there…, THAT ALONE sends up all sorts of RED FLAGS about these beings or these entities and what their over all AGENDA is…, when they “don’t” talk about these very important things!

I’ve written about this many times…,

….look for what they are NOT SAYING…, and NOT COVERING…, in order to find out how truthful they are being.

What they DO say over and over again (like a broken record) is to just “surrender” to “accept”…, and to “overlook” everything going on here.

Which is basically saying…, “just give in to it all”!

They say nothing about who these people are…, what they have done to the masses…, how they are doing it…, where they are living…, how they are organizing…, and what we can do about it to put a stop to them!

Some Channelers call them the “naughty” ones…, as if they are nothing more than precosious children making a mess on the kitchen floor with a box of crayons!

Now…, here is where we are going to have to get into some SPECULATION…., and go to something called: the big “what if”….


These “higher beings”…, each and every one of them…, are only “higher” beings…, and appear to be “immortal” to us because they are using a very advanced ARCANE SCIENCE which taught them how to “absorb” WORSHIP ENERGY in such a way as to make them seem to “live” forever??  (Think Ancient Mystery Schools here)

Shane did tell me that this was “one” of the ways that kind of thing could be done.

He said that LOVE, REVERENCE, AND RESPECT…, would all have to be given very willingly by the “followers” of this being on a daily basis…, and certain worship protocols would have to be followed…, in such a way as to make certain that all of that  “energy” was transferred…, but once that was taken care of…, the “being” getting the “worship” could live endlessly in a youthful looking body because of that energy transference from the followers.


“Many”…. (if not all) of these Channeled Entities…, hanging around the “Earth Plane” are doing what they were doing…, not to help US…, but only to help THEMSELVES??  

So…, by coming into peoples homes and living rooms…, and giving these so-called “important” messages all over the world…, they were only doing it in order to  “amass” a group of followers who were then very WILLINGLY, sending them prayers, praise, respect, love, good tidings and a constant FLOW OF ENERGY…, all day long!

Isn’t this “exactly” what Shane told me personally was one of the ways in which some of the “parents” were actually “extending” their very normal human lives indefinitely?  Thus giving them the appearance of being IMMORTALS?

What if every story that we’ve ever been taught, read or heard about concerning “the gods” (small g…, thank you very much)…, of the Ancient World…, concerned men and women who had learned this type of ARCANE “MAGIC”…, from the Ancient Mystery Schools…

What if…, these “channeled entities” coming from all over the place were simply the flip side of the Illuminati’s money coin…, or the “heads” to their “tails”…, and they were simply “harvesting energy” in different kind of way?


Has anything that they have ever predicted for our future ever come true??

Truthfully.., the rabbit hole is only getting deeper.  And…, the deeper we go…, the MORE questions we need to ask!

More will be coming in Part Four….

All my love….


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