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This post is a continuation of a previous post with the same name.  So it is highly recommended that you read that first.

In order to move forward…, and cover this subject properly…, we have to look at several things that may at first seem very “unconnected”.  I’d like to draw your attention to an article written by Shane Bales (aka THE RUINER)…with regards to the leadership of the entire Illuminati structure.  An article he simply titled: THE PARENTS.

That article can be found here:

I’d like to take the opportunity to pull out several quotes from what he wrote so that we can look at them, starting with:

To sum this up quickly: Your history – the texts available to the public – doesn’t fully identify the different attempts to create the version of human we are now, which is meant to be dumbed down and metaphysically crippled. It required several attempts to get us ‘just right’.

So, right from the very start…, what we are talking about as far as humanity is concerned is a genetically altered…, and biologically manipulated race or species!


The Parents:

~~The following information will go against a great deal of research and drawn conclusions. With that said your writer is confident that this will not matter in time~~
There are 21 Parents even though there are only 13 Main Bloodlines. 13 of the Parents focus on the 13 Main Bloodlines. The other 8 have more of a dual responsibility. There are other Bloodlines respected as part of The Family who have been tangled up with the 13, by way of marriage or other form of partnership. The remaining 8 focus on these entangled Bloodlines. (How many additional bloodlines make up the number of entangled bloodlines your writer is unsure of) The Family Masters of these 8 Parents’ Covens are the main contact for multiple entangled bloodlines. (Entangled Bloodlines are considered lesser than the 13 Bluebloods or Pure Bloodlines.)

Did you notice he used the word “COVEN” as the main operating structure with these families. For those who are not familiar with the word “coven”… It is a reference to “magicians” or better put “witches and wizards” that have their origins in Ancient Arcane Sciences and the Esoteric Mystery Schools.

This immediately suggests that at the very top of the illuminati structure…, they already have…, or understand the same knowledge that the Egyptians were using when building such places as: KARNAK and LUXOR…, which, as the last artcle showed, are built more like gigantic computer circuit boards than simple places of fellowship.

Notice as well that I did NOT say places of “worship”…, because I am coming to the conclusion that WORSHIP is an entirely different thing than what we have been led to think or believe it is!

Next, he says this about THE PARENTS…

The Parents are not human like your writer or yourself are now. Once they were Human, although they are different versions of Human from us having been earlier genetic manipulations than we are physically.

Now…, at first I thought these “parents” were simply earlier “versions” of human beings…, and LESS genetically dumbed down…, but that is not exactly the case…, as many solid hours of conversations with Shane would show.

Not only are they more REAL as far as a human being is concerned (and by that I mean LESS tampered with, and closer to what a human is supposed to be)…, they have been “taught” different ways of extending their lives such that they can live for thousands of years!

The “oldest” of the Parents…, very literally being approximately 13,000 years old, but looking as if she were in her 30’s!

Now…., when I questioned Shane as to the methods a human might use to artificially “extend” their lives so that they could live for virtually thousands of years…, he paused a long time before answering.

He finally opened up and said this:


So if this was the case…, then…, as you can probably guess…, the men and women at the very TOP of the Illuminati structure…, the very ones who are actually leading and in charge of the COVENS are something very different than what we as normal human being would assume they are!

When I questioned him further…, he did say that there were various methods employed for artificial life extension and NOT all of them consisted of RITUAL SACRIFICE and the DRINKING OF HUMAN BLOOD.

He mentioned an alternative way that it could be done…, and it basically boiled down to something very similar to what I call the WORSHIP ENERGY.

He said that if a being could get “many” others (and this number is probably significant) to “willingly” WORSHIP them…, then there was an actual and verifiable transference of real energy to that person…, which could be “used” through Arcane Knowledge as a way to extend human life.

This (as far as Shane knew) was the only way to extend human life that did not involve some sort of blood drinking or other such energy transference.

So let’s move on with Shane’s post:

The Parents are a slightly less manipulated version of Human from us. Yes, they are a human variation. Not a Hybrid. There is a difference that will be explained another time.

To reward the Parents for their loyalty The Draco taught each a different trick. How to prolong their lives. They are not immortal. They simply live longer due to enhanced cellular regeneration. (This became their own collar and leash.)

They all hold knowledge of a different method for accomplishing this. Yes, you are reading me correctly, 21 different ways to prolong the life of an organic being. Unfortunately I cannot share all of these methods and honestly only know a few and others only in theory. These are deeply kept secrets shared almost exclusively with the selected Coven Members of each Parent.

~~If you are reading between the lines I am telling you Vampires as written in fiction do not exist, the stories originate from The Parents and their Covens. This said, I am sure some may want to turn this around. We all make choices.~~

The Parents interact directly with the Draco Royalty in charge of this Planet. The Draco are their Superiors, their Masters. They carry out the orders of the Draco as they are directed to do, when they are directed to. Punishment takes on a whole different meaning when your body is not easy to kill, so the fear makes them obey. They are loyal despite having minds of their own, and as a collective unit, (some) different desires than their masters.

Draco Royalty make all the decisions and do not like to interact with humans beyond the Parents and select others. The Draco structure would require another post another time but for now, they have a group they appoint as representatives for themselves when they do wish to have face to face meetings with human groups beyond the Parents and Covens. Their Soldiers and Hunters spend a great deal of time interacting with humans inside Shadow Programs, mainly related to military and space programs. They have geneticists that are heavily involved with many of our human groups as well, mostly related to Cloning, Regeneration and hybrid programs.

Now that you’ve heard who these people are…, you MAY have a whole new “viewpoint” on the specifics of WHY very young children are being “ritually killed” and their entire bodies being drained of blood…, so that it can be drank!

These children are anywhere from babies, to as old as five and six years old!  And this happens as frequently as is necessary!

Now can see why everything at the “top levels” of all global governments involve NATIONAL SECURITY??

It is because at the very highest levels…, those “running things” behind the scenes are doing things that we would not just consider criminal…, but INSANE, TREASONOUS, EVIL, DEMONIC and SATANIC!

Pick your own descriptive….

“National Security”…, protects these people!

Now…, maybe…, just MAYBE…, the things that Jay Parker is telling us…, and the things that Mark Passio tell us…, and the articles that Preston James writes on Veterans Today…, will make far MORE sense to you!

But honestly…, this is all just background information…., and I am going to call this “part two” of this series… Because what I really want to focus on here is what I call…

THE WORSHIP ENERGY…., and how something like this…, getting millions of people to “pray to” and to “worship” a particular being can actually “CREATE” immortality for that being…, and possibly even a “heavenly realm”  (read alternate reality) for that being to live in!

The ramifications of this are huge…, and suddenly the idea of IMMORTAL SPIRITUAL MASTERS…, and ANCIENT SAINTS AND SAGES who seem to have immortal life comes into question!

Add to that the fact that so many of these Ancient Temples are actually positioned on top of the Earth’s actual magnetic energy system…, and they seem to be built like gigantic computer boards…, and ALL OF THAT ENERGY is going somewhere…, then we have some SERIOUS QUESIONS to ask ourselves!

All of that will be coming!

All my love….


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